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Wequity logo

AI questionnaire assistant

learn more
Wequity is a cloud-based software that utilizes artificial intelligence to simplify the process of populating and evaluating ESG/Compliance/RFP disclosure fields and queries. This is facilitated through a web dashboard and a plug-in interface. Users can upload source documents in various formats, such as web pages, PDFs, and spreadsheets. AI then delivers the necessary information for the disclosure fields, along with the sources and reasoning.

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Mr Wolf  logo

Customer support automation with machine learning & NLP

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Mr Wolf is a customer support automation system with machine learning and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technology which supports the automation of business processes such as customer service, sales, accounting, finance, logistics, or IT

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IBM Watson Knowledge Studio logo

Learns the language of your domain.

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IBM Watson Knowledge Studio is a cloud-based machine learning solution that helps with knowledge management using natural language processing, and provides features such as natural language understanding, model evaluation, collaborative environment, model deployment, annotation, and model development.

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Amenity Analytics logo

Natural language processing software for the finance sector

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Amenity Analytics is a natural language processing software designed to help businesses in the finance and insurance sector transform data into actionable insights. It offers a key drivers module, which enables administrators to identify emerging risks and analyze the company's health.

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ConverSight logo

Actionable insights. Instantly. Anywhere.

learn more’s AI assistant, ATHENA, connects distributed databases (ERPs and CRMs), delivering on-demand insights to direct your next move through 3 key functions:

1.) Real-Time Information Extraction
2.) Proactive Recommendations, and
3.) Automated Actions.

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Fluent Find logo

NLP-enabled search tool

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Highly accurate, enterprise grade intent based search. Focus on the intent of the question not key words.

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AgentX logo

Make AI Work For You

learn more
1. Build GPT for your business at AgentX and publish on your website

2. Open enterprise accounts for the whole company to access premium AI text, image, video models and customized AI agent

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CoreNLP logo

Natural language processing tool to conduct text analysis

learn more
CoreNLP is a natural language processing (NLP) platform designed to help organizations extract and analyze data from business documents. It enables IT teams to sort unstructured data as per business requirements, handle content tokenization and sentence segmentation operations, and analyze text sentiments.

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Voci logo

Speech analytics software with event-level metadata

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Voci is a cloud-based and on-premise speech analytics software designed to help businesses gain insights into voice data using AI technology and deep learning algorithms. It lets teams transcribe large volumes of audio into analyzable text via high-speed DDR4 SDRAMs.

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M47AI logo

AI-enabled data annotation platform

learn more
Manage your workforce and data labeling projects efficiently with our AI Data Annotation Platform that provides intelligent NLP annotation tools, team collaboration features and Intelligent Automation.

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Revenue AI logo

PaaS and virtual Center of Excellence for Revenue Management

learn more
Cloud-based revenue management solution that provides actionable recommendations to optimize product portfolio and pricing/promo strategy to build profit margin and maximize ROI for CPG, Retail, Life Science, Medicine, and other sectors. The platform provides various features such as pricing management, strategy recommendations, notifications/alerts, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive modeling.

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MealMe logo

MealMe embeds commerce into any website or app

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MealMe's core approach is to offer technology via APIs and SDKs that are easily integrated into any platform. This Data Suite provides point of interest data with depth and quality. MealMe's Ordering Suite gives companies the ability to embed checkout for 100M+ products from 1M+ stores.

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FutureAnalytica logo

Achieve visible ROI in weeks, not in years!

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An automated no-code AI platform that enables end-to-end data science and AI for the organization and provides value across different departments

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SmartRoby logo

SmartRoby, your Automation Governance Platform

learn more
Unlock the full potential of automation with SmartRoby,
a comprehensive governance platform that revolutionizes the way you manage, plan, and execute automated processes

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MeaningCloud logo

Text analytics & natural language processing (NLP) software

learn more
MeaningCloud is a text analytics software designed to help businesses across publishing, banking, insurance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries gain data insights into unstructured information sources. It enables employees to extract data from various document types.

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Bubble Chat logo

Natural language processing software

learn more
Bubble Chat is an NLP solution for communication between companies and clients as it makes the interaction easy and a lot more efficient.

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Websays logo

Cloud-based social listing and customer insights platform

learn more
Websays is a cloud-based social listening platform that lets businesses monitor social presence via alerts, interaction analysis, comparisons, reports, and more.

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GenieAI logo

GenieAI converts language-to-SQL reach data insights

learn more
GenieAI converts language-to-SQL helping teams reach data insights in minutes.

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Cognitive Workbench logo

AI-enabled data extraction and mining software

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Cognitive Workbench is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform designed to help businesses in industries such as healthcare, mobility, insurance, and others streamline text mining processes using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms.

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Stratifyd logo

Augmented intelligence (AI) and data analytics platform

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Stratifyd is an augmented intelligence and data analytics platform which helps businesses collect, analyze, and visualize unstructured and structured customer data in real-time. Using the AI-enabled speech analytics solution, customer care representatives can develop transcripts of call recordings.

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Veritone Automate Studio logo

(AI)-enabled robotic process automation software

learn more
Veritone Automate Studio is a robotic process automation software designed to help organizations create and deploy artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled workflows via a unified platform. IT teams can use the application to conduct sentiment analysis and transform audio, video, and textual data into actionable intelligence.

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Khoros Flow logo

Conversational AI for support and marketing.

learn more
Khoros Flow is a cloud-based chatbot solution which provides features such as automated responses, intent recognition, natural language processing, code-free development, and automated routing.

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NovaceneAI Platform logo

AI-as-a-service for business and technical teams

learn more
The NovaceneAI Platform provides a web-based interface as well as a flexible API. Algorithms can be applied to the data via the UI or programmatically, enabling business users apply AI with ease, and allows engineers to add inference capabilities quickly into ETL pipelines.

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