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Conversation intelligence tool for growing sales teams

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With Wingman, sales coaching is real-time, actionable, and contextual. You can track what¿s going right and wrong on every sales call, without listening to a single one. You will have the ability to review 1 hour call in less than 10 mins.

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LMS, Performance Management, & Peer-Peer Video Learning

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Bridge enables your sales team with coaching and mentoring tools, pitch practice and peer feedback, and proven learning programs.

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Capture, transcribe & analyze sales team calls & meetings

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The Chorus Conversation Cloud is an AI-driven tool which is designed to capture and record every sales call and customer-facing meeting to analyze and provide insights. The cloud-based tool aims to help teams become more customer centric, data-driven, and maintain alignment across the organization.

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Conversation intelligence software for sales teams.

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Modjo provides an integrated, easy to use, cloud-based conversation intelligence software.

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Sales enablement built by salespeople, for salespeople.

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A top-performing sales enablement platform built by salespeople, for salespeople.

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Quality assurance solution for customer service and sales

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EvaluAgent is a cloud-based quality assurance solution for customer service and sales teams. It offers robust workflows for performance management. The platform unifies customer conversations, surveys, and agent performance data. EvaluAgent provides automated scoring for calls, emails, and chat.

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The #1 customer meeting platform for sales and success teams

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Demodesk is the #1 customer meeting platform for sales and success teams. We empower customer-facing reps to become top performers by guiding them in real-time, automating non-selling tasks and engaging customers on a whole new level.

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Inside Sales Box


Inside Sales Software

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InsideSalesBox is an all-in-one inside sales software to help business of any size accelerate their sales processes and consistently deliver predictable revenue

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Sales engagement and call tracking platform

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ringDNA is a cloud-based sales engagement platform designed to help Salesforce users manage leads, identify revenue-generating channels, and analyze performance. Features include lead prioritization, real-time recommendations, workflow automation, reporting, call monitoring, and transcription.

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Business presentation provider

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Brainshark is a sales readiness and enablement software provider that equips business with training, coaching & content authoring capabilities to improve sales

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Cloud-based sales enablement & productivity platform

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SalesHood is the leading sales enablement platform created to help companies improve sales productivity and revenue outcomes. The SalesHood Sales Enablement Platform helps companies get their teams teams on message, with the right coaching and content, at the right time.

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Professional business calling and routing for mobile devices

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All-cellular business phone solution offers professional call quality, conversation tracking, and CRM integration for iOS and Android devices

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Make employees the center of your business success

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Centrical is a SaaS-based platform for driving employee performance, learning and engagement. It combines advanced gamification, personalized microlearning and real-time performance management to ensure employees know their goals, know how to achieve them and are sustainably motivated to excel.

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Software for automating sales training

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Wonderwerk is data-based software for training sales personnel that allows companies to automate their workforce training. The software trains staff in a targeted manner that contributes to improvements of specific skills and facilitates knowledge certification.

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Accelerate Sales Growth with Conversations that Matter.

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Ciara is the world’s leading acceleration assistant for remote and inside sales teams. By providing unique deal insights and real-time guidance, it enables reps to drive deals forward and close more deals faster.

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Upland Altify


The OS for Revenue Teams

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Upland Altify is the Customer Revenue Optimization Company - Helping companies to generate value with every customer interaction to grow revenue.

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Data-driven sales acceleration platform for sales teams

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Qstream is a data-driven sales coaching and acceleration platform designed to increase and align the performance of sales teams within large enterprises

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Redhero Group


Goal-based learning tech for measuring & raising performance

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Redhero Group combines technology with marketing, sales and psychology intelligence to create engaging corporate learning experiences that heatmap employee skill, knowledge and performance levels in real time to move it and measure it against ambitious business goals, providing detailed ROI reports

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Digital content management

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SaleSphere is a cloud-based digital content management solution that helps enterprises manage product catalogs, and streamline marketing processes. It enables administrators to grant custom permissions to users, and sort through records to find specific results using the search functionality.

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Focus sales on small wins that lead to the big win.

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SetSail is the first Revenue Execution Platform. It identifies key buying signals, tracks them, and allows sales leaders to build programs that improve rep behaviors and increase attainment.

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An essential tool. Learning and engagement reinvented.

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WorkPlan Learning is the game changer for the modern workforce. Simple and intuitive by design, WorkPlan is configurable in hours rather than days. Build amazing content with quizzes, surveys, feedback and checklists to support workflows. Onboard, train, engage and track in WorkPlan Learning.

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