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FoundationFootprint overview

What is FoundationFootprint?


Web-Based: Real Time and On-Demand

FoundationFootprint is available on-demand and delivers real time reports, business intelligence and audit trails. FoundationFootprint allows organisations to take a real-time monthly approach or annual snapshot approach to carbon footprint management.

Report Intelligence and Time Efficiency

FoundationFootprint dramatically reduces time spent collating, inputting and reporting information as the generation of reports, business intelligence and the necessary audit trails are automated. All calculations are based on raw data, therefore enabling instant base year re-calculations and updating of reports and business intelligence.

Compliance Reporting

FoundationFootprint is purpose built for companies who are required to comply with several greenhouse gas (GHG), water and waste programs simultaneously in or across multiple geographical locations, such as for regulatory purposes and customer mandates. FoundationFootprint is continually updated to comply with the evolving legislative landscape.

Seamless Integration

FoundationFootprint is designed to be seamlessly integrated with your own IT systems and your suppliers’ and customers’ systems providing complete automation and accuracy of data.


FoundationFootprint is scalable so can grow as a customer’s requirements expand. An unlimited number of employees, trading partners and data can be added to the system.

User Friendly

The FoundationFootprint user interface is intuitive and uses familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel and email enabling information to be submitted securely and easily. Other applications such as PDA, text message, SharePoint and ERP applications allow users to easily submit information wherever they may be. FoundationFootprint provides phone and email support as well as web based help and training resources. However, the system is specifically designed with a high degree of intuitive ability and ease of use which minimises the need for support.


FoundationFootprint uses an Authentication Directory Service (Active Directory) to provide base level security, augmented by additional role-based security within the application. Data is backed up to a secure offsite location every day and browser communication is encrypted.

Subscription Software

FoundationFootprint is a subscription based service which automatically delivers version upgrades for the life of the customer contract. There is no capital expense required for hardware upgrades or software licenses.


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FoundationFootprint pricing

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Pricing is based on the number of organizations, facilities, emission sources and selected modules. Please use our Request a Quote form on our website for further details.

FoundationFootprint features

Invoice Management

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Additional information for FoundationFootprint

Key features of FoundationFootprint

  • Emissions Management
  • Energy Management
  • Water Management
  • Supply Chain Emissions Management
  • Web based invoice approvals system
  • Environmental regualtions compliance
  • GRI Sustainability Reporting
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