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SimpleImport Free

Import Excel spreadsheets into standard objects, using just your browser

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SimpleImport Free overview

SimpleImport Free allows both Administrators & non-Administrator users to quickly and easily import XLS, XLSX, CSV and ODS files in to Salesforce. SimpleImport Free has several limitations not present in SimpleImport Premium - see our comparison table.

SimpleImport also offers the ability to add imported Leads & Contacts to a Campaign!

In the Salesforce spirit of “No Software”, ProvenWorks is proud to offer Simple Import Free, your software free solution for Excel spreadsheet imports. No client downloads, no complex validation, no concerns of over-permissioned users, no hassle; just a clean, user friendly tool to import data. Simple Import Free supports .xls, .xlsx .csv and .ods imports into any Standard object.

Simply Upload your file, check automated field mappings, and import; all within Salesforce. Success and failure reports are automatically generated. Simply edit the failure report to fix invalid data, upload and import.

Perfect to allow sales admins with limited permissions take control of their own imports, start to finish. Ideal for Professional Edition Orgs with their more limited toolset.

SimpleImport Free has several limitations in comparison to SimpleImport Premium. Only one user within a Salesforce org can use the application and custom objects are not supported. In addition to this file size restrictions mean the maximum single file upload size is 5MB, with a total retained file size of 25MB. To remove this restrictions use our SimpleImport Premium application.


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SimpleImport Free is completely free to install and use!

SimpleImport Free features

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Key features of SimpleImport Free

  • Works with all Salesforce editions
  • Easy to correct errors in data
  • Supports all standard objects
  • Supports xls xlsx csv and ods files
  • Automated field mappings
  • Cloud based
  • Add imported Leads and Contacts to Campaigns
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