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Defining Success: The Difference Between B2B and B2C Performance Tracking

Mar 07, 2022


Take Your Small Business to the Next Level With These 4 Digital Marketing Tactics

Mar 31, 2022


How To Reach More Customers With a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Mar 29, 2022


The 7 Types of Digital Marketing: Which Should You Be Using?

Mar 15, 2022


How to Reach More Customers With a Digital Marketing Campaign

Apr 05, 2022


Gary Froniewski

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Hey there, I’m Gary 👋. I’m a Content Writer at GetApp. I bring you insights about digital marketing trends and best practices for small businesses. I studied Communications at The University of Texas at Austin. Home base: Austin, TX.; Things about me: I love home cooking, I play tennis nearly every day, and I like meeting new dogs more than new people.; The tech trends I think you should keep an eye on 👀: immersive experiences like experiential marketing and the metaverse.