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SAP Business ByDesign


Cloud ERP solution for small and medium sized businesses

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Open Source
Self-Service User: $19.00 per user per month Core User: $106 per user per month Advanced User: $192 per user per month Base package can be purchased for $1,607 per month

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Cloud Unified Commerce Platform

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Open Source
Annual subscriptions.

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License-free business software: customizable & updatable

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Open Source
metasfresh ERP gives you the maximum freedom of choice by letting you pick the way you want to run, host, support and extend your own ERP system. You can either self-host and self-support it, pick a hosting option from us or have a professional partner deliver you a turnkey solution. It's your choice – because it's your ERP! Self-Hosted: FREE forever (All Features + Releases). Cloud-Hosted: €24/month per user* (All features, cloud-hosted, regular releases, automatic updates, enterprise support). *Price plus VAT. Subscriptions can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

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