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Ignitur logo

Project management for online marketing

learn more
Ignitur is an advanced project management solution which equips online marketing professionals with the tools to plan, organize and analyze their projects

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Markey logo

Digital Marketing Software for Small & Medium Businesses

learn more is a digital marketing automation tool that simplifies online marketing efforts for small and medium businesses.

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AdPlugg logo

Ad server & ad manager

learn more
AdPlugg is a cloud-based ad manager & ad server solution which allows users to configure, schedule, and target ads, and includes a plugin for WordPress sites

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data studio logo

Secure backup for Amazon advertising data

learn more
data studio by Dash Applications is a cloud-based data backup tool for storing, backing up, and analyzing Amazon advertising data. The platform allows users to connect Amazon accounts and transform, interpret, and connect data. It integrates with third party platforms including Tableau and Power BI.

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AiHello logo

Simplified PPC bidding for Amazon campaigns

learn more
AiHello is an ads automation platform that allows businesses to monitor ads and automate bids on Amazon to decrease ad spend and increase sales. With intelligent ads automation and smart forecasting, businesses can reduce time spent on marketing management and enhance fulfillment operations.

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Users also considered logo

Online review collection for companies and their products

learn more is a review collection tool for companies to collect merchant (company) & product reviews from genuine customers, then share these on Google

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QZZR logo

Create embeddable and shareable quizzes

learn more
Qzzr is a quiz creation tool which enables marketers, companies, publishers, and agencies to create custom embeddable quizzes for lead generation and engagement

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InOne logo

Optimizing business processes for efficiency

learn more
InOne is an all-in-one business management platform that helps users manage projects from estimates to electronic invoices, it helps streamlines work. It allows users to organize all activities for each project and create and manage received and outgoing invoices electronically without switching platforms.

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Husky Marketing Planner logo

Project management tool for marketing teams and agencies.

learn more
Husky Marketing Planner is a project management and planning tool for marketers. The cloud-based platform allows marketing teams and agencies to gain an overview of all planning data, communicate and collaborate with team members and/or clients, and gain insight into marketing performance.

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Adsmurai Marketing Platform logo

Cloud-based solution for managing social media campaigns

learn more
Feed Composer is a cloud-based marketing solution that helps enterprises manage advertisements and marketing campaigns across social media channels. It enables users to customize posts using several design elements such as images, layers, texts, or fonts.

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Kolsquare logo

Your Influencer Marketing technology solution

learn more
Kolsquare is an influencer marketing solution, offering a qualitative database of international influencers in 180 countries, for users to understand the many challenges of influencer marketing, from the selection of influencers to the search for target audience

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AdClarity logo

Competitive Digital Ad Intelligence, Desktop, Mobile + Video

learn more
Uncover your direct and indirect competitors’ online media activities to find out what traffic sources they use.

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Advertise without ads

learn more
Advertising 3.0 - Powering the attention economy.

All-in-One SaaS application to execute brand integration in all forms on content creation: music videos, influencer posts, movies, TV shows, podcasts, blogs, video games, and more. No middle-men. Scaleable for all types of brands & creators. Simple

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EXADS logo

EXADS is an ad server built with developers in mind.

learn more
EXADS ad serving solutions are built with developers in mind every step of the way. EXADS Admin Panel provides a single interface for admins, advertisers and publishers to monitor and manage their online advertising and access a large range of features and automated optimizations.

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COR logo

Management solution for Advertising & Marketing Agencies

learn more
COR is the all-in-one management solution for creative agencies. It automates time tracking to increase business profitability and team efficiency. COR offers features like precise time tracking to accurately predict delivery times, data-driven decisions to identify profitable services and projects, managing team capacity to assign talent efficiently, and detailed operation analysis through quarterly business reviews.

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Fitnet Manager logo

ERP software for managing administrative operations

learn more
Fitnet Manager is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that enables marketing agencies, consulting firms, and architecture, engineering, software, and IT service companies to manage and automate administrative operations related to contracts, projects, billing processes, and more

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Users also considered logo

Self-service Billboard Advertising Platform

learn more is a self-service billboard advertising platform built for small businesses, startups, and everyone in between.

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Tokydigital logo

Mobile marketing software

learn more
Tokydigital is a mobile marketing software that helps businesses to send SMS advertisements, manage coupons, handle compliance, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to manage and send targeted email advertisements based on multiple parameters, such as custom interests, sex, age, and location.

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HERAW logo

Collaborative platform for content and project management.

learn more
Unleash your advertising agency's creativity with HERAW, the all-in-one solution that helps you simplify the content production process.
Share, annotate, review, approve, subtitle all your creative content easily, and manage your teams, tasks and plannings to save time and money.
Do more, with less.

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Sync2CRM logo

Facebook ad tools for small business

learn more
Facebook Advertising

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ReMake logo

Creative management software

learn more
Remake is a creative management software that helps businesses create limitless versions in seconds with creative automation. It enables teams to take any piece of content and adapt it in unlimited ways. Managers can deploy directly to any platform or screen, including Connected TV.

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Adobe Advertising Cloud logo

Programmatic advertising software for marketing agencies

learn more
Adobe Advertising Cloud is a programmatic advertising software, which helps enterprises and marketing agencies segment audience groups for optimal ad targeting and plan, purchase, and, analyze advertisements of multiple channels, formats, and devices.

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Industrytics logo

360° Decision Intelligence for your medium-sized business.

learn more
With industrytics, you can automatically connect, analyse and visualise all metrics and data about your business and feedback from your stakeholders in an intelligent 360° business dashboard and receive data-driven and AI-powered improvement suggestions for your SME business.

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Polish logo

Visual feedback tool for design and product teams

learn more
Polish is a visual feedback tool that can be used by designers, product managers, and developers. It allows teams to share unfinished design images with colleagues, clients, and and other stakeholders for instant collaboration. Polish enables teams to stay on the same page.

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Choozle logo

Programmatic advertising and campaign management software

learn more
Choozle is a cloud-based digital advertising software that provides publishers and marketing agencies with tools to build targeted campaigns and analyze the performance of advertisements on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to gain an overview of total spend, ad clicks, CPM, and CTR via actionable analytics.

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