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COMPview Pricing, Features, Reviews & Comparison of Alternatives

COMPview is a cloud-based compensation planning software from HRsoft designed to automate and streamline compensation planning with tools for budget allocation optimization, decision support, and workflow customization. The system can be configured to work with current compensation planning workflows, to suit whatever planning process the company uses.

COMPview presents an overview of line manager budget allocations for merit, stock shares, and incentives, showing the budget, spent, and remaining amounts, and remaining percentage. Budgets can be controlled and updated, and cascading budgets created.

COMPview allows users to plan and manage compensation as salary, variable pay, and stock, with support for pay-for-performance programs. Users can assess employee goals and competencies, and input employee performance information via drop-down menus, to calculate compensation amounts. Salary comparison graphs can be viewed from within the planning summary, visualizing the proportional increase in salary for each employee. Compensation plans in multiple currencies can be managed in a single view.

COMPview Pricing

Pricing model: Subscription

Pricing is available on inquiry.

Key Features of COMPview

  • Manager notifications
  • Budget controls
  • Global requirements
  • Auditable planning process
  • Real-time reviews
  • Planning progress
  • Drag-and-drop hierarchy
  • Pay-for-performance
  • Custom workflows
  • Planning automation
  • Active advice alerts
  • Award letters
  • Budget updates
  • Salary, stock & variable pay
  • Cascading budgets
  • Budget allocations
  • Award decisions
  • Survey data integration

COMPview Screenshots (4)

COMPview screenshot: COMPview allows users to configure company hierarchies for individual budgetsCOMPview screenshot: Compensation can be awarded to employees based on performance though COMPviewCOMPview screenshot: COMPview visualizes salary comparisons in graph formCOMPview screenshot: COMPview reports on budget allocations, spend, and remaining amounts


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
Canada, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
Online Support, Phone Support

Alternatives to COMPview


The system can be configured to complement current compensation planning workflows in use at the company.

Real-time data, auditable planning processes, and active advice alerts are designed to prevent errors or security risks, while still keeping data accessible in the cloud.

Salary, variable pay, and stock can all be planned and managed, with the option for pay-for-performance.

Awards can be reviewed, processed, and approved in real time, with custom workflows and manager notifications.

Role-based access permissions allow users access to required data, while protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.