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simPRO eForms

Mobile electronic form management for trade contractors

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simPRO eForms Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

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What is simPRO eForms?

simPRO eFORMS is a cloud-based electronic forms management solution which can be integrated with other simPRO solutions, including Enterprise and Service. The software can be used to digitize existing forms, create custom forms, capture photos, signature, and drawings, electronically submit and store completed forms, and more.

Key benefits of using simPRO eForms

  • Forms can be accessed and filled in from any mobile device, with the ability to download forms for access offline, and pre-filling of fields with data from connected simPRO Enterprise or Service accounts.

  • The eForms designer allows users to recreate their existing paper forms with custom fields and a range of form elements.

  • Completed forms can be attached to simPRO quotes or jobs, and to emails.

  • Drawings, photos, and signatures can be captured through the mobile apps and attached to forms.

  • Forms can be submitted directly from the field through the eForms portal and are stored in the cloud, allowing users to access submitted forms at any time.
  • Typical customers

    Small businesses
    Mid size businesses
    Large enterprises

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    Support options

    Email/Help Desk
    Phone Support
    Knowledge Base

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    Electronic Signature
    Web Forms
    Customizable Fields
    Offline Access
    Forms Management
    Customizable Forms

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    • Features
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    • Likelihood to recommend4/10

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    Worthy simPRO Add-On

    Reviewed 2 months ago

    Overall, our experience of eForms has been good. I believe the system requires some refining and additions to make it intuitive but has great potential and works seamlessly with simPRO Enterprise.


    eForms allows us to store all our important forms in one place and provides our engineers with instant access to all necessary forms on site. It works seamlessly with our simPRO Enterprise software, automatically inputting customer information and sending completed forms directly to the associated job. The electronic signature feature allows our engineers to capture both engineer and customer signatures when required. This is an important feature to ensure validation of our forms on site.


    The initial set up of each form on the system is very time consuming. The formatting capabilities are not the most intuitive, therefore it takes a lot of time to align boxes and format the template. The system is also restrictive with landscape forms, only allowing portrait forms to be inputted. This is an important requirement for our company, as many industry standard forms are formatted in landscape.

    simPRO eForms FAQs and common questions

    Q. What type of pricing plans does simPRO eForms offer?

    simPRO eForms has the following pricing plans:
    Starting from: $14.00

    Q. Who are the typical users of simPRO eForms?

    simPRO eForms has the following typical customers:
    Mid Size Business, Small Business

    Q. What languages does simPRO eForms support?

    simPRO eForms supports the following languages:

    Q. Does simPRO eForms support mobile devices?

    simPRO eForms supports the following devices:
    Android, iPad, iPhone

    Q. Does simPRO eForms offer an API?

    No, simPRO eForms does not have an API available.

    Q. What level of support does simPRO eForms offer?

    simPRO eForms offers the following support options:
    Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base

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