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App4Legal logo



Practice with innovation

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Are you looking to increase the efficiency of your legal practice and to improve the collaboration within the legal team in a "do more with less" Agile way?

App4Legal is a comprehensive Suite of Legal Practice Management & Contract Lifecycle Management Software, highly modular & customizable.

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TeamConnect logo



Enterprise legal management software

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The #1 most widely-used and sophisticated matter management and eBilling software, delivered to the most complex legal teams around the world. TeamConnect is the proven end-to-end ELM platform for Legal Operations to deliver more efficient legal services to the rest of the organization, combining ma

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Clio logo



Cloud-based legal practice management software

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Ranked #1, Clio is the leading law practice management software used by over 150,000 lawyers and with the most 5-star reviews. The only legal software with 1,500+ reviews on Capterra.

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that lets you manage your law firm securely from anywhere

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Checkbox logo



Automate expert processes and services using no-code

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Automate expert processes of document generation, workflow and decision making using a simple no-code, drag & drop builder.

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Centerbase logo



Manage and grow your firm - through a single platform

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From your client’s first website visit to their final bill - we power your firm every step of the way

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HighQ logo



Moving legal processes forward.

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From document management to workflow automation, HighQ has the tools you need to strengthen and streamline the way you work.

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eCounsel logo



Cloud-based legal management software

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Miratech's eCounsel suite is a cloud-based legal management software designed to help mid-size corporations reduce legal spending, automate manual administrative tasks, and consolidate all legal information via a unified portal. The platform ensures that legal departments can manage day-to-day processes with intuitive matter management, comprehensive spend management, a powerful legal analysis center, and corporate entity management through Secretariat.

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Acuity ELM logo

Acuity ELM


Software for managing legal firms and clients

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Acuity is a cloud-based software designed to help law firms, legal departments, and corporate counsels manage legal eBilling, matter management, reporting, analytics, collaboration, and other operations via a unified portal.

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Xakia  logo



Xakia - matter management software for in-house legal teams.

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Xakia is a legal management system that centralizes all Legal Department information in one place. Legal teams around the world rely on Xakia to streamline legal intake, automate dashboards and reporting, and gain holistic insight into the legal team’s workload – wherever they may be working.

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Neos logo



Top-Rated Cloud-Based Legal Case Management Software

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Neos is the reimagined cloud-based case management solution that makes enterprise legal management easier. Top law firms trust Neos to optimize workflows and maximize their bottom line. Enjoy increased productivity, efficiency, and collaboration from anywhere. Try it and you'll never look back!

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CaseFox logo



Web-based legal billing software for lawyers, CPAs, & more

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CaseFox is a web-based timekeeping, legal billing, trust accounting, calendaring, and case management software for attorneys, CPAs and other legal professionals

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Litify logo



End-to-end practice management & legal operating platform

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Litify is the end-to-end legal operating platform designed to break down silos within your legal team and with your clients. Our industry-leading platform includes customizable matter plans and intake questionnaires, a full suite of timekeeping and billing products, and native document management.

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Legitigant Billing Management logo

Legitigant Billing Management


Cloud-based legal billing software.

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Legitigant is a user-friendly cloud based software that handles billing for small to mid-size law offices. Legitigant automates the tracking and accounting of all of your firm's billable activities.

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Genie AI logo

Genie AI


Open source the law.

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An open-source legal platform empowering everyone to draft legal agreements. 1600+ free-to-use market-standard templates are built with fair clauses to reduce negotiation and legal bills by up to 80%. Proprietary AI insights come from expert legal knowledge and a database of millions of contracts.

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Legal Files logo

Legal Files


Legal case and matter management software

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Legal Files legal case & matter management is ideal for corporations, universities, governmental agencies and insurance companies.

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CasePacer logo



Personal injury case management software.

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CasePacer is a personal injury case management software that helps law firms streamline operations related to document creation, time tracking, billing, and more. It enables staff members to create a case database with details, including medical evaluations, economic loss, and insurance.

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ContractPodAi logo



The Best Legal Platform

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ContractPodAi® Cloud provides corporate legal and non-legal users complete visibility, command, and control over the entire legal lifecycle of the business. The One Legal Platform allows you to handle multiple use cases and nearly every legal challenge.

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Traact logo



SaaS-based Platform To Simplify Legal Operations

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Traact is a cloud-based platform that provides streamlined and efficient legal operations solutions by automating unbillable admin tasks. It helps law firms and legal professional automate contract management, permit & license, dispute & litigation, entity management, etc.

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Complinity Compliance Software logo

Complinity Compliance Software


India's Leading Compliance Software

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Complinity helps you digitize all the information related to a case or a notice and automates processes like generating reports and sending email alerts.

* Maintain legal cases and notices in a digital repository with soft copies of docs.

*Track Litigation and Notice status on real time dashboard

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Legal Track logo

Legal Track


Legal case management for corporate legal departments

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Legal Track is a legal case or matter management solution which helps in-house counsel members of corporate legal departments manage documents & contracts, track emails & delegate tasks all from a single platform. Legal Track is built inside Microsoft Outlook & supports e-billing capabilities.

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Contentverse logo



You're never far from everything you need.

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Contentverse is your all-in-one content and business process management solution. Easily upload files and find them when you need them. Securely share documents with colleagues and external parties. And run processes to collaborate with your remote team. You're never far from everything you need.

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Synergee logo



Commercial networks management solution.

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Synergee is cloud-based commercial networks and animation management software.

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Task, project, data and document management platform

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ENSPACE is a software tool that caters to businesses across a range of industries. With a wide array of features, such as data management, project management, workflow automation, financial management, and task management, ENSPACE is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize business processes.

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Legisway logo



SaaS cloud solution for management of legal documents.

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Legisway is a cloud-based software for the centralized management of corporate legal information. The platform tracks legal documentation, such as contract lifecycles. It also authorizes access, automates tasks, and generates alerts, reports, and activity charts.

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Legal Suite logo

Legal Suite


Leading global provider of Enterprise Legal Technology®

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GaLexy is a cloud-based enterprise legal management software which enables legal departments of all sizes to manage contracts, documents & legal spending

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