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Softeligent logo



Telecom expense and IT asset management software

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Softeligent is a cloud-based suite of solutions that assists businesses with telecom expenses, IT asset management, invoice processing, and more. Using the application, supervisors can automatically allocate cost centers among different departments, track bill disputes, and streamline work orders.

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Salesforce Communications Cloud logo

Salesforce Communications Cloud


Deliver digital-first journeys and perfect orders

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With Communications Cloud you can quickly adapt to changing customer expectations, drive faster time to value, unify every part of the organization and enable seamless personalization for customers across all channels.

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Billingbooth logo



Cloud based accounting management software

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Billingbooth is a cloud-based accounting software that helps in the management of billing and invoicing details of an organizations customers

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UTR Telecom Expense Management Solution logo

UTR Telecom Expense Management Solution


Manage all telecom assets and expenses in one place.

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UTR Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that enables businesses to gain control of telecom assets and expenses.

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ATIVUControl logo



ATIVUControl Single Repository equals better processes

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ATIVUControl is a solution that helps in managing IT, Telecom, and Facilities expenses to analyze contracts, invoices, purchase orders, and physical inventory, in addition to centralizing these processes, optimizing resources, and auditing collections. Centric Management Inventory, Contracts, Services and Global Rates Management, Global Integration Centric, Invoice Management, Audit Management, Cost Usage Management, Anywhere User Management, Reports & Business Analytics.

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