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A modular transport management system for logistics firms

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PSItms supports postal and courier express parcel (CEP) companies with numerous functions for the planning, controlling, and billing of transport services, and enables the sustainable optimization of transport procedures. An annual software release ensures the program remains up to date.

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Real Time Value Network


Demand Driven Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

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The Real Time Value Network drives dramatic improvements in demand, supply, and logistics management by providing application functionality with a “single version of the truth”. It is the only technology that marries planning and execution processes based on actual demand and supply conditions.

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A software solution for transport and logistics companies

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SPEDIFIX is a software package that aims to simplify recurring transport business processes. With SPEDIFIX, all logistics company tasks can be displayed, organized, and adapted to the respective needs of each user.

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SaaS solution for logistics & transportation management tool

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Simacan is a SaaS solution for the transportation sector. It shares up-to-date information with all those involved in the delivery chain via the cloud, thus complementing TMS or FMS systems. It provides a smart navigation system for drivers, including Last Mile Guidance.

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Transportation management software for the logistics sector

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Synfioo is a transportation management software designed to help businesses in the logistics sector streamline the management of supply chain processes. It enables teams to combine and execute various transportation processes in coordination with one another on a unified interface.

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Transport management software for logistics businesses

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WinSped is a transportation management software designed to help businesses in the logistics industry manage various administrative tasks. Companies can choose from a broad range of modules according to custom requirements.

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