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Audit software provides organizations with the tools to carry out all types of audit (internal, external, operational, IT, supplier, and quality), from audit planning and scheduling, to field data collection, to the review and implementation of audit recommendations.

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Real-time SEO auditing, content tracking & change management

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Search engines don't care what your website looked like earlier this week when you ran that crawl. They're assessing how it looks right now.

Experience full situational awareness with ContentKing's unique Real-time SEO Auditing and Monitoring technology - Because search engines never sleep.

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ProcessGene GRC Software Suite


GRC solution designed for multi-subsidiary organizations

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The software solution establishes an automated workflow that reduces the time and cost of GRC efforts and eliminates manual labor, maintenance of multiple excel spreadsheets, etc. ProcessGene™'s GRC solution is designed for multi-subsidiary organizations, based on our Multi-Org technology.

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Cloud-based audit, risk and compliance management platform

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HighBond is a cloud-based GRC solution designed to help professionals streamline operations related to auditing, risk assessments, investigations, forensics, and more. The centralized dashboard provides executives with a real-time overview of potential risks and mitigation efforts.

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Operations Execution Software for Multi-Unit Operators

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Restaurants, convenience stores, and other retail chains use Zenput to see inside and improve the operations of every store. By making it easy to roll-out, track and enforce compliance with operating procedures and key initiatives, Zenput helps improve performance and exceed customer expectations.

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Environment, health, safety and quality management software

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Cority offers a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability , occupational health, safety and quality.

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Keep Improving

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BeepQuest is a robust & flexible B2B SaaS platform that enables an end-to-end continuous improvement strategy so any company can communicate, control, monitor and analyze their standards through a set of continuous improvement digital tools.

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Financial reporting, collaboration & compliance

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Wdesk helps control, monitor and understand business data, helping teams work smarter while improving productivity and accountability with better insights

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Mobile Task Management for Teams

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No-code task management software for distributed teams, with a mobile app for the frontline, and reporting dashboards for leaders. Assign work, receive proof of completion, and measure execution to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce risk, and increase competitive advantage.

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Intelligent Audit Management Software

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ECAT audit management software enables organisations to easily conduct accurate, and frequent audits. Helps to cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations and gain competitive edge. ECAT makes it easy to get a complete picture of the state or status and embed intelligence in processes.

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The digital workplace for your frontline teams

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Manage yout frontline team with an all-in-one digital workplace for task management, communication, and training.

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Digitalize your management

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UTrakk is an all-in-one digital tool for managers : task management, team collaboration, Gemba walks, KPI's, audit, and coaching.

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Digital inspections platform

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HappyCo's user-friendly suite of mobile and web/desktop apps digitize your team's paper-driven processes like inspections, audits and checklists.

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Field iD


Cloud based safety and compliance solution

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Field ID is a cloud based inspection & safety compliance management solution that ensures proper inspection of data and business assets

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus


Active Directory change audit and reporting software

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a change audit software that provides detailed reports for changes made in Windows Active Directory and real-time compliance audits

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ReachOut Suite


Cloud based field management software for SMBs

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ReachOut Suite provides field service managers and workers with a unified view of team activities as well as features for scheduling, information sharing & more

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GAT Labs


Auditing and security tool for Google Workspace and Chrome

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GAT Labs gives you all the information, for every user Drive, Calendar, Email & more, crunched into ‘1 click’ reports, with powerful overviews & multiple top views. It not only covers internal users’ files, but also files of users sharing into your domain. Any report you build can be scheduled.

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Clever Audit


Web-based tool for optimizing Google Ad campaigns

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Clever Audit is a free web-based software designed to help businesses optimize Google Ad campaigns through ready-to-use recommendations and tips. It lets advertisers manage device targeting by adjusting bids according to the performance of ads.

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Mobile friendly, web-based audit and inspection management

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EASE is a mobile friendly, web-based, layered process audit & inspection management solution for global automotive and aerospace manufacturers

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ProcessMAP EHS Platform


EHSQ solutions made Easy

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ProcessMAP was created on a simple vision - to help businesses overcome the complexities of managing their Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), and risk data.

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Franchise audit, collaboration and performance tools

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FranchiseBlast offers a full suite of franchise management solutions including the field audit application, benchmarking, collaboration tools, line-check application and project plans.

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Cloud-based audit and compliance management software

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Vanta is a cloud-based compliance management software designed to help businesses prepare SOC 2 audit reports. The platform lets managers create strategies to analyze enterprise risks, handle compliance operations, and store information about financial transactions in a centralized repository.

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Your Tool for Inspecting & Improving Quality

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RizePoint’s quality management software helps you proactively manage your quality and supplier programs. We’ve been working with companies across the globe for over 20 years to help them collect and analyze data to create meaningful reports, spots trends, and improve processes with the ultimate goal

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ERA EH&S Software


Advanced Automation for Environmental, Health & Safety.

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ERA EHS Software is a web-based compliance management solution that automates environmental, health & safety, sustainability, quality, and audit management. Advanced automation and KPIs drive efficient and cost-effective compliance. Designed by true environmental experts to deliver EHS compliance.

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Manufacturers, Operations, Plant Managers, Supervisors

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Platform supporting your daily operations control: audits, gemba walks, meetings structure, tasks, improvement.

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Integrated risk management platform for SMBs

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MyVCM by Ostendio is an integrated risk management platform designed to help SMBs operate their cybersecurity programs. MyVCM offers organizations the tools they need to perform security audits, manage incidents, establish security controls, configure risk alerts, and more.

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