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PrimeCare overview

PrimeCare by Integra LTC Solutions is long-term care (LTC) pharmacy software designed to be used by pharmacies serving various types of long-term care facilities, including assisted living, board-and-care, mental health, and specialist nursing facilities. The system is made up of several included modules, with users able to select from a variety of optional modules including document imaging and remote checkout.

PrimeCare includes an accounts receivable module, which offers users tools to assess finance charges, print both brief and detailed statements, review payment histories, and add responsible parties to receive statements, such as families, home healthcare agencies, trusts, attorneys, and other third parties. Users are automatically alerted to missed payment due dates, exceeded credit limits, bad checks, and frozen accounts.

PrimeCare’s medication therapy management (MTM) module allows users to develop custom patient treatment plans, with the ability to schedule appointments and record patient outcomes in patient charts, with SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) notes and lab result tracking. Users can also create personal medication records (PMRs) including all of a patient’s dietary supplements and medications, and medication action plans (MAPs) which can be used by patients to track their own progress for self-management.

PrimeCare also includes modules for data export and reporting, signature capture, change tracking, Medicare compliance, prescription processing workflows, and more.


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PrimeCare screenshot: PrimeCare's prescription processing queue has user-defined, color-coded critical thresholdsPrimeCare screenshot: PrimeCare includes a signature capture app for iPad

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Cliff Hunt

I can customize service to fit my customers' needs

Reviewed 2016-04-15
Review Source: Capterra

I have been using QS1 in both retail and LTC since 1988. In that time, I have used most competitor products as well. There are features that others do well, but I have stuck with QS1. Pros: the ability to customize the service delivery to match my customers needs - instead of my customers having to conform with my software. I also appreciate that I can make the changes myself without having to pay for someone in programming or support to make them - support is always there if I need their help, but I prefer to do it myself. The reporting and exporting of data is a powerful feature that all pharmacies need today to understand their business, the trends in their operation, and really understand their business. Cons: software development cycle could be faster. Some may also argue that my favorite feature (ability to customize) could also be a con in that you can make your operation inefficient by having too many disparate service models, but this is all in how you set it up. Users are also free to to create a very standard model as well.

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James Branshaw

PrimeCare - Extremely Capable LTC Software

Reviewed 2016-05-17
Review Source: Capterra

PrimeCare is an extremely robust LTC pharmacy software platform. The only limitations seem to be user based, and what he/she can envision or accomplish. We switched to the QS/1 module from a rather easy to use pharmacy information system, simply because our previous software was too basic, and couldn't perform all of the tasks that we needed to perform in LTC. We quickly discovered what we were missing out on when we launched PrimeCare, after we got through our learning curve. The only drawback to PrimeCare, if you'd view it as a drawback, is that the software is full of so many options and interfaces, it will take a new user a while to understand everything that one can accomplish with PrimeCare. From Reports (canned and customizable), Data Exports, clinical data, to the massive amount of interfaces, PrimeCare can handle it all.

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Mary Ludlow

Great LTC pharmacy software package

Reviewed 2016-04-18
Review Source: Capterra

QS1 offers the long term care pharmacist a complete package that addresses the needs of the pharmacy and their customers. Their workflow system makes the dispensing process efficient and promotes accuracy. The system is easy for new users to learn. QS1 interfaces with software and hardware vendors LTCPs need to optimally service their customers. Software updates are handled easily. They keep abreast of the changing health care environment to be sure pharmacies have the tools needed available. Customer service is responsive and competent. Reporting features are easy to use and can be customized. The appearance of resulting reports could use improvements. I have been a satisfied QS1 user for over 25 years.

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Jimmy Sain

Primecare has been able to adjust to the constantly changing long term care environment.

Reviewed 2016-04-19
Review Source: Capterra

The company is open to changes in their software though it may take some time if it's moved forward. Customer service has gotten better but I still get frustrated over being on half for 5-8 minutes only to be told someone will have to call me back. Their best customer service comes via email. I really like their customized reports. I feel that if the information is in Primecare I can get it on a report. Primecare GUI has made training new employees so much easier because it's very intuitive. Workflow, interface capabilities, and personnel management are all strengths of Primecare.

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Lauren Huckabay


Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-04-13
Review Source: Capterra

It is easy to use for someone who has been using this software for a while and it is customizable as well.

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PrimeCare features

Appointment Management
Billing & Invoicing
Compliance Management
Electronic Signature Capture

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Additional information for PrimeCare

Key features of PrimeCare

  • Accounts receivable
  • Payment histories
  • Personal medication records (PMRs)
  • Data export
  • Patient charts
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Change tracking
  • Medicare Past B compliance
  • NDC barcode scanning
  • Medication therapy management (MTM)
  • Treatment plans
  • Medication action plans (MAPs)
  • 'Pharmacy at a Glance' dashboard
  • Prescription processing queue
  • User-defined critical thresholds
  • Color-coded queue thresholds
  • Prescription filling workflow
  • Prescription scanning
  • On-screen drug images
  • Signature capture
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Optional modules for remote checkout, document imaging and storage, and WebConnect app for managing patient information at the bedside.

Patient charts allows users to create SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) notes, track vaccination histories and lab results, and generate personal medication records (PMRs) listing all patient medications and dietary supplements, and medication action plans (MAPs) for self-managing patients to track their own progress.

Track any changes made to patient records, patient insurance, prescriber records, prescriptions, drug records, transactions, inventory, or cash levels.

Documentation required for Medicare Part B compliance is produced as prescriptions are processed, and signatures are captured electronically and stored with their accompanying documents, able to be retrieved for audit.

‘Pharmacy at a Glance’ dashboard offers an overview of all prescription processing queues in real time, and allows users to define warning and critical thresholds, with color-coding of queues to display which thresholds have been passed.