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Zuddl logo

Build, measure, automate and iterate on event programs.

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Zuddl is a preferred event platform for CMOs, Demand Gen leaders, Field Marketers, and Customer marketers at B2B Enterprises and SMBs globally.

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Watchity logo

We Boost Video Engagement

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Watchity is the comprehensive video content solution for creating professional-looking videos and online events with an excellent visual and interactive experience to help you drive engagement, stand out the brand, and improve results.

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Mext logo

All-in-one B2B Metaverse Platform

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Mext is a comprehensive platform that brings together various features and capabilities to facilitate the creation, management, and engagement of a metaverse. With Mext, professionals can unlock the potential of the metaverse and Web3 era, transforming their marketing approaches.

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vystem logo

All-in-one platform for digital, hybrid and offline events

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vystem is an all-in-one platform for digital, hybrid or in-person events. Users can design their events with their own CI.

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Jumbo logo

Own Your Audience

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We are the most customizable, extendable platform on the market that offers unbeatable white glove service for every customer.

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Ticketing Suite logo

Simple, fully managed ticketing

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Maximize your event’s potential with Univents' managed ticketing suite. Tailored for seamless integration, our platform ensures a smooth experience for both organizers and attendees, handling everything from ticketing to real-time analytics.

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ecosero logo

Simple. Effective. Secure. Clever - made in Berlin

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Quick and easy to secure hybrid events. Best suited for online & hybrid events:
Unlimited number of speakers
Multi-user whiteboard best suited for hybrid event collaboration
-Screen sharing & document exchange in virtual space
-Break-out rooms
-landing page as market
-learning analytics dashboard

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Virtual Days logo

Virtual Days - Sustainable meetings and Events

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We are a Virtual Event Platform that enables your business to:

Attract a global audience
Engage that audience in a unique and interactive way
Convert interest into action
Measure the ROI of every activity

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Happenee logo

Virtual & hybrid event platform focused on lead generation

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Happenee is a virtual & hybrid event platform focused on lead generation and B2B networking with awesome 3D environment and production services.

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IMS Event & Video Streaming Platform logo

Event management and conferencing software

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A browser-based system to create and manage events, video portals, virtual booths, and real-time videoconferencing via live, hybrid, and online, high quality servers, worldwide.

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Hubb logo

Platform for managing virtual, hybrid, or in-person events

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Hubb is an event management software designed to help associations, trade show organizers and corporations plan, build, host, and handle virtual, hybrid, or in-person events using various back-end tools. Attendees can build custom schedules, set up meetings & chat privately with other participants.

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TWST Events logo

Full-service, and flexible, event production tools

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We develop the most evolved, and highly integrated event production tools for corporate conferences, meetings, and incentive programs. Deliver a full-function, meeting-planning solution. Incorporate event marketing, event planning, online registration, and on-site and post-event tools.

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LIVVE logo

Studio-Grade Shows...Created by You

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Studio-Grade Shows...Created by You

There is no quicker, easier or cheaper way to deliver stunning virtual events.

Livve reduces virtual event production time and costs by 80%.

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Webevents-app logo

Complete solution for virtual and hybrid events

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Webevents-app is a complete solution for creating virtual or hybrid events. Fully customizable, whitelabel and adapted to high volume's events.

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Jugo logo

Visuals that enhance the meeting experience

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Jugo offers purposeful immersion by bringing together individuals from around the world in a digital meeting environment.

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Performedia logo

Virtual and Hybrid Event Services

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We offer seamless functionality like integration with an event registration system, webcast attendee ability to record video questions, on-site A/V and video capture, and seamless integration of remote speakers into hybrid events.

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Fanomena Events logo

Customer engagement software for event organizers

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Fanomena Events is a customer engagement software designed to help event organizers share personalized content with the audience to boost brand awareness. Administrators can create a personalized digital sponsoring platform to display advertisements and share unique content.

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movingimage Virtual Events logo

Virtual and hybrid event video platform.

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Virtual Events is a cloud-based, all-in-one event platform that provides everything you need to host and manage an effective virtual or hybrid event in minutes.

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Kommunity logo

Community-focused social event platform

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Kommunity is a community-focused social event platform to grow communities locally and internationally, organize events easily and communicate with its members within one place.

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trember logo

Virtual and hybrid event platform

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trember revolutionises how people interact at virtual or hybrid events while allowing to create meaningful connections. Now, one can excite, immerse, and emotionally engage guests with trember all-in-one platform.

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Imagina logo

The favourite solution for event organisers

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The Imagina application is THE solution for your BtoB and BtoC events. It can be adapted and modulated according to your needs to meet your objectives. You benefit from personalized support from a dedicated project manager.

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AnyRoad logo

Make every experience count.

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AnyRoad is the leading Experience Relationship Management (ERM) platform enabling brands to measure, scale, and implement their experiential programs.

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MEETYOO Pro logo

Holistic platform for hybrid and virtual events.

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MEETYOO Pro is a web-based platform for the implementation of hybrid and virtual events with up to 50,000 participants. The software enables the creation of customizable digital environments to bring products, brand messages, and sponsors to the target group.

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JUNO logo

Engagement. Events. Learning. Community.

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JUNO is a cloud-based platform that educates and connects people in a single destination SAAS community platform.

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EventsWallet logo

Platform for successful online, offline, and hybrid events

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EventsWallet is an end-to-end event management software for offline, online, and hybrid events. The platform allows expo and conference organizers to run an effective event by keeping the audience engaged with easy-to-use event management and communication web and app tools.

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