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agtoolsindustry overview

What is agtoolsindustry?

Agtoolsindustry is a farmers and food retailer communication software designed for multiple platforms. It provides real-time algorithm data for more than 500 fruits, vegetables, nuts, ornamentals and herbs. The software supports data in structured and unstructured forms and allows users to mine the data from government agencies, research institutes, research weather API universities, industry associations and weather APIs.

AGTools supports more than 71 million records of market data, helping users improve their decision making for corporate buyers, farmers and all the stakeholders in the food supply chain. AGTools incorporates all types of information from different levels and creates comparative data for suppliers, buyers and farmers in I, II, and III tiers. Access to information and alerts directly influence industry decisions including terminal pricing, weather patterns, consumer trends and oil.


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agtoolsindustry screenshot: agtoolsindustry uses market data to help users improve their decision-making for farming, buying and shipping

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agtoolsindustry features

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Additional information for agtoolsindustry

Key features of agtoolsindustry

  • Alerts
  • Crop management
  • Daily reports
  • Data on 500+ fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts etc.
  • Farmer & food retailer communication management
  • Harvest management
  • Market data records
  • Pricing management
  • Product availability
  • Product surplus
  • Real time data
  • Shifting pricing
  • Shortfalls
  • Structured/unstructured data
  • Weather records
  • Weather reports
  • Word mining data (government agencies, & more)
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• Agtoolsindustry has a wide network of data sources including central banks, foreign governments, wholesale markets, social media, satellites, NGOs, established media, foundations, think tanks, retailer market, government agencies, research institutes, universities and industry associations.

• Farmers use the real-time data provided by the software to plan their harvest, maximize their crops and reduce wastage.

• Buyers can use the data available on agtoolsindustry to get information on market options available each day in regard to product availability, shortfalls, surplus and the reasons for shift in prices.

• Agtoolsindustry provides shippers with real-time data, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of each product.

• Since the software is web-based, it can be accessed from any device including laptops, PCs, tablets or smartphones.