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Longboat overview

What is Longboat?

Longboat is a clinical trial management solution for study teams, monitors, and site staff, with performance and engagement tracking, compliance management, patient access, and more. Designed to help clinical trial staff to manage and track trials from start to end, Longboat provides tools for training site staff, ensuring compliance, monitoring engagement and performance, creating patient-specific walkthroughs and documents, communicating between staff and patients, and more.

The clinical trial support platform aims to provide assistance through training tools which allow teams to train site staff on the nature of the trail including drugs used, key procedures, and patient recruitment. Longboat also facilitates the creation of virtual visit walkthroughs which can be sent to site staff’s mobile devices to familiarize them with protocols, while training documents and walkthroughs can be configured at any time to adapt to new sites or trials. Study teams can also use Longboat to ensure compliance requirements are met thanks to deliverable information, news items, reports, and FAQs. Site engagement can be monitored, and risks detected through real-time reports and analytics displayed within the Longboat dashboard.

To aid site staff with their day-to-day tasks, Longboat allows users to plan patient schedules which can be integrated with calendars and configure SMS notifications to be sent prior to events. Site staff are also provided with all the necessary information relating to patients and their corresponding trials in order to aid communication and keep patients informed. Video training and virtual visit walkthroughs are also provided within a study dashboard so that site staff are fully informed on all aspects of protocol.


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Longboat screenshot: Reports on trial progress and performance can be accessed from any deviceLongboatLongboat screenshot: Graphical reports and analytics provide insight into engagement and risksLongboat screenshot: Users can log in from a mobile device and view any updates or alertsLongboat screenshot: Training videos on protocols, drugs, and key procedures can be deployed to site staffLongboat screenshot: Training videos can be made mandatory to certain users and progress is indicated within the appLongboat screenshot: Newsletters, information, documents, and reports can be delivered to staff and patients within LongboatLongboat screenshot: When protocols are amended changes are automatically deployed to all users instantly

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Empower and engage trial participants with patient access to trial progress reports, study news, study results, communications, reminders, and guidance whenever needed.

Ensure compliance regulations are met whilst informing users of study design and procedures with compliant protocols provided to all team members and site staff. Any amendments are deployed as soon as approval is received.

Communicate important information or updates with patients and staff using email and SMS messaging tools with a ‘Read and Understood’ option and electronic signature to confirm alerts are being received.

Create and deploy virtual visit walkthroughs to site staff with virtual patient calendars and reminders, as well as controlled document repositories.

Gain an overview of site engagement and risk from the dashboard which provides a real-time view into individual and overall site performance and identifies risk areas before they develop.