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Praxie logo

Digitize Your Business 10x Faster at One-Tenth the Cost

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Digitize Your Business 10x Faster at One-Tenth the Cost - Transform your organization with AI-powered processes, dashboards, and applications.

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AIM Vision logo

Enterprise resource planning tool for automotive suppliers

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AIM Vision is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help businesses in the automotive industry streamline electronic data interchange (EDI) and barcode labeling operations. It enables administrators to manage front-office and shop floor operations and track manufacturing processes.

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AFAS Software logo

Human resources, payroll, and finance management

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AFAS Software is a suite of tools that automates processes for human resources, payroll, & finance management, providing personalized access to the platform for both employees & managers. AFAS features include automated invoice reconciliation, leave and absence registration, payroll analysis & more.

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smartblick logo

smartblick – manufacturing made smart

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Production planning for small and middle productions. Starting free for planning and PDC – optional with PDC starting at 59 € per machine.

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Manufapp logo

Manufacturing execution software

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Manufapp is an OEE software designed to help businesses connect real-time manufacturing parameters with production planning, execution, quality, maintenance, and inventory. The platform enables managers to collect and analyze data, manage teams and workflows, and optimize operations.

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Sage 200 logo

Business management solution

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Sage 200 helps running a smarter, faster, more connected business

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Cincom CPQ logo

CPQ Software for Manufacturers of Complex Products

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Cincom CPQ is a configure-price-quote platform that provides a better buying experience for customers, enabling real-time, accurate pricing and sales quotes/proposals. Cincom CPQ provides sales reps with expert knowledge and confidence they need for selling complex products.

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BatchMaster ERP logo

ERP software for recipe- and formula-based manufacturing

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BatchMaster offers cloud and on-premise ERP software solutions for recipe- and formula-based manufacturers, such as those in food and beverage, chemicals, cosmetics, paints, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and others. It is pre-configured and provides a fully integrated suite of purchasing, financials, distribution, sales, quality management, and other applications.

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TilliT logo

Manufacturing’s no-code digital platform

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TilliT helps to automate complex processes, eliminate human errors, remove paper from the factory floor, and provide an all-in-one digital platform for asset performance and OEE, digital work order management, production scheduling, and quality management for all manufacturers.

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Fulcrum logo

Cloud-based manufacturing ERP, MRP & MES solution

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Fulcrum is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform designed to help manufacturing businesses with job scheduling, quotes, production tracking, inventory management, and quality control. The solution provides real-time data tracking for creating and adjusting production schedules.

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Accon logo

Enterprise Resource Planning solution

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Accon is a complete ERP that offers features such as accounting, CRM, warehouse management, sales, HHRR, purchases, manufacturing, project management and more.

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Trackmedium QMS logo

Cloud-based Quality Management System (QMS)

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TRACKMEDIUM is a cloud-based quality management system (QMS) software designed to help businesses of all sizes to automate quality management & regulatory compliance processes for various industry standards and global regulations including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, and OSHA

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UniPoint Quality Management Software logo

Quality management solution for businesses of all sizes

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uniPoint Quality Management Software is a cloud-based solution which helps manufacturers manage product quality maintenance with collaboration tools and ERP integration, & lets users handle supplier access across critical data, to ensure legal compliance throughout the supply chain.

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PencilPay logo

Wholesale Automation Software

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PencilPay automates wholesale applications, trading terms, and payments in one platform.

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Smart Factory Communication Platform

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SQUEAKS digitally transforms Visual Management Boards and improves problem solving at the production line by driving actionable information to an interactive digital canvas in real-time.

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eRep logo

CPQ software to simplify and automate the quoting process

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eRep CPQ software allows sales channels to select, configuration pricing, quoting, and submit orders that flow into the manufacturer's ERP. eRep includes guided selling, workflow approvals, proposal generation, and channel management features.

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OmegaCube ERP logo

ERP software for manufacturing and distribution businesses

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OmegaCube ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution designed to help businesses in manufacturing and distribution enterprises automate manufacturing workflows and operations. Organizations can streamline inventory management, order processing, sales, accounting, purchasing, and warehousing, among other processes.

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Spruce logo

Integrated ERP software for home and building suppliers.

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Spruce is a cloud-based business management and point of sale (POS) solution for home and building supply businesses. It offers end-to-end process management for sales, accounting, purchasing, rentals, manufacturing, delivery, and more from desktop and mobile devices.

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EBMS logo

ERP Software to manage sales, inventory, labor, & financials

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We make business growth easier by putting ERP software to work. EBMS allows you to effortlessly manage all of your operations in one place—connecting business financials to labor management, inventory control, sales and everything in between.

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Ramco ERP logo

ERP Software for business transformation

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Ramco is an ERP provider of choice for both asset and people centric businesses to operate their business processes digitally and deliver an enterprise-wide visibility for efficient decision-making.

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Accreditation and certification solution

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ARMATURE Fabric is a customizable accreditation and quality management solution that caters to the need of businesses of all sizes in accreditation and other industries including manufacturing, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

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TenForce logo

Solution for digitizing and automating EHSQ processes

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TenForce is an EHSQ management solution designed for manufacturing organizations. The software enables plant managers to automate processes, improve safety and simplify compliance.

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Cybus Connectware logo

Enterprise-wide industrial data infrastructure.

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Cybus Connectware is a centralized data hub that collects, processes and distributes industrial data of large scale enterprises. It supports large scale configurations along multiple factory sites and is tailored for production-critical operation.

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Users also considered

Productivity management with workload balancing

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APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 is a Lean and Industry 4.0 oriented software that helps you to eliminate waste and make your factory more flexible, because it gives you the means to make unlimited simulations for different scenarios.
+ Productivity
+ Added value
+ Flexibility
+ Competitivenes

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S&OP - Sales Planning logo

Sales planning, production & capacity management

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Supports smart innovative workflows, allows distributed planning for sales, product line-up, production and logistics with collaborative business decisions.

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