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Fleet Management Software

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Motive logo

The modern fleet management & GPS tracking platform.

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The Motive fleet management solution helps fleets of all types track vehicles with real-time GPS, automate operations, simplify compliance, and protect their business with dashcams—all in one place.

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Cardata logo

The fully-managed vehicle reimbursement platform.

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Cardata provides fully-managed and optimized tax-free reimbursement solutions for businesses with employees using personal vehicles for work.

Reduce liability, remove administrative burden, and generate +30% annual cost savings for you and your drivers.

Learn more at

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Fleetio logo
Category Leaders

Manage your fleet from anywhere

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A complete system of record for your fleet. Track, analyze and improve your fleet operations with Fleetio's suite of fleet maintenance software and integrations.

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Texada logo

Texada: Your Partner for Smarter Equipment Management

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All-in-one equipment business management software for rental, sales, and service operations, with seamless integration capabilities and industry-specific tools that make it a go-to solution for optimizing operations and driving growth in equipment businesses.

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Sensolus logo

Asset tracking and IoT solution

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Sensolus empowers industries to manage non-powered assets like containers and trailers with its IoT solution. Rugged trackers, edge intelligence, and a cloud platform create digital twins of assets, providing unparalleled visibility across the supply chain.

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Fleet Complete logo

GPS fleet, asset and workforce management platform

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Fleet Complete is a cloud-based IoT tracking and management system with solutions for fleet and asset tracking, workforce management, video telematics, ELD compliance, DVIR, and integrations with many industry platforms, like TMW TruckMate, Trux Waste Management Business Solutions, Route4Me & more .

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PCS TMS logo

Transportation Management System for Shippers and Carriers

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PCS TMS allows your team to do more with less by giving you time back to focus on what really matters – your bottom line. PCS TMS for Shippers and Carriers offers seamless management of your entire transportation network from the Cloud.

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AUTOsist logo
Category Leaders

Mobile fleet tracking, management & maintenance software

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AUTOsist is a mobile fleet tracking & maintenance software which enables fleet management companies to track fuel & maintenance records simply & effectively

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Odoo  logo

Full Suite of Integrated Business Apps

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Odoo is a fully-integrated, customizable, and open-source suite of business applications. A majority of the business needs such as CRM, Sales, Project, Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting are met through this all-in-one software solution designed for every company, regardless of size and budget

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Dynamics Mobile logo

A van sales mobile solution for Dynamics 365 ERPs

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Dynamics Mobile solution is a cloud serverless platform that runs integrated mobile and web (a.k.a. backend) business applications regardless of the actual cloud provider. The apps for Dynamics Mobile can be developed by anybody who knows about typescript and HTML.

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TruckerZoom logo

Transportation management software for drayage truck fleets

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TruckerZoom is a TMS for large, multi location trucking companies that includes Open AI, automated dispatch, yard management, advanced mobile app including AI document scanner, driver hiring, bookkeeping suite among most notable features.

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Rently logo

360° car rental software management solution

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Rently is a car rental management system that allows businesses to optimize resource usage and streamline online reservation processes. With integrated booking, payment, and fleet maintenance functionality, Rently provides end-to-end management of all car rental operations.

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Whip Around logo

Fleet maintenance software platform & digital inspection app

learn more
Fleet maintenance software that helps you keep your entire fleet safe, compliant, and on the road. Drivers use the mobile app for inspections, and managers can enforce inspections, schedule maintenance, track work orders, and make data-driven decisions from the Fleet Manager Dashboard.

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Motus logo

The champion of work anywhere

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The Motus Platform will provide fair, accurate, compliant, and secure reimbursement programs for all your mixed-use assets.

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Route4Me logo
Category Leaders

Fleet route planning & route optimization software for SMBs

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Route4Me is a route planning software which enables small businesses & enterprises to create, manage & share optimized routing plans quickly & effectively

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GPS Trackit logo
Category Leaders

Fleet Management, GPS Tracking, ELD Compliance

learn more
ELD Fleet is an electronic Hours of Service logbook that satisfies all commercial driver HOS logging system requirements as defined by the FMCSA.

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ClearPathGPS logo
Category Leaders

Business without blindspots.

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ClearPathGPS is the top-rated GPS tracking and management system for businesses looking to eliminate any business blindspots, streamline operations. The easy-to-use web platform and mobile app aim to increase ROI.

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Elite EXTRA logo
Category Leaders

Distribution and delivery management

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Elite EXTRA is a Last Mile Delivery management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes plan and streamline distribution and delivery processes. The platform captures orders in real-time, enabling organizations to manage the entire routing and dispatch procedure.

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Samsara logo

All-in-one fleet operations management platform

learn more
Samsara is a fleet operations management platform which helps various industries including transportation, logistics & construction streamline fleet operations with features like GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing & dispatch, documents, reporting & alerts, & more

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Quickbase logo

No-code collaborative work and project management platform.

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Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems.

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ITS Dispatch logo

Trucking management software for carriers

learn more
ITS Dispatch is a trucking and load management solution that can be utilized by both carriers and owner-operated trucking vehicles. The system comes with features such as invoice management, driver settlements, load confirmations, customer agreements, communication methods, and more. With integrations to quickbooks and other accounting tools, ITS dispatch can handle all aspects of the load lifecycle.

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BigChange logo

BigChange is the complete Job Management Platform.

learn more
BigChange is the complete Job Management Platform, helping building maintenance, construction, environmental and other field service companies to streamline operations, grow revenue and deliver winning customer experiences.

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Routific logo
Category Leaders

Route optimization software for delivery businesses

learn more
Routific is a cloud-based delivery route planning and route optimization solution designed to help businesses maximize fleet capacity, save on fuel, and track driver progress in real time. The software includes interactive maps, signature capture, API integrations, a driver mobile app, and more.

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GPS Insight logo

Engage Your Fleet with Fleet Software that Gets Results.

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A customizable GPS tracking and management software for fleet-based businesses that integrates with high quality GPS hardware for real-time data

Read more about GPS Insight

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Azuga Fleet logo
Category Leaders

Good for Drivers. Great for Business

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Azuga combines GPS tracking, diagnostics, and driver rewards to boost safety, accountability, and efficiency at every turn.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Fleet Management

Fleet management software helps businesses dispatch and track their vehicles from anywhere. To further ease operations, some software vendors also offer fuel management, inventory tracking and maintenance, and employee management capabilities. This type of software improves operational efficiency by automating processes and notifications, and helps with compliance and documentation by storing relevant data.

Here's what we'll cover in this buyers guide:

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software helps users track, coordinate, and manage work vehicles, assets, and inventory, and it helps to optimize delivery routes and schedules. As customer service becomes more important, fleet management software can improve the efficiency of your business operation's on-time delivery as well as provide operational insights.

What are the types of fleet management software?

The fleet management software market is quite segmented, with many companies offering solutions tailored to different fleet sizes, industries, and geographies. However, there are two primary distinctions for fleet management software:

  • Type of telematics systems

  • Frequency of GPS data collection/transfer


Telematics systems, which enable the use of GPS, are an essential component of fleet management software. Telematics enable asset and vehicle tracking, as well as routing functionalities, but the delivery methods for these systems vary.

  • OEM-embedded telematics systems: Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) install onboard computers, or fleetboxes, in their vehicles during manufacturing. These systems can track engine diagnostics and are customizable. The benefit of these systems is that they come with the vehicle you purchase, often already installed. However, unless you are purchasing an entire fleet at once, the solution could not be immediately applied to your existing fleet.

  • Aftermarket-installed telematics systems: These systems vary from onboard computers to plug-in devices. The benefit of these solutions is that they can be installed on almost any vehicle, allowing for the application of a single solution to your entire fleet.

  • Portable telematics systems: Portable telematics systems include portable navigation devices, tablets, and smartphones. These solutions connect to a network to transmit data and are easy to install.


There are two main types of GPS: passive and active (or real-time).

  • Passive: Passive solutions gather and store data on a device. The data can be retrieved once the vehicle arrives at the office or has access to a wireless network. This solution can be inexpensive as it only requires the purchase of the telematics device.

  • Active: Data is gathered and transmitted in real time. This type of GPS uses satellite and cellular networks to send the data to your computer. The cost can be higher as you may need to purchase both a device and access to a network connection. Real-time data might be necessary for a delivery company, for example, but not as important for a construction fleet.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your software require hardware? If so, what is its cost and installation process?

What are the deployment options for fleet management software?

Deployment options are an important consideration when selecting fleet management software. This decision will hinge on data, security, and talent needs. GetApp exclusively features SaaS solutions as they better cater to the needs of small and midsize businesses.

On premise

With on-premise systems, you can expect:

  • Upfront investment; minimized monthly expenses

  • Control of data storage and security

  • Allows for many integrations, and has fewer data structure limitations


SaaS fleet management solutions increasingly cover a larger share of the market. Some of their benefits include:

  • Inexpensive, often pay as you go

  • Faster on-boarding

  • More reliability

  • Storage space not a concern

  • More frequent updates

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: How quickly is system data updated, and how easily can data be shared with remote team members?

What are some common features of fleet management software?

Fleet management solutions have two main components: a GPS-enabled device and software. The software component processes the location data the GPS-enabled device collects to offer insights into fuel consumption, routing, and mile tracking. Many solutions go a step further to help you manage your fleet by tracking maintenance and managing employee information. 

The most common fleet management software features are:

Dispatch management: Allows operators to send personnel and resources to a site as needed. This feature helps operators choose the best vehicle for the job and notify drivers of their assignments.


Dispatch functionality with GPS Insight

GPS tracking: With the help of a GPS tracking device, this feature allows you to view team, job, equipment, and vehicle locations on a map. Knowing where your fleet is at any given time can help you better track job progress and plan your next assignment. 

tomtom gps

GPS tracking with TomTom

Routing: This feature is essential to making sure your vehicle knows where to go and how to get there. It provides drivers with directions and plans the day's work to optimize employee scheduling.

tenna routing

Routing functionality with Tenna

Maintenance management: Enables you to assess and plan maintenance operations and updates to ensure longevity of physical assets. This feature can schedule maintenance ahead of time, track inspection history, and send reminders, all while reducing paperwork.

GPStrackit assetmgmt

Status of vehicle maintenance in Fleet Manager

Employee management: Helps you track employee schedules, availability, and performance. This feature will enable you to manage time cards and track metrics such as miles driven and time per trip.

timecar clearpath

Employee timecard with Clearpath GPS

Fuel management: Allows you to track, manage, control, and monitor fuel consumption and stock. Monitoring fuel usage will help you see how it impacts your operating costs, and how you can optimize usage to reduce this expense.


Mobile fuel entry with Fleetio

Mile tracking: Logs miles driven for tax deduction or reimbursement purposes. This information will help you track asset usage, and will often include additional trip details such as idle time, stops, and speed.


Trip Log, including tracked miles with Azuga

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: What features does your software specifically have for small to mid-sized businesses?

What are some important fleet management software integrations?

Ensuring that your fleet management software can be integrated with existing software and databases is essential to making the most of your resources. These are some of the most important integrations to consider:

  • Fuel systems; fuel cards: Track and analyze fuel usage, improve fuel efficiency, and offer an easy payment method.

  • Asset management: Track and predict asset maintenance needs; track assets and warranties.

  • GPS and telematics: Enables connection to telematics systems, including hardware and additional tracking and routing optimization applications.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your software pull data from other applications, and does it allow me to see my data all in one place?

What are my options for advanced fleet management software configuration?

While fleet management software solutions have certain features in common, every vendor will have slightly different functionalities to offer. Aside from the core features for this type of software, advanced configurations have the potential to take your business a bit further—you can be on top of the latest technology and ensure your software does more for your business.

Depending on your business's needs, these are the configurations you should consider:

  • ELD: Legislative mandate requires trucking companies to maintain electronic logs of their drivers' trips. Many fleet management vendors offer FMCSA approved ELDs and hours of service tracking capabilities.

  • Data security: Keep your assets and drivers secure by protecting against data breaches.

  • Route history: Track past routes to better plan and optimize repeat trips.

  • Incident reporting: Report and update incidents that occur on a job or site.

  • Work order management: Create work orders and track their status to completion

  • Inventory management: Track and manage the quantity of resources on hand to maintain proper supply

  • Tire management: Track vehicle tires to result in better cost-per-mile output.

  • Inspection management: Track, manage, control, and monitor worksite inspections to remain compliant with industry standards.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: How does your software cater to your needs? Are your software offerings scalable?

What does the future hold for fleet management software? It's not easy to remain current with all new technology, but these are some of the trends to look out for:

Cloud: Cloud deployments are becoming increasingly more common. The low cost of implementation, scalability, and high degree of connectivity with other platforms and systems makes this a popular deployment model that is expected to continue to grow.

Real-time visibility platforms: As customer experience expectations grow, so does the demand for real-time visibility of loads in transit. Real-time visibility means increased transparency, providing users with more current information.

Artificial intelligence: Some vendors are incorporating AI to optimize scheduling and routing to improve efficiency and better deal with driver shortages, reduced capacity, and traffic.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your business plan to add new features in the next 12 months? What technologies are you thinking of incorporating in the next few years?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.