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MiX Now


GPS-enabled fleet management tool for small to large firms

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MiX Now is a SaaS fleet management platform designed for small to large businesses allowing asset managers to track the exact location of vehicles and drivers through GPS. The plug-and-play interface of the software enables users to manage overtime, behavior, maintenance, fuel consumption and more.

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Visual transportation management platform for 3PL

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VIA is a web-based visual transportation management platform designed to assist logistics & delivery businesses with freight planning, routing, and tracking. Features include what-if scenario planning, filtered views, quote tracking, color-coded load labeling, and group & user management.

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Synovia Solutions


Fleet management software for academic institutions

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Synovia Solutions is a fleet management software designed to help businesses in the public, education, municipal and commercial sectors handle drivers’ clock-ins/outs, route planning, billing, and GPS tracking.

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Mobile telematics application

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Mobile telematics app for accurate business mileage logging, driver behaviour scoring and vehicle location tracking

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Fleet management software

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AZOWO is a fleet management software designed to help businesses of all sizes digitally manage vehicles and implement mobility sharing. The platform allows teams to use vehicles for personal or business purposes. It can be accessed via iOS and Android mobile applications or web interface.

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Delivery fleet management and package tracking software

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Beetrack is a shipping fleet management and delivery tracking software, available in both English and Spanish, with a native Android app

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Dump Truck Dispatcher


Truck dispatching and fleet management solution

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Dump Truck Dispatcher is dispatching and fleet management solution which helps commercial dump truck hauling companies manage quoting, scheduling, work orders management, ticketing, and more. The schedule management module enables organizations to reschedule jobs & view truck status via color codes.

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Real-time visibility and operational control of your fleet

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With Fleet.Net, fleet management software, you have real-time visibility and operational control of your fleet with added dashcams to improve safety and reduce accidents, driver app for driver connectivity, 2-way messaging and push alerts, ELD for hos, theft protection with real-time SMS alerts.

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Software for managing fleets of all sizes

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Flottenmanager software is designed to support fleet managers and managing fleet transports. It aims to streamline fleet management processes largely by automation, such as fleet disposition, driver management, and word processing. The aim is to reduce the cost and effort involved in management.

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Enterprise digital sales enablement

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Modus is a sales enablement platform which allows manufacturers and service providers to create interactive sales content including product demonstrations, tours, and 360-degree spin sets. With native apps for iOS and Android, users can access and present content to customers wherever they are.

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Safety Suite


Driver management platform for drivers

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With AI technology and more integrations than any other driver management platform, Idelic makes managing safety easy.

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Route optimisation for transport and logistics

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TourSolver is a route optimization solution designed for supply chain managers, transport planners & logistics coordinators to optimize delivery & pickup routes. The platform supports route planning in the cloud or on Windows, and offers constraint management, geo-coding, route simulation, and more.

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Last-mile Delivery & Workforce Attendance Management

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Cloud-based Last-Mile Delivery Management Platform that helps businesses manage their last-mile delivery operations, cash collections, workforce attendance and scheduling

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Fleet management & GPS tracking software

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simTRAC, from simPRO, is a GPS fleet management and real-time vehicle tracking solution for fleet managers to monitor and communicate with field employees

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