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Batch Files

Bulk file processor

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Batch Files overview

What is Batch Files?

Replace, insert, delete, copy, move, format, extract, convert, encode, encrypt text and bytes in multiple files. Process 1000s files using multiple CPU cores in manual, automatic/continuous, triggered/scheduled, or console modes, or directly from Windows Explorer right-click menu. Save files to output directory specified using either absolute or relative path, with original or new name defined by a mask. Select files for processing based on their name, dates, size, and contents using advanced file search supporting RegEx and advanced wildcards. Optionally merge together, split all, or zip processed files. Perform different operations on different files with conditional processing and process branching. Complete support for Regular Expressions (RegEx) and Unicode throughout the program. Detailed processing logs are available in both user interface and log files. Run multiple program instances simultaneously.


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Batch Files pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
One time license
Free trial
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Time-unlimited free trial is available with limited functionality. To get full functionality, a license must be purchased, which involves paying a one-time fee.

Batch Files features

API (442 other apps)
Access Control (191 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (252 other apps)
Activity Tracking (127 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (126 other apps)
Auditing (131 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (180 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (114 other apps)
Compliance Management (136 other apps)
Data Import/Export (182 other apps)
Data Visualization (144 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (128 other apps)
Monitoring (270 other apps)
Real Time Data (128 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (155 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (212 other apps)
Role-Based Permissions (115 other apps)
Search Functionality (128 other apps)
Third Party Integration (259 other apps)
Workflow Management (143 other apps)

Additional information for Batch Files

Key features of Batch Files

  • 4 Modes: Manual, Automatic, Scheduled, Console
  • Many actions: replace, insert, delete, copy, convert, encode
  • 4 Output Modes: normal, split files, join / merge files, zip
  • Conditional Processing lets you perform different operations
  • Advanced File Naming: file properties, random chars, EXIF
  • Advanced File Search: advanced wildcards, file properties
  • Extensive support for Regular Expressions (RegEx)
  • Complete Unicode Support throughout the program
  • Fast multithreaded processing that can utilize all CPU cores
  • Optional integration with Windows Explorer
  • Complete Unicode Support throughout the program
  • Very detailed processing logging capabilities
  • Run multiple program instances simultaneously
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Need an effective way to regularly perform same operations on files?
With Continuous Processing Mode you can do exactly that! Setup once, then run it for as long as you need!

Thinking how to run repetitive file processing tasks on schedule?
Batch Files lets you setup unlimited number of file processing jobs - all with customizable triggers!

Need to perform different operations with file's content in sequence?
With this product you are able to perform an unlimited number of actions on the content of multiple files in a step-by-step manner!

Looking for a nice RegEx editor with syntax highlighting?
This product has RegEx editor with syntax highlighting and smart tips to help you design and test Regular Expressions!

Trying to split a file on specified separator?
With this product you can split files into multiple parts using text or binary separators!

Need to replace text in file names? Insert EXIF data or hashes?
Look no further! This product will let you do all that and more, thanks to its powerful file name designer and renamer!

Trying to do a content-based deep file search?
This product can examine files' content in both text and binary form, so you can pick out only the files you need!

Do you prefer command line for certain file processing tasks?
This product will let you process files directly from command line without showing any user interface!

Need to quickly perform file processing tasks directly from Windows?
Batch Files can integrate nicely with Windows, letting you launch it simply by right-clicking on a group of selected files!