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Cloud-based farm & ranch management software

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AgCinect overview

AgCinect is a web-based farm and ranch management solution which offers a range of tools for managing and tracking fields, crops, livestock, inventory, equipment, purchasing, sales, and more. The software supports the management of farms with multiple owners or partners, with all data kept separate and allocated to the correct individual.

With AgCinect, users can manage and track breeding, field, and other records to maintain data for use in decision making. The calving calendar enables the recording of breeding and birthing dates, and documentation of animals by health, sex, and color. Informed breeding decisions can be made using records of sire and genetic information. Historical field data can be stored to assist with crop rotation, variable rate application, and seed variety selection. Field inputs can be managed from seeding through to harvest, and users can analyze expenses incurred in the growing seasons and the results of different practices.

AgCinect allows users to monitor their equipment and track allocations, hours, and repairs to explore the incomes and overhead costs associated with each asset. Sales and purchases can be documented to create a record of all transactions, and invoice statuses can be tracked to ensure that all outstanding payments are made. The built-in accounting management tools enable the tracking of payables, sales, cash receipts, and more, with the ability to generate income statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports. AgCinect also offers features for managing loans, inventory, customers and vendors, weather recording, and more.


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AgCinect screenshot: The calving calendar records breeding and birthing datesAgCinectAgCinect screenshot: Financial information can be managed with the built-in accounting toolsAgCinect screenshot: Market values can be trackedAgCinect screenshot: Crop inputs can be recorded throughout the growing seasonAgCinect screenshot: Input affect on yield can be measured and used for future decision-making

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AgCinect features

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Key features of AgCinect

  • Crop management
  • Customer management
  • Livestock management
  • Feed management
  • Seed management
  • Pricing management
  • Data analysis
  • Calving calendar
  • Animal records
  • Input tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • Income tracking
  • Loan management
  • Accounting management
  • Balance sheets
  • Expense tracking
  • Historical data
  • Breeding records
  • Data storage
  • Invoice status tracking
  • Field tracking
  • Transaction records
  • Vendor management
  • Income statements
  • Purchasing & sales management
  • Automatic itemized invoice generation
  • Feeding cost record automation
  • Herd monitoring
  • Equipment monitoring
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Farms with multiple owners or partners can be managed in a single instance, with data kept separate and allocated to individuals.

Historical field records provide users with data and analytics for decision making, to help with crop rotation, seed variety, and variable rate application.

Equipment allocations, hours, and repairs can be tracked, giving users insight into incomes and overhead costs associated with each piece of equipment.

All loans can be recorded and managed, with the ability to track due dates and yearly payments to view a continuous running balance, remaining balance, interest rates, and payment history.

The built-in accounting functionality allows users to generate income statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports, and track sales, payables, cash receipts, and more.