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DeOnDe logo

Startups, Enterprises, Multi-Chain stores, SMEs

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DeonDe is an On Demand, Multi vendor Ordering and delivery solution for managing your Ordering and delivery startup, anywhere in the world.

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Onro logo

Lastmile delivery management software | courier software

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Onro, as a design-first delivery management software, provides a high-tech solution for companies who want to be more automated, reduce costs and have better control over the business.

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Everest logo

Delivery management platform with personalized notifications

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Everest allows delivery professionals to centralize all the logistics flows of a company within the same platform. The platform assists with dispatch, route optimization, and real-time tracking. It offers an application for iOS and Android devices, enabling drivers to streamline status management and collect proof of delivery. It offers a customizable client experience via personalized notifications.

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Antsroute  logo

Cloud-based software for route planning and optimization

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AntsRoute is a SaaS software for orders planning and route optimization. Developed by the French start-up Antsway, the interface helps companies to determine the best field service and delivery routes.

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nuVizz logo

AI route planning and delivery execution software

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nuDeliverIt platform provides AI based route planning, delivery orchestration, real time driver visibility and analytics for transportation network operations

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Simpliza logo

Cloud-based and on-premise food delivery solution

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Simpliza is a cloud-based and on-premise restaurant system created to automate and simplify the way of selling. It offers electronic command, PDV, digital menu, administrative, delivery with iFood integration, Omie + Simpliza integration, and integration with Goomer Go.

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Bringoz logo

Complex Logistics Made Simple

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Bringoz is a cloud-based delivery management platform, which assists shippers and carriers with route and dispatch management. Key features include shipment tracking, real-time monitoring, risk management, scheduling, permissions management, performance tracking, and resource allocation.

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ShipTrack logo

Track Anything, Anywhere (Real-Time Shipment Tracking)

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ShipTrack is a cloud based shipment tracking software that tracks the movement of goods worldwide while also sending notifications to vendors and customers.

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Logdio logo

Powerful mobile all in one solution for delivery management

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Powerful solution for delivery management and real-time tracking. Create optimised route easy and fast. No more spreadsheets, whiteboards and Google maps. Perfect for couriers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce, waste management, roadside assistance and many other areas

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Vexsys logo

Latin America's #1 Supply Chain Management Solution

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Vexsys is a tool for the technological management of logistics yards through integration with ERP, WSM, and TMS systems. It helps label the fleet and antennas in the strategic points of a loading area for real-time control over stages of logistics processes for companies.

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TargomoLOOP logo

Location Planning for Retail and Hospitality

learn more
Targomo offers businesses in retail, hospitality, instant & last-mile delivery, real estate and (e-)mobility an easy-to-use location intelligence platform to combine and analyze all branch-related data in a single tool: TargomoLOOP. The basic version is free of charge and plug-and-play.

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RoutEasy logo

Logistics tool for optimizing delivery and fulfillment tasks

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RoutEasy platform connects and digitizes the entire last mile ecosystem.

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DriverUp logo

Deliver More with Less

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DriverUp is a cloud-based TMS that provides businesses with an integrated platform for managing their logistics processes from end-to-end.

It enables transport companies to improve efficiencies by streamlining processes, reduces costs and increases revenue via automation of repetitive tasks.

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WooDelivery logo

Cloud-based delivery management software

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WooDelivery is the cutting-edge delivery & field service management solution for thousands of businesses across different industries including couriers, e-commerce, retail, food and beverage, laundry and more.

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GetSwift logo

Simple SaaS platform that streamlines your delivery business

learn more
GetSwift is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps businesses to streamline their dispatching, routing and delivery operations

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ExecuteWyse logo

Bring real-time visibility, and measure SLA compliance

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Mojro's ExecuteWyse brings ground intelligence to your fingertips for effective decisions and modifications based on real-time data.

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AllRide Apps logo

Smart Solutions for Transport & Delivery Businesses

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AllRide Apps provides smart applications for Transport & Delivery businesses to help them maximize operational efficiency with an optimal amount of automation, and AI-based predictive analysis and forecasting.

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PakLog logo

Original Package & Delivery Logging and Management Software

learn more
PakLog is a delivery management software for mail and parcel centers, private and corporate mailrooms, residential concierge and university housing associations. Supervisors can manage inbound deliveries, conduct audits, maintain records, and notify customers via texts or emails.

Organizations can send email announcements to recipients and collect proof of pickup via digital signatures.

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Posibolt logo

ERP Solution for Retail and Supply Chain Management Space

learn more
Posibolt is a retail POS and inventory management solution for multi-store and omnichannel operations.

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SmartRoutes logo

Streamline your entire delivery process with one platform.

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SmartRoutes is an end-to-end logistics planning and management platform. With SmartRoutes, logistics teams can plan routes, capture PODs, automate notifications and track fleets all from one platform.

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Intelligent Shipper logo

Shipping API software

learn more
Intelligent Shipper is a powerful cloud-based shipping API that is simple to deploy for carrier management, tracking, returns and reporting.

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Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM logo

Supply chain management suite

learn more
Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Cloud is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that offers distribution, manufacturing, inventory management and fleet management within a suite.

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Tecsys Elite logo

Integrated supply chain management platform

learn more
Tecsys Elite™ provides inventory visibility and control features for enterprise supply chains and high-volume markets with complex distribution operations.

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Roadcast logo

Advanced Tech based First to Last Mile Management Solution

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Roadcast's Unified portal for tracking offers companies a centralised hub to monitor and manage their fleet effectively. By integrating all the vendors involved, the platform provides real-time visibility into the location, status, and performance of each vehicle.

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Fleet logo

Fleet: Empowering Efficient Logistics and Transportation

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Fleet offers comprehensive software solutions for logistics and transportation management. Streamline your operations, optimize routes, track deliveries, and enhance customer satisfaction. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and drive growth with Fleet's innovative platform.

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