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Intelligent web-based trademark management platform

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TrademarkNow overview

What is TrademarkNow?

TrademarkNow is an intelligent web-based trademark management platform designed to help enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies search, watch, research and analyze trademarks using a range of products including NameCheck, NameWatch, ExaMatch, Competitor Watch, Portfolio 360 and LogoCheck. As a cloud-based solution, TrademarkNow enables users to search and track trademark activity anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device, including desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

TrademarkNow’s NameCheck product supports trademark searching with trademark clearance technology, allowing users to perform a full trademark name search within seconds. NameCheck enables users to analyze trademarks instantly against millions of existing global trademarks, and shows users common law data, domain name availability, word meanings, and more. A comprehensive report ranks and analyzes trademarks in order of threat. TrademarkNow's NameWatch product facilitates trademark watching, and enables users to centralize their trademarks, view prioritized potential threats, set-up automatic watch alerts and keep track of their competitors with reporting and tracking functionality.

The ExaMatch product helps manage trademark researching activity, allowing users to validate the current status of their trademarks, visualize their brands (geographic dispersal, brand timeline), get instant research results, check an opponent’s grounds of opposition, and more. Users can search by mark text, mark ID, owner or representative to locate information quickly. TrademarkNow’s Competitor Watch supports trademark intelligence with real-time competitor intelligence and C-suite business intelligence. Competitor Watch intelligence insights help users answer questions such as ‘what trademarks are competitors registering?’ and ‘What companies are entering the market?’.

Portfolio 360 gives companies quick and central access to their entire trademark portfolio, allowing users to search and aggregate all their trademarks, and view, track, and protect their marks all from one place. The LogoCheck product enables users to perform a quick logo search and check global image registries and databases to protect brand investments.


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TrademarkNow screenshot: Perform a full trademark search in less than 15 secondsTrademarkNow screenshot: View complete trademark information including number of applications filed, number of brands, and moreTrademarkNow screenshot: Use business intelligence tools to get a clear picture of the competitive landscapeTrademarkNow screenshot: Search millions of different logos and designs across multiple global registries and databases instantly

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TrademarkNow features

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Additional information for TrademarkNow

Key features of TrademarkNow

  • Brand monitoring
  • Brand protection
  • Central trademark database
  • Clearance search
  • Competitor tracking
  • Full trademark name search
  • IP portfolio management
  • Instant logo search results
  • Instant watch alerts
  • Logo results filtering
  • Logo searching
  • Oppositions research management
  • Real time business intelligence
  • Real time data
  • Real time reporting
  • Reporting functionality
  • Search by mark text, mark ID, owner or representative
  • Search logo by image subject
  • Trademark activity management
  • Trademark activity tracking
  • Trademark aggregation
  • Trademark research management
  • Trademark results filtering
  • Trademark searching
  • Trademark status validation
  • Trademark watching
  • Word meanings, domain name availability, common law data
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Perform a full trademark name search in over 170 registries in less than 15 seconds. TrademarkNow includes word meanings, domain name availability, common law data, and more in the search.
Centralize and monitor all trademarks in one place, and view any prioritized threats. TrademarkNow allows users to keep track of their competitors and receive watch alerts instantly when changes are made.
TrademarkNow researching technology helps legal teams complete oppositions research quickly and accurately, allowing users to check prior rights, priority dates and statuses.
An intuitive logo search platform enables users to search millions of logos across multiple global registries and databases instantly. Users can search by image subject or filter results by product category, class or region.
Real time business intelligence enables users to monitor competitors and stay ahead of new market entries.