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Hoist Gift Card Manager logo

Givito, gift card, gift card solution, voucher, redeem card

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Gift card solution that helps hotels of all sizes protect and generate new revenue.

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Language Weaver logo

Your app's content, in any language, right away

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Language Weaver is a translation-as-a-service platform that is revolutionizing translation by making multilingual content capabilities easily accessible to every industry and for every use case imaginable.

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Shop-Script logo

Shopping cart software

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Shop-Script is a special engine and CMS for creating full-fledged online stores, available both as a cloud service and as PHP scripts for installation on hosting.

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Voila logo

SaaS & on-premise shopping cart system for eCommerce firms

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Voila boosts cart conversions and sales with coupons on carts and is available in English, French, German, and Spanish. It targets e-commerce firms and shop owners who want to show vouchers on Shopify’s cart page or drawer. Key features include coupon management and average order value.

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Content Shelf logo

Shopping cart and eCommerce solution

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Content Shelf is a shopping cart solution designed to help businesses sell digital content, services, subscriptions, gift cards, and tangible products. It is ideal for eCommerce businesses that deal in digital products and downloads.

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Integral logo

Cloud-based direct selling platform

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Integral, hosted with Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-based platform that supports businesses across several different industries. The software helps recruit, develop, and retain field sales force on a unified platform.

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Users also considered logo

Content commerce solution for online retailers and brands

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Integrate a shopping cart with your own online magazine and design a comfortable shopping experience directly from your content.

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Voma logo

Cloud-based checkout platform

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Voma is a cloud-based platform that offers checkout pages, where businesses can easily sell products, subscriptions, order bumps, and make upsells.

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GESIO logo

Billing, warehousing, CRM & online store

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Billing, Warehousing, CRM, Online Store

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Mercatus logo

End-to-End Integrated eCommerce Grocery Solution

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Mercatus is an eCommerce software that provides businesses with tools to manage and facilitate digital engagement, personalization, and digital advertising on a centralized platform.

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4Shop logo

Ecommerce platform, everything ready to start selling

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4Shop is an ecommerce platform where business owners or any ecommerce entrepreneur can create their online store.

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Your Online Shop logo

Open Source Modern E-commerce

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Your Online Shop is an Open source e-commerce solution with modern technologies for store web site, catalog edition & online purchasing.

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MealMe logo

MealMe embeds commerce into any website or app

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MealMe's core approach is to offer technology via APIs and SDKs that are easily integrated into any platform. This Data Suite provides point of interest data with depth and quality. MealMe's Ordering Suite gives companies the ability to embed checkout for 100M+ products from 1M+ stores.

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50ecom logo

Integrating Sage 50 accounts and ecommerce solutions

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50ecom is an innovative platform designed to streamline business operations by integrating Sage 50 accounts with a comprehensive ecommerce solution.

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Papertrell logo

Online platform for selling digital products

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PaperTrell is a digital platform that enables creators and businesses to sell various digital products, including e ebooks, audiobooks, comics, music, videos, and online courses. The integrated feature-rich digital library ensures that customers can experience your products instantly after purchase.

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SolidShops logo

Hosted e-commerce software for web designers

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SolidShops is a hosted e-commerce CMS, that will allow you to stop monkeying around and focus more on building stores instead.

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FinestShops logo

ecommerce management company

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FinestShops manages your online store and server like your own dedicated IT department so you and your staff can concentrate on growing your sales and serving your customers.

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Reach logo

Global eCommerce acceleration platform

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Reach, formerly GoInterpay, is a global payment platform designed to help eCommerce businesses reach new markets worldwide. Reach offers users features such as local payment processing, industry specialists, fraud prevention, compliance management, and more.

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Neustar UltraDNS logo

Cloud-based marketing, IT security & data services

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Neustar UltraDNS is a DNS management solution designed to help businesses increase reliability, security and performance. It ensures network uptime, improves web traffic, and provides protection from growing online threats.

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Phemium logo

Telemedicine platform

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Phemium is the software platform that allows you to design and implement your telemedicine project (teleconsultation, telecare, interconsultation, telediagnosis or telemonitoring, among others) adapted to your service needs and in a personalized way.

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Xpresslane logo

Cloud-based solution for shopping cart checkouts

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Xpresslane is an online checkout platform that streamlines the shopping experience with one-click universal checkout. It allows shoppers to complete purchases by reducing steps, page load times, data entry fields, and clicks. It encrypts all login and financial details for secure transactions without having to input information repeatedly.

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Sharpei logo

Shopping cart management software

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Sharpei is a shopping cart management software that helps retailers implement rental and subscriptions of products directly through checkout. Sharpei lets stakeholders integrate the system with all tech stacks and allows managers to launch the new business or business line in real-time. Sharpei lets stakeholders extend reach to physical sales channels through self-check-in kiosks and a POS interface.

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