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Switchboard logo

Fleet management solution for trucking businesses

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Switchboard is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps trucking businesses streamline fleet and logistics operations. The platform enables users to maintain service logs with drivers’ working hours and change duty status to on-duty, driving, sleeper berth, or off-duty.

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myFulfillment logo


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myFulfillment allows you to manage your entire supply chain: your warehouses and stocks, order preparation and backorders.

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Pegasys logo

Trucking management system (TMS) for managing customers

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Pegasys is designed for small to mid-sized trucking companies that prefer a true web-based TMS that is very affordable and ever-growing.

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Allotrac  logo

Paperless job management.

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Allotrac is a cloud-based software company that specialises in workflow automation for businesses in transportation and logistics.

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LogistaaS logo

Cloud transport management system for freight forwarders

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Logistaas is a cloud transport management system. It is used by global, regional, and local freight forwarders in 70+ countries. It includes modules for CRM, Pricing, Shipments Management, Finance Management, Online Customer Portal, and Reports. It is integrated with INTTRA and eAWB platforms.

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Janis logo

Distributed order management (DOM) solution

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Janis is an omnichannel Distributed Order Manager (DOM), which combines the potential of OMS, WMS, and TMS systems in a powerful SaaS tool. We help companies to ensure Customer Experience (CX) from the first step in their operation.

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TracxTMS logo

Full-featured and customizable trucking & dispatch software

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Tracx TMS is a full-featured transportation management system with load planning, routing & dispatching, accounting, GPS, reporting, and equipment & maintenance

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Omnitracs logo

Fleet management solution for the transportation industry

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Omnitracs is a fleet management solution designed to help transportation businesses manage driver inspections, vehicle navigation, and staff communications. Users can collect data related to fuel taxes, driver behavior, and vehicle inspections to generate reports to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Abivin vRoute logo

Route optimization & transportation management solution

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vRoute is a cloud-based transportation management solution which enables end-to-end delivery management through dynamic route optimization, inventory management, and geo-tracking tools, and utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning to predict future actions from historical data

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Velocity Go logo

Strategic ally in the logistics of your eCommerce

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Integrated modular software for logistics management (WMS, OMS and TMS)

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Transmate logo

Streamline Your Logistics with Transmate

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Transmate is a cloud-based supply chain platform offering a TMS, freight management and procurement and invoice auditing capabilities.

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TrakIT logo

Web-based logistics & transportation management solution

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TrakIT is a cloud-based workflow management solution for logistics and supply chain management companies that are engaged in the transportation of goods

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RoutiGo logo

Fleet management software

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RoutiGo is a cloud-based shipping management software that helps businesses manage delivery planning, routing, tracking, and more. Its planning dashboard features algorithms that allows administrators to optimize routes and predict traffic duration.

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Stream logo

Logistics, transport & delivery management software

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Stream provides transportation management software for businesses wanting to manage deliveries/collections in their own fleet of vehicles more efficiently.

Deliver a better customer experience and make your transportation management operation more efficient with Stream.

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tiramizoo Last Mile Master logo

tiramizoo optimizes the last mile for you

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tiramizoo developed the Last Mile Master for the optimization of last-mile logistics. The SaaS platform was awarded multiple times.

With many practical features, it will simplify logistics processes for you and make you more efficient.

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FleetMaster logo

Optimize your business with FleetMaster

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FleetMaster is a complete business optimization solution that combines TMS (Transport Management System) and FMS (Fleet Management Solution) advanced features and helps clients get an immediate return on investment.

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LIVE Connect logo

Simplifying Freight Management

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Banyan Technology, the leading provider of freight management software for over-the-road (OTR) shipping, delivers real-time intel, actionable insights, and instant access to information to help drive greater operational efficiencies and cost savings for Shippers, 3PLs,
and supply chain partners.

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INControl logo

Your Control Centre

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A cloud-based Transport Management System (TMS) designed to revolutionise your operations, from booking to invoicing.

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Descartes MacroPoint logo

Freight and logistics management software

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Descartes MacroPoint is a freight and logistics management software that helps businesses monitor location, track shipment details, temperature monitoring, and more from within a unified platform. It allows supervisors to generate carrier scorecards and generate custom reports to monitor key performing indicators (KPIs).

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Uber Freight logo

TMS software that fits your business

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Powered by actionable data and insights, Uber Freight TMS is the all-in-one solution for planning, executing, and managing logistics operations across modes and regions.

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ShipperGuide TMS logo

Optimize freight with ShipperGuide, a NextGen TMS.

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Shippers, simplify your freight procurement by adopting a centralized solution. Discover competitive pricing and top-notch carriers, or leverage your own network for both contracted and spot lanes.

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Port TMS logo

Transportation Made Simple

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A seamless shipping cycle connects; shippers, operations, carriers, and management into one easy-to-use system. Best in class system for freight brokerage looking to grow their business.

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Magnus TMS logo

Transportation, Made Simple.

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A logistics solution provider focused on trucking companies. We provide an end-to-end TMS.

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Titanwinds TMS logo

Driver and transportation management for trucking industry

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Titanwinds TMS is a customizable transportation management product designed for the trucking industry which lets users view schedules online at any time. Businesses can use this solution to schedule drivers, coordinate logistics, track assets, and manage other daily operations.

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BeyondTrucks logo

Eliminate $9,700 per driver per year in hidden costs.

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BeyondTrucks is a business process automation platform that seamlessly connects operations, finances, and people.

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