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  • Wintac    119 reviews

    The All-In-One Software for Service Contractors
    Wintac provides manufacturing & engineering companies with scheduling & dispatch, service agreements, equipment tracking, inventory management, proposals, CRM.
  • Unleashed Software    12 reviews

    Online inventory management software
    Manufacturing businesses use Unleashed Software to keep tighter control over & gain greater visibility into all inventory movements from warehouse to customer.
  • OfficeBooks    1 review

    Simple, Comprehensive, Business Management
    OfficeBooks is an easy to use, business management application. The system is ideal for small or medium sized manufacturing operations. It provides all the functionality required without the burdensome complexity and cost of "enterprise" solutions. OfficeBooks integrates all the key processes of any business; Contact Management, Sales Orders, Purchasing, Inventory Control and Work Orders. We release new versions almost weekly - so you can benefit from an ever increasing feature set. Want a new feature? Just ask. We'll add it to our list.
  • NetSuite Inventory Management  

    Inventory Management
    NetSuite helps manufacturing operations run more smoothly with real-time visibility over the entire production process, from order processing to fulfillment.
  • Fleetmatics WORK  

    Mobile Field Service Software
    Fleetmatics WORK is field service management software built for you. Hosted in the cloud, Fleetmatics WORK is easy to use, affordable and puts everything happening in the field at your fingertips: REDUCE PAPERWORK - Take schedules, invoices, quotes and more off your desk and onto the cloud. Enter information once and see it automatically sync with Xero, Quickbooks, Saasu, Kashflow and MYOB. CONTROL YOUR SCHEDULE - Simplify how you schedule and assign jobs, no matter how many times things change. GET MORE DONE - The information and insight you need to make the right decisions. Know which jobs and customers are profitable. See what's driving your business and what's holding it back. Worried about getting started? DON'T! A dedicated implementation specialist will guide you through the entire process...making sure the system works for you! Sign up to see how Fleetmatics WORK will improve your field service business!
  • Maintenance Assistant CMMS    3 reviews

    The $19 solution to organizing your maintenance
    $19/month Maintenance software that lets small teams handle a lot of assets. This CMMS system tracks a history of all maintenance done on a machine, it shows the current progress status of work orders, and it shows you automated alerts for prescheduled maintenance.
  • DEXMA PLM +    4 reviews

    Web PLM Solution to Manage Engineering Processes
    DEXMA is a new generation of PLM software to simplify business processes, access and share information, connect team members and enable collaboration. We developed DEXMA for small and medium engineering companies and remote engineering teams.
  • Preactor    2 reviews

    Advanced Planning and Scheduling
    Preactor is a family of products that provides Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solutions for over 4000 small, medium and large companies. Case Studies show that the benefits that can be obtained after installation offer a return in investment measured in months, sometimes weeks. Preactor is used by companies in discrete, process and mixed mode type of environments. It is equally at home in modelling plants that involve machines, packing lines, tanks, assembly lines and so on in make to order, make to stock, engineer to order, repetitive and continuous processes. Preactor is also designed for integration with other software such as ERP, MES, Data collection, Forecasting, Demand Planning and OEE applications. Detailed Scheduling software is an important tool for many companies where it can have a major impact on the productivity. Preactor takes a breakthrough approach to the planning process and uses its detailed scheduling roots to search for available capacity.
  • isoTracker QMS software    1 review

    Cloud-based Quality Assurance Solutions
    A cloud-based quality management software system that offers a comprehensive set of quality management software applications. Includes document control, complaints management, audits, non-conformance reporting, CAPA and escalation. Ideal for managing ISO 9001 processes. Easy to Use, Simple to Set-Up and Competitively Priced with a Strong ROI
  • Idronic    1 review

    Manufacturing software made easy!
    LaserQuote by Idronic is a powerful, web-based software solution designed to support the unique needs of contract cutting companies, sheet metal workshops and metal fabricators. With LaserQuote, companies have an easy-to-use, specialized solution that simplifies and optimizes all business processes.
  • Epicor Manufacturing Express Edition    1 review

    Epicor Manufacturing Express Edition is a comprehensive ERP solution for job shops and small manufacturers that is provided in the software as a service (SaaS) model. Express combines broad functionality from across Epicor’s next generation ERP into a complete end-to-end solution. Small manufacturers are provided everything they need to manage their opportunities, orders, and operations in one complete solution.
  • InterLink    1 review

    Global QHSE Solutions for the Manufacturing and Oil & Gas Industries
    InterLink is a flexible, cloud based solution designed to administer ISO Quality, Environmental and Safety compliance management programs. InterLink streamlines the many disconnected, often manual systems and business processes used to meet today's complex global operating standards and regulations. InterLink’s simple user interface, powerful backend analysis tools and anytime access to data ensure multi-level organizational involvement in the ISO management system. In addition, InterLink’s comprehensive tool set helps save staff time in data acquisition and analysis, while ensuring that compliance metrics are managed and monitored consistently. InterLink. Empowering decision makers with integrated web-based technologies.
  • xTuple    1 review

    Accounting, CRM, and ERP
    xTuple business management software gives growing companies control over operations and the tools to power that growth. xTuple integrates all critical functional areas in one system: sales, accounting, and operations– including customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution. As a commercial open source company, xTuple works with a global community of over 30,000 professional users. xTuple gives customers the ability to tailor solutions to meet their needs with multi-platform support for Mac, Windows and Linux, and flexible licensing and pricing options.
  • DEAR Inventory    2 reviews

    Make complex simple
    Integrated with QuickBooks and Xero, suitable for small to medium businesses in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, food production sectors which have requirements to manage inventory levels. Solution covers the entire business cycle in inventory management.
  • AccountMate  

    Customizable accounting software with inventory tracking
    AccountMate is a customizable accounting system for small & mid-sized businesses, with open source code and a range of industry-specific vertical solutions.
  • Plex  

    It's what's next.
    More than 350 companies run their manufacturing operations on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. From cam shafts to craft beers, from high-performance diesel engines to aircraft parts, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud helps companies automate the shop floor and inform the top floor. We designed our ERP solutions literally from the ground up to connect suppliers, manage materials, control machines and deliver the accounting and business intelligence manufacturing organizations need. Whether your goal is to be more competitive, drive efficiencies, introduce innovation, or be more responsive to customer needs, Plex can help you deliver what’s next
  • AscentERP ERP software
    AscentERP is an enterprise resource planning software that was built for the platform as a full warehouse and manufacturing product. AscentERP´s manufacturing features include procurement, Bill of Materials processing, version control, master planning production work orders and more. The software also supports bar coding, Lot traceability, Serial number tracking, along with the complete management of rentals, loaners and demos. AscentERP provides the ability to fully automate and manage a range of processes, including processing Return of Goods (RMAs), purchase requisition and multipple warehouse management. AscentERP also includes accounting and shipping integrations, such as with Financial Force and Magento. The app also has an Open API that allows for custom integration with Salesforce.
  • Steelwedge  

    Cloud-based Integrated Business Planning platform
    Steelwedge offers a cloud-based Integrated Business Planning platform that merges sales, marketing, finance, and the supply chain. With an easy-to-use interface, easy-to-access SaaS applications and easy-to-configure platform, Steelwedge is a new breed of planning solution.
  • Tour De Force CRM  

    Efficient and effective CRM
    Tour De Force CRM is a sales enablement and CRM software that is fully integratable with Microsoft Outlook and provides business intelligence and sales force automation. Tour De Force CRM is mobile compatible, allowing you to provide your field employees with valuable and real-time customer insights and sales opportunities. Tour De Force CRM is an ideal ERP platform for industries such as distribution, manufacturing, furniture, construction and technology.
  • Infor CRM  

    Customer Relationship Management
    Infor CRM (customer relationship management) software provides a single platform to drive customer interaction and improve customer realtionships and experiences. The CRM application combines a range of multi-departmental functions such as marketing, sales, service, resource and lead management features. Infor CRM is tailored to meet the needs of a number of specific industries. The CRM app serves the financial services, hospitality and gaming, retail, telecom, fashion, healthcare, high tech, manufacturing industries and more. Infor integrates an enterprise-level CRM, CXM and a social CRM tool into one complete customer management application.
  • PLMplus  

    PLMplus is an affordable, SMB focused PLM and QMS solution delivered in a SaaS model. PLMplus allows you to manage change orders, documents, items and bills of materials, CAPA processes, NCMRs and more. Companies can benefit from PLM features in days with no risk. No installation, no download, no databases and no heavy customization needed. PLMplus for Medical Device Manufacturers help companies meet the 21 CFR Part 820 and 11 Requirements, as well as ISO 13485 requirements. PLMplus allows the quality department focus on product quality and not on chasing action items and effectiveness checks. PLMplus enables true design chain and supply chain collaboration. Delivered over a secured SaaS infrastructure, authorized users can access the system from anywhere in the world with a simple browser. PLMplus is all about managing your product information, from engineering to quality to manufacturing and field service.
  • WinFDS  

    Food Decision Software Inc. develops one of the leading Food Distribution Software and Food Manufacturing Software solutions in the industry. We provide a complete ERP application designed to support the business performance of Food Distributors and Food Manufacturers. WinFDS is a completely integrated Food Distribution and Food Manufacturing Software that makes it easy for small to medium sized food companies to improve their results.
  • Aconex  

    Online Project Collaboration Software
    Online document management and web collaboration system for the construction, engineering and facilities management industries.
  • Arena PLM  

    Control Your Product Development
    Arena PLM enables engineering and manufacturing teams and their extended supply chains of all sizes to speed prototyping, reduce scrap, and streamline supply chain management. Arena cloud PLM applications simplify bill of materials and change management for companies of all sizes, and offer the right balance of flexibility and control at every point in the product lifecycle—from prototype to full-scale production.
  • Yucan QM  

    Yucan QM está diseñada para dar soporte a organizaciones en sus encuestas, análisis, gestión de calidad y mejora continua. Yucan QM está basada en Web, admite el ciclo PDCA, es rápida de configurar, eficiente, fácil de utilizar y ampliamente aplicable: • (Auto)evaluaciones • Auditorías • Gestión del plan estratégico y de mejora • Gestión de la calidad • Gestión de la prevención de riesgos laborales • Inspecciones obligatorias de sanidad, educación, etc. Yucan QM es una aplicación Web y se mantiene bajo una estructura de SAAS (Software como Servicio): no es necesario instalar ningún hardware ni ningún software, sino se le facturará por el uso real del sistema. Los participantes podrán colaborar en línea 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana, trabajando juntos para conseguir la calidad. El software es sumamente flexible y se adapta a cualquier modelo de gestión, cuadro de inspección o conjunto de criterios a evaluar - ISO, EFQM, modelos personalizados, etc.

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