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Sean Fretenborough

Verified Reviewer

When Cloud Monitoring Makes Sense


They are continuously improving their interface, especially their dashboards, giving us the ability to embed third party graphs (in our case some New Relic APM elements) into their layout.


Their drive to improve the product! It's hands down the nicest evolution of a product over a short span I have seen. Their product is continually getting enhanced, new datasources are being added to the library, new features into their mobile app and new content in their training sessions. I spoke to many of their pro's in the review, but their continuous improvement cycle is truly impressive. I also want to give a special shout-out to the help-desk for helping me out of many datasource woes.


It may not be a major part of their value proposition to new customers, but datasource creation was part of the pitch for us old timers. In the beginning I loved how quickly their folks could crank out an oddball datasource for me. Now don't get me wrong, their help-desk definitely hits the mark for fixing some of my minor mistakes in datasource creation, but when I need something deep I got to wait months. In case LM is looking at this, I'm specifically awaiting a google analytic integration which I saw advertised on your site but didn't exist (to your credit, thanks for taking it down after we found that out.)

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