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What Is Predictive Dialing and How Does Predictive Dialer Software Work?

Mar 8, 2021

Predictive dialing lets you make automated outbound calls, and only passes answered calls to your agents. Predictive dialer software helps you make dialing decisions to support your key objectives.

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What Is Predictive Dialing and How Does Predictive Dialer Software Work?

If your team is finding it hard to meet or exceed sales quotas, the best way to fix that is by connecting with as many quality leads as possible. That means a lot of outbound calling, but dialing thousands of numbers doesn’t always translate into conversions. What if they end up spending all that time listening to dial tones or busy signals instead of actually talking to leads?

Enter predictive dialing and predictive dialing software, which makes multiple automated outbound calls at once and only routes answered calls to your agents. This helps you save time by getting your team from one conversation to another, quickly. 

Let's dive a little deeper into the basics of predictive dialing, as well as the benefits and limitations of predictive dialing software.

What is predictive dialing?

Predictive dialing uses a computerized system—backed by predictive dialer software—to automatically dial hundreds of telephone numbers. Predictive dialing is widely used for things like outbound call center campaigns, debt collection services, customer satisfaction surveys, telemarketing services, recruiting services, and political campaigns.

In predictive dialing, the computerized system dials telephone numbers without a representative agent. The system then listens for a response. When a "hello" response is detected, the system transfers the call to an available representative. If the call results in a busy signal or goes to an answering machine, the system either discards or reschedules the call and moves on.

To connect an answering customer with your agent, the system calls internal phone numbers until it finds the first available agent. It also uses historical call metrics to predict when an agent will be available for the next call. One of the main ideas behind predictive dialing is to predict when your agent will finish a call and be available again.

How does predictive dialer software work?

Now that we know what predictive dialing is, it's time to look at the software that makes it happen:

  1. The system starts by dialing one call for each available agent. It then predicts how many calls should be dialed per agent to optimize their workload and maximize efficiency.

  2. The system recognizes answering machines, dropped calls, and unanswered calls, filters them out, and only connects your agents with live calls.

  3. Using an algorithm and statistics gathered from previous calls, the dialer predicts how long each agent will take to finish a call and dials the next number accordingly.

What are the benefits of predictive dialing?

Without predictive dialing or predictive dialing software, picture this. Your agents wait on a line for almost a minute to connect with someone. Then, another minute goes into logging the call and choosing the next number to dial. Agents often also take short breaks between calls. 

These gaps are additive, growing longer as the days go on. Instead of losing productivity, predictive dialing helps you gain efficiency and obtain insights so you can achieve your KPIs.

Here are four benefits of predictive dialing:

  1. Save agents time and increase productivity. Predictive dialer software detects unresponsive and disconnected telephone numbers, only passing responsive and live calls to your agents. This saves time and boosts their productivity by using working hours for potential conversions.

  2. Gain insights from call data. Predictive dialer software organizes and stores data such as converted sales, positive leads, and callbacks from leads. These tools also maintain do-not-call lists. All of this information helps you decide what times of day work best to call your prospects, find the best leads, and boost your conversion rate.

  3. Control interaction with leads. Once a telephone number has been called by a predictive dialing system, it will remember the call's time and outcome, and won't call the same number again until asked to. If the customer doesn't want to be called again, the agent can prompt the dialer to add the customer to the do-not-call list. If the customer asks to be called again later, the agent can feed a callback time into the system.

  4. Optimize workloads and enhance overall efficiency. Predictive dialer software helps you determine the most efficient number of telephone calls to make in a day. It uses an algorithm to determine agent efficiency by tracking elements such as historical contact rate, real-time contact rate, number of available agents, and average call duration.

What are the limitations of predictive dialing?

Predictive dialing software solutions rely on an expectation that someone answering a telephone call will give an audible response (a "hello"). The system detects this response, transfers the call to an available agent, and plays a prerecorded message to cover that transfer time.

If the answering individual doesn't give an expected response, however, this could prompt the predictive dialer system to operate in an unpredictable way. Some systems may detect background noise or music and qualify that as a response, while others deem it a failed call and disconnect it. Faults within telephone systems or networks may also cause predictive dialers to identify and process calls incorrectly.

It's also worth noting that predictive dialers' analysis cannot hold correct at all times; these tools may dial a number that is answered while no agent is available to interact with that potential customer.

Find the right predictive dialer for your business

After considering both the benefits and limitations of predictive dialer software, most find that these systems' pros outweigh the cons. The best predictive dialing software combines efficiency and reliability. When buying a system for long-term use, be sure to list out the exact needs of your business and look for a solution that meets those needs.

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