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LogicMonitor overview

What is LogicMonitor?

We’re in the midst of an information revolution, and monitoring is at the center of it. Businesses are moving from asking, “What happened?” to predicting what’s coming, solving problems before they start and using data to unlock opportunities.

At LogicMonitor, we’re committed to expanding what’s possible for businesses by advancing their technology. After all, monitoring shouldn’t just help businesses see what’s in front of them—it should create new ways for them to grow.

Here’s how we live our vision:

Turn It On

Today, monitoring keeps the world of business turning. LogicMonitor comprehensively monitors infrastructures, from on-premises to the cloud. Within minutes, we make it possible for businesses to advance their technology, ensuring airline passengers aren’t stranded due to system outages, food stays at safe temperatures and spinning wheels don’t interrupt our favorite streaming shows.

Turn the Dial

We believe monitoring should do more than visualize today’s information—it should open up new ways for businesses to grow. We go above and beyond to empower our customers, seeking to be the most extensible monitoring platform in the world. When our customers can solve problems before they start, they can move their focus from maintenance to innovation.

Turn the Corner

As artificial intelligence and machine learning turn from sci-fi promises to everyday realities, our technology is enabling businesses to see what’s coming before it happens. We collaborate closely with our customers to understand their risks and anticipate their needs, providing insights that unlock their vision.


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LogicMonitor reviews

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Sean Fretenborough

When Cloud Monitoring Makes Sense

Reviewed 2016-02-15
Review Source: GetApp

At this time I am on v.71 with Collectors at version 20. I began using LogicMonitor around 2 years ago. It was one of the best "outsourcing" decisions we have made. Now have nearly 550 nodes in our environment and a countless number of stock and custom datasources we are alerting on utilizing a range of collection types including SNMP, WMI, Groovy, and Powershell. We previously used OpManager and had considered SolarWinds (I used it in a previous enterprise and was very happy with it). In the end, there were a couple factors that lead us to LM and kept us there. First, we are a very lean shop, and the manpower cost of standing up a new monitoring platform along with maintaining yet another machine, while minimal, was going to take time and that was a consideration. Second, we had a lot of stuff we wanted to monitor on each server and a bunch of product owners we wanted to have the ability to monitor thier products, the way they measured that didn't work against us. Finally, we wanted a way to monitor both internally and externally since we ourselves are a SAAS provider. LM satisfied all three. When we first came on board, they were reasonably new, and the turnaround time on custom datasources was minimal. I guess they are a victim of their own success, my one and only criticism is that now the turnaround on datasources is measured in months not hours. Otherwise, they are hitting on all cylinders. Their java collector is lightweight and can handle a good deal of throughput, I myself have between 100-150 nodes on my larger collectors with 1-minute collection on most datapoints. They have been in a positive development cycle over the past 18 months as they rolled out a new UI for not only for their App but their support site as well. I like how they did some hand holding for us "old timers" who had grown used to the utilitarian and direct legacy UI. They let us run that if we chose to, but introduced new dashboard and service elements in the new UI only, giving us more carrot than stick to make the leap. They are continuously improving their interface, especially their dashboards, giving us the ability to embed third party graphs (in our case some New Relic APM elements) into their layout. I am hoping they will allow us to soon provide a way to embed our LM dashboards into other iframes or share out directly. As a whole, the product is barely recognizable as it was when we came on board, yet every bit as functional with certain elements such as bulk alert tuning and multi-instance management providing even more. They have released a native iPhone application, it is good for alerting, however they have a good way to go to make it more usable overall. If they do to it what they have done to the web portal, it will be amazing. As it stands, our entire department has the application loaded and peek at it throughout our off hours, acknowledging alerts that we may not have seen yet because of the way our escalation rules have been written. It gives us some advance notice to spot a trend from other departments before it lands on our laps. The escalation rules and who they go to are fully tweakable as well as how users get alerted (email, sms, phone call). We have even begun alerting automation scripts to fire off on certain alert types. They have listened to their customers and continue to act on our needs. When renewals come up, there is no debate that we will keep them. They have become an embedded resource and so long as they keep performing at this level they will remain there.

Their drive to improve the product! It's hands down the nicest evolution of a product over a short span I have seen. Their product is continually getting enhanced, new datasources are being added to the library, new features into their mobile app and new content in their training sessions. I spoke to many of their pro's in the review, but their continuous improvement cycle is truly impressive. I also want to give a special shout-out to the help-desk for helping me out of many datasource woes.

It may not be a major part of their value proposition to new customers, but datasource creation was part of the pitch for us old timers. In the beginning I loved how quickly their folks could crank out an oddball datasource for me. Now don't get me wrong, their help-desk definitely hits the mark for fixing some of my minor mistakes in datasource creation, but when I need something deep I got to wait months. In case LM is looking at this, I'm specifically awaiting a google analytic integration which I saw advertised on your site but didn't exist (to your credit, thanks for taking it down after we found that out.)

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Robert Bermingham

LogicMonitor is a great choice!

Reviewed 2016-02-03
Review Source: GetApp

When we approached our monitoring project, we evaluated a number of different solutions. We'd been using Solarwinds for several years and we simply felt that it wasn't the right product for us. That isn't to say that Solarwinds isn't a good product! We used it significantly over the years but we needed something that fit us as an overwhelmed and understaffed IT Team better. We are a small company of about 250 employees and 5 offices across the US and many remote employees around the world. When we came upon LogicMonitor, it was clear that this was a different product and company. They were incredibly helpful during our evaluation and even allowed us to extend our trial period for longer than I am comfortable specifying (more embarrassing to me that our eval took so long). There are many factors that led us to choose LogicMonitor, but some of the biggest are: - Ease of Use: "Out of the box", they recognize and monitor so much of what we use, including the smaller vendors. If they don't recognize something, it is a fairly simple process to request that they add it to their software. Needless to say, this saves us a ton of time! In addition to recognizing the devices, they automatically add a set of monitors that they feel are the most important, but also give you the ability to easily disable what you aren't interested in or add additional monitors if they don't support something you wish to monitor. - SaaS: We knew we wanted something that could provide both internal and external monitoring, AND be available for our technicians, wherever they were. The lone drawback to their model is the number of internal servers required to monitor everything we wish to. For our main office, we needed to deploy a second server to complement the first because we were monitoring so much stuff. A very small price to pay for the ease of use and administration for the platform. - Price: Unlike many other vendors, LogicMonitor doesn't charge you per monitor, they only charge for the device. For example, in other products, a 48-port switch could use up 100+ monitoring licenses to monitor all ports and all of the critical switch functions. Logicmonitor only charges you 1 license to monitor the switch and you can have (I believe) an unlimited number of monitored items within that switch. For a smaller company like ours, cost is definitely a large factor and LogicMonitor was definitely a leader in this category. There are a lot of other factors that I could go into, but I'd rather not write a novel. Suffice to say that if you are in the market for a new monitoring solution, I HIGHLY recommend that you look into LogicMonitor. I'm confident that you will come away impressed and they will immediately become one of your top choices to implement!

Many of them mentioned above.

Not many, but the response time for requesting new device/vendor recognition could improve.

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Andy Domeier

SPS Commerce User Review

Reviewed 2014-02-26
Review Source: Capterra

Hello, I will try to bullet out a list of pros and cons below. My overall impression of Logic Monitor is a positive one. I have been happy with the scale at which we are able to adopt the systems. In itself Logic Monitor is a great service but I'd like to see more invested to integrate with other popular monitoring services like PagerDuty, etc. A few minor inefficiencies in the UI, but nothing major for us. . and by the way your support is great! Pros Exceptionally consistent! It's easy to be confident that all our alerts across the board are consistent unless set otherwise manually. -Flexible. I think the tool has just the right level of flexibility to it so that we can organize alerts and hosts in a manner that effectively aligns with our business. Visibility. Implementing the tool right as really increased our team's visibility to our overall health and performance. It's been a great win. Cons Pagerduty integration. There is a lot that we use Logic Monitor for but it will never be our ONLY monitoring tool, as a result we need a service like pager duty as a central hub to manage and maintain our alert streams. It is incredibly cumbersome today to not have resolutions close out alerts in PagerDuty and also to not have alerts that are acknowledged in pager duty acknowledge in Logic Monitor. This is the most important con to us right now. Transparency. There are some nice features that help you see the various alerts whether it's the alerts tab counters (that show on the main page) or the way hosts highlight when they have alerts associated. I would like to see more detail on those features, for example if there are 13 critical alerts, it would be nice to know how many are already Ack'd without clicking into the alerts tab and searching for those alerts. It would also be ideal if you could highlight the "hosts" on the hosts tab with the color of severity of their alerts. We spend a lot of time in the host view and being able to see a host highlighted yellow, orange, or red would be helpful to faster decision making. The alerts dashboard is not clear for hosts that are in SDT. I would actually prefer not to see those hosts in the alerts totals on the alerts tab, or potentially make that configurable. It's confusing to go to that tab to see alerts for hosts that are in SDT and don't actually need immediate response, those and Ack'd errors could almost be their own tab. Thanks for a great service and continued product development!

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Ian Linderoth

Fantastic Monitoring Tool

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-12-04
Review Source: Capterra

We've been a customer for over a year and have had nothing but a positive experience. We run lean and needed something that wouldn't require a lot of our time and energy to keep running. It also made sense to get something that was cloud based so that if we have our own infrastructure problems it won't necessarily knock out the monitoring that's alerting us on those issues. Chat support is good and available 24/7 and we have a dedicated customer success team contact who can assist with any escalations, questions, or concerns we have.

It's relatively easy to use while at the same time offering tons of features that you can use to optimize and proactively solve problems. There's a low barrier to entry to start gaining actionable insights into your environment and minimal tweaking is needed. The alerting customization is excellent and it's easy to make sure the correct person or team has access to the alerts they need with easy escalation to a text or phone call if a critical alert isn't acknowledged.

It monitors all sorts of metrics for different services, but sometimes it's difficult to determine what a metric is actually telling us. The mobile app is just ok. It is good for quickly acknowledging alerts, but not much else. We have different teams that only need access to certain devices, but the app shows everything. Push notifications would be nice too!

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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Caroline Smith

Excellent solution to monitor the performance of applications.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-05-30
Review Source: GetApp

A software that is undoubtedly efficient to carry out the monitoring of applications and can also monitor not only the physical infrastructure but also the virtual one, in this way you are aware of any inconvenience or malfunction to be able to solve it in the shortest time possible or prevent them in a way that leads to much larger problems.

A software with a very simple and intuitive interface so it is easy to use, is ideal to carry out the monitoring of the performance of the activity of each business application, has metrics that allow it to be very simple to follow up on this process, In addition to its support team is really efficient because if you have any questions with the functions provided by this software you can go to them and very friendly and colloquial lend their help so that you have the correct operation, something else What is worth mentioning and what is really an advantage is that if you notice any problem or malfunction issues alerts that allow you to solve the problem quickly to avoid further damage or loss of time.

For users without knowledge in the field can be complicated the use of such software, in addition to still has features to improve as provide much more detailed reports to have better knowledge of a problem.

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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Access Control (137 other apps)
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Auditing (102 other apps)
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GetApp Analysis

LogicMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring solution that enables companies to easily and cost-effectively monitor the performance health of their entire IT infrastructure (e.g. public, private and hybrid cloud or on-site stacks), allowing them to perform mitigating actions before issues turn into full-blown operational catastrophes.

LogicMonitor is for IT professionals specializing in the Network Management, Data Center Networking, Virtualization, Storage, MSP (Managed Service Provider) and CSP (Cloud Services Provider) spaces.

LogicMonitor’s Monitoring Platform components include: * ActiveDiscovery(TM) automated detection, configuration and management of monitoring of hundreds of devices, applications and databases, based on built-in best practices which can save hundreds of engineering hours * ActiveIntelligence(TM) with preconfigured and fully customizable alerts, reporting and dashboards * Engineer-grade live support via phone, email or chat

What is LogicMonitor?

From fixing network performance issues to looking through logs for relevant security threats, IT professionals have a plate full of job functions to carry out every single day. And if your network is comprised of devices reaching up to the thousands, a 24/7 monitoring solution is a must-have in your IT toolbox.

To get started with LogicMonitor, you will need to install a lightweight data collector (a small Java app) on one Windows or Linux host inside your firewall, specify the devices you want monitored by entering the hostname or IP address, and ActiveDiscovery takes care of the rest. Using templates that work right out of the box, you are then given instant access to monitoring data via a single portal – no matter where you are, using any browser.

Who is LogicMonitor For?

LogicMonitor is for companies that are trying to scale their IT efficiency through automation, as well as those that need to monitor Cloud, co-located and on-premise infrastructure to increase uptime and end-user satisfaction.

The solution monitors issues for web-based companies, MSPs, cloud providers and in-house IT departments. Some of LogicMonitor’s customers include Citrix, JetBlue, National Geographic, and TekLinks.

Main Features

24/7 Alerting on Multiple Platforms

Whenever an issue is detected, alerts are sent via email, phone call (text to speech), text message, webhooks or via the web. Alerts can also be routed to different groups based on established escalation rules for device type, severity of issue and time of day.

LogicMonitor follows an alert severity hierarchy that determines whether or not an issue is worth waking users up at 2 a.m., like when a disk is already 95% full. Otherwise, warning emails should suffice. Alert thresholds are pre-configured based on industry best practices, but they can also be adjusted to suit your individual tastes and needs.

Agentless Monitoring

Traditional agent-based monitoring solutions require agent installation for each device being monitored in a network. This means that every time the monitoring solution is updated, each agent should be updated as well. Imagine that for a network of devices totaling, say, 10,000.

That’s not even mentioning the sometimes overly complex bureaucratic procedures to be hurdled for environments such as the government or very large corporations where each software installation must undergo an approval process. LogicMonitor requires a single data collector on one Windows or Linux host within your firewall.


ActiveDiscovery is a LogicMonitor functionality that automatically monitors newly added devices, allowing you peace of mind in the knowledge that they will be monitored right away, eliminating manual configuration and the possibility of human error.

Once a device is identified, it is monitored for interfaces, physical disks, volumes, temperature sensors, virtual IPs, VPN links, applications and more.

Data Security

LogicMonitor may be a hosted service, but no firewall modification is needed for your entire infrastructure to be monitored.

Instead, a single and lightweight data collector is installed on a host within your firewall, and the connection between the collector and LogicMonitor is encrypted and outgoing only, via port 443. All data you choose to send to LogicMonitor, such as IP addresses, are stored encrypted in LogicMonitor databases.

Data Storage

One important ingredient of effective trend estimation and efficient IT budget forecasting is relevant long-term data.

LogicMonitor stores data for up to one year, allowing you to see historical trends, detect usage patterns and estimate requirements for future growth.


LogicMonitor integrates with technologies like ServiceNow, NetApp, PagerDuty, ConnectWise, OneLogin, Puppet Labs, Atlassian HipChat, Rightscale, Twilio and more. Check out the full listing of business apps that integrate with LogicMonitor.

LogicMonitor’s native API client can also be used to integrate with your company’s web and mobile applications, even desktop system management tools. Aside from automatically adding and removing hosts to be monitored as your infrastructure scales up or down, it can be used to download historical graphs and data without needing to access the web interface.


LogicMonitor follows a monthly subscription plan. Visit the website for more pricing information.

Bottom Line

  • Network monitoring tool that keeps a close eye on the overall performance health of your entire IT infrastructure
  • Uses a single collector, as opposed to traditional agent-based monitoring systems where agents are required on every device being monitored
  • The data collector makes outgoing-only encrypted connections to the LogicMonitor servers on port 443
  • Depending on the severity of the issue, alerts are sent 24/7 via your platform of choice: email, SMS, phone call, webhooks, or the web
  • Support and training system that requires no additional costs no matter how many times you call in for help

Videos and tutorials

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Key features of LogicMonitor

  • Performance Monitoring of Anything on Your Stack
  • Unlimited Free Email & SMS Alerts
  • Alert Routing & Escalation
  • Historical Trending Data Stored for 1 Year
  • Syslog, Event and Batch Job Monitoring
  • Easy, Fast Implementation In Under 15 Minutes
  • Powerful dashboards display key metrics – all on one screen
  • Remote Sessions
  • Bank-Grade Security
  • Offsite, Automatic Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Unlimited Users & Collectors
  • Support Via Phone, Email & Chat And Company-Wide Training
  • No-Cost Maintenance & Ongoing Updates
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• LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based platform ensures scalability and ease-of-deployment across increasingly complex and geographically distributed infrastructures without additional hardware.
• Flexible architecture works with on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments, meaning deployment models can be driven by business goals and not IT limitations.
• Automated monitoring templates give you the metrics you need with minimal configuration, freeing up team members for more strategic activities.
• LogicMonitor’s comprehensive platform with built-in alerting, reporting, and dashboards consolidates the need for multiple tools, allowing teams to do more with fewer resources.
• Monitor your entire infrastructure, including servers, storage and virtualization, networking, and cloud resources, to ensure application performance and availability.