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Compease is an automated salary administration program for HR professionals that provides organizations with expert compensation consulting. The solution helps manage merit increases and compensation budgets, and ensures that salaries are equitable within the organization. With Compease, financial institutions, hospitals, universities, manufacturing companies, and retail companies can stay competitive in today’s market rates and economy.

Compease provides the tools and consulting expertise needed for adequately paying employees based on their performance ratings, present-day salary levels and experience. The solution offers a compensation administration and salary planning system that is updated annually. All organizations receive salary data that is specific to the their industry, size and geographic location.

The job evaluation system comes with eight compensable factors that allows users to compare job responsibilities and ensure internal equity. Salary data from an comprehensive survey base provides users with reliable information for developing ranges. Compease users can generate compa-ratio reports and research current and projected salaries for individuals.

Each Compease user is provided with a custom salary data analysis and salary plan development consultation by a certified compensation specialist.

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Compease Pricing

Pricing model: Subscription

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Key Features of Compease

  • Job evaluation system
  • Salary grades and ranges
  • Merit increase planning
  • Compensation management
  • Salary updates
  • Job descriptions
  • Compensation consulting expertise
  • Onsite system implementation and user training
  • Market-driven salary data
  • Compensation administration
  • Budget control
  • Compensation assessment
  • Compensation calculation
  • Compensation plan modeling
  • Consolidation / roll-up
  • Salary planning

Compease Screenshots (3)

Compease screenshot: Reporting capabilities are extensive and include compa-ratio reports and current/projected salaries for individualsCompease screenshot: Individual merit increase guidelines are developed and projected for the entire organizationCompease screenshot: Reporting capabilities are extensive and include compa-ratio reports and current/projected salaries for individuals


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
Online Support, Phone Support

Alternatives to Compease


Compease helps organizations attract and retain top talent by ensuring salary ranges remain competitive with market rates.

Drive employee trust and confidence in management with Compease by ensuring internal equity and defensible pay practices.

Managers can gain access to critical reports and streamline the budget and merit planning process.

The solution includes proforma job descriptions that enable managers to compare job responsibilities.

Compease supports up to 24 salary grades and provides annual salary data updates.