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Cloud-based sports league management software

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TeamSideline is a cloud-based sports league management solution designed for sports event organizers, playground managers, and recreation departments. The solution offers integrated tools for scheduling sports events, inviting online and offline registrations, building teams, communicating with the participants, sharing event details, and managing various sports activities.

TeamSideline's website building tools help organizers design and create customizable web pages which can be shared across other websites and social media platforms. The software also enables event organizers to schedule events and customize registration processes. The tool supports both individual registrations as well as team registrations. Organizers can integrate registration pages with payment gateways for credit card processing. The application also helps sports organizations create online stores to sell event goodies and merchandise.

TeamSideline lets event planners send bulk emails to members, create and share feedback forms, collect participants’ responses, analyze event success rates, and generate custom reports. The software helps event organizers conduct background checks on volunteers and participants to restrict unauthorized access to the facility. An online dashboard provides real-time information on key metrics such as registration status, upcoming schedules, and live game stats. The software also offers drag-and-drop roster building features that help to assign or move players between teams. Other features offered include membership management, centralized data recording, facility reservation, and volunteer management.

TeamSideline primarily serves customers across the Unites States. The solution is suitable for organizing sports events such as baseball, softball, basketball or football leagues.


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Travis Hoppe

Easy to use, quick to build new content, flexible to our changing needs as a club/association.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

Simple, intuitive interface. Easy to teach others. Help videos available to assist with learning. Our users like the system-registration is simple and we rarely have to field IT-related questions, unlike other systems where the parents and volunteers often get quite frustrated with clunky or arcane interfaces. TeamSideline plays well with other computer systems, too, so, for example, they run our volunteer background checks in cooperation with our state association without the need for manual data pulls/pushes. As a youth soccer volunteer, I need a software platform that is very intuitive so I can learn how to do new things/use new enhancements to the program as the platform evolves. TeamSideline has been all that. One example... Last night, in one evening, using TeamSideline software, I was able to build a webpage for a tournament for my club, post their rules and their flyer in the Downloads area, set up a news item announcing the tournament, build an entry form to collect registration data for the teams, and add three entries to the club store so the teams can pay their registration fee with a credit card depending on which age team enters the tournament. Today I sent a note out to every club and team in the area telling them about the tournament and pointing them to the webpage for further info. I used TeamSideline contact tools to push the announcement to all the spring teams in my leagues with a few clicks.

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Cloud-based sports league management software

Joe Trammel

Customer Service is second to none and the interface is very user friendly.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-06
Review Source: Capterra

For many years our organization used a different service provider; they offered little or no customer service, tech support and the client was very user unfriendly. We then choose to search for a new provider, in our search we found Bruce from TeamSideline. We explained our situation and needs to Bruce and he assured us that he could solve all of our problems and help improve our families interface with our website. Not only did Bruce and the Staff at TeamSideline clear up all our issues they have gone above and beyond helping us improve our website and user interaction. No matter how small or large the issue they tackle (pun intended) the situation quickly and efficiently. The Staff at TeamSideline replies to e-mails usually within the hour no matter the time of day and follow up with us to make sure the problem was solved and that we were completely happy with them. I recommended TeamSideline to all of our organizations that I speak to.

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Cloud-based sports league management software

Stuart Sorensen

Our TeamSideline site has added another level of professionalism to our programs

Reviewed 2013-01-17
Review Source: Capterra

I hope to encourage any group looking use TeamSideline to not hesitate any longer! TeamSideline has gone above and beyond what I would have expected out of a simple scheduling software company and never once have they attempted to up-sell me during my time with them. They are just a group who wants to produce a great product in order to see their customers satisfied and they seem to accomplish it with ease. As our athletic programming in our department continues to grow I look forward to using TeamSideline more and more for my scheduling and my source of information for our local teams.TeamSideline has a great balance between ease of use and having more than enough options and ways to accomplish our scheduling needs. The flexibility and adaptability of the system allows me to schedule our leagues the way I specifically envision them while doing a majority of the leg work for me. Being able to use a site that is very presentable and has a professional appearance has added another level of professionalism to our programs. I appreciate being able to design how the site looks without having any knowledge of programming or web design. Most importantly, TeamSideline has OUTSTANDING customer service. Bruce and his team are easily reached and will search for an immediate answer to any confusion or issues I may have when using the program. They've gone above and beyond to check with us numerous times to ensure we are satisfied with their service, and we are never disappointed!

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Cloud-based sports league management software

Kristen Roeder

I have used TeamSideline now for four years. Every year it gets better.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to track registrations, no paperwork. I can login at any time from anywhere and get what I need. Saves me time. Customer service is A+. Always adapting to what the customer needs. Easy explanation of how to do things online. Love the photo upload option. Can track all accounts and do as many options you need for your specific organization. Can use and view from computer or phone, which is a huge plus. Very easy for a new person to the system to use and learn how to operate.

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Cloud-based sports league management software

Heather Adams

It's everything we could ask for in a web-service plus prompt & knowledgeable customer service.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

I highly recommend TeamSideline to all sports teams or leagues seeking a professional & clean look, to simplify communication, and/or to better publicize their team or league. They continue to have constant and continual updates to meet societies quickly changing & evolving technical demands and desires.

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Cloud-based sports league management software

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TeamSideline Pricing Reviews

  • I highly recommend TeamSideline to all sports teams or leagues seeking a professional & clean look, to simplify communication, and/or to better publicize their team or league. They continue to have constant and continual updates to meet societies quickly changing & evolving technical demands and desires.
  • There are too many Pros to list them all, so I will share the most important ones. Excellent functionality, quality of web page builder, superb customer service, and the price is almost a steal. They were also there to help me every step of the way in setting everything up. It allowed our site to be fully customizable to suit our needs and their service is second to none.
  • After 4 months of using TeamSideline, I can honestly say there's not a single feature that hasn't met or exceeded every expectation and need for our league. We run 80 teams a season with 1000 kids and we couldn't be happier. Our rep helped every step of the way and every promise he made he came through 100%. Our website looks great and with multiple admins it was a snap to teach others the how to's. I am a secretary by trade and I was able to build the website and set up the database in a matter of days with agents help - it's that easy! Very affordable - much less expensive than others out there whose features don't compare. Player registration, game scheduling, umpire scheduling, league wide email, OUTSTANDING customer services with immediate response time, even on the weekends - all in one package - it doesn't come any easier than this! If you are looking for a top notch registration software for your league that will save you money and more importantly - time - stop looking and sign up with TeamSideline today - you will not be disappointed!
  • If I had to put down a Con (which I can't really say it is a true con), I would say is that there is a bit of learning curve. However, considering the amount of functionality they provide it is well worth that time. Once you learn where everything is, it is a breeze to modify and update quickly.
  • None. Southeast Portland Little League has been 100% satisfied with TeamSideline for the past 4 years, and we have absolutely zero intent to change to any other web service. Thanks to the helpful crew at Team Sideline, our SEPLL website is visually appealing, affordable, ad free, mobile equipped, safe, fast, and user friendly.
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TeamSideline features

Credit Card Processing
Electronic Payments
Event Scheduling
Registration Management
Website Integration

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Key features of TeamSideline

  • Team assignments
  • Communication portals for organizers
  • Contact management
  • Credit card processing
  • CRM capabilities
  • Electronic payments processing
  • Employee management
  • League scheduler
  • Match result tracking
  • Email and SMS communication
  • Player registration
  • Resource management
  • SMS integration
  • Website integration
  • Team and seasonal discounts
  • Document management
  • Import export team lists
  • Event scheduling
  • Donation management
  • Team calendars
  • Background checks
  • Online registration
  • Membership plans


• TeamSideline offers multi-channel communication capabilities that allow event organizers to communicate with volunteers and participants via email and SMS text message.

• With TeamSideline’s advanced draft mechanism, event organizers can quickly start assigning players to random teams.

• The auto coach scoring system allows team managers to capture game results remotely and even score games directly from their smartphones.

• The solution offers individual portals for teams to communicate with each other, discuss game strategy, track team rankings, and rate individual performance through a single screen.

• TeamSideline offers membership management features that help to collect payments, renew memberships, and secure member data and privacy.