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CentrixOne logo

CentrixOne all in one CRM - Simple, Intuitive Affordable

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With CentrixOne you get contact management, account management, pipeline management, document management, email marketing, and marketing automation all under the same friendly interface. Your CRM data is in Canada. Support and training is available in both English and French.

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SAP Marketing Cloud logo

Multi-channel marketing software with customer segmentation

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SAP Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses streamline operations related to lead generation, campaign planning, predictive analytics, and more. Marketing professionals can create and distribute personalized campaigns across multiple channels.

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Kawchi logo

Web-based small business CRM solution

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Kawchi is a small business CRM solution that offers multiple solutions in one place including project management, CRM, and contacts to improve productivity.

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LeadSigma logo

Better lead management, higher conversions

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LeadSigma aggregates leads from any source for any location into a unified platform, allowing users to use automations to engage their prospects via text message, phone, and email to increase conversion rates.

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Sell more. Spend less.

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Concise predictive and prescriptive insights that help you sell more. Data-driven sales forecasting, optimization and planning.

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Better Agency logo

Comprehensive CRM solution for insurance agencies

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Better Agency is an insurance CRM software designed to help P/C agents manage service requests, follow up with prospects, and communicate with claimants for renewals. It lets users automate campaigns via emails, texts, and notifications that are sent to clients, prospects, and other team members.

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AgentCubed logo

Lead management and CRM solution for insurance businesses

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AgentCubed is a cloud-based solution designed to help insurance businesses manage leads and distribution, customer relationships, workflows automation, and more. The platform enables agents to quote on/off-exchange products, calculate premiums, compare policies, and submit applications.

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Infor CRM logo

Account-centric CRM for sales, marketing & customer service

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Infor CRM - formerly SalesLogix - provides a single platform to drive customer interaction and improve customer relationships and experiences. The software combines a range of multi-departmental functions such as marketing, sales, service, resource, and lead management features.

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Neon Fundraise logo

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Take Your Mission to New Heights

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Amplify fundraising, engage donors, and boost participation - your toolkit for peer-to-peer, virtual events, campaigns, and donations.

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Skyone logo

In-browser app management platform

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SkyOne is an in-browser app management platform which enables users to access, manage, & use all of their business apps in one place. The app gives users a single place to use their email, build & update their website, store all their files, keep track of their projects, & more.

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UPilot logo

Customer Relationship Management solution for SMBs

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UPilot is a cloud-based sales CRM platform that helps small to mid-sized businesses with real-time insights, personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, productivity add-ons and more. The solution lets users manage sales cycles and engage customers.

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MonsterConnect logo

Sales enablement solution to streamline lead generation

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MonsterConnect is a sales enablement solution that helps B2B organizations manage leads and engage with prospects through integration with multiple sales and marketing tools. Key features include call routing, analytics, and reporting.

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Heeros PSA logo

All-in-one professional service automation platform

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The professional service automation platform that simplifies the way businesses are run and grown.

It has all: project and resource management, sales, profitability monitoring and more.

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be.astCRM logo

StartUps Medium-sized businesses Corporations

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be.astCRM allows your sales department to perform what it's supposed to do - sell. Accomplish all sales steps in one system.

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Interakt logo

Supercharged Customer Engagement and Support platform.

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Interakt is an All-In-One Customer Engagement and Support platform, which lets convert leads to paying customers with powerful marketing automation applications

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LionO360 CRM logo

Cloud-based CRM solution for small to midsize businesses

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We help growing businesses increase sales, improve customer relationships, and grow with our cloud-based CRM, FSM, and ERP business platforms. Visit our offices in New Jersey or our website and see a demo for our incredibly powerful business management software, LionO360.

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ConnectAndSell logo

Delivering live conversations with inbound leads, on demand.

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Respond to 100% of inbound leads within 5 minutes, producing a huge increase in quality conversations per day. Patented combination of technology and services.

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Element451  logo

Cloud-based admission marketing management software

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Element451 helps educational institutions identify, engage, recruit, and convert prospects into enrollments. The drag-and-drop interface enables organizations to design personalized landing pages, forms, and social feeds with custom logos, colors, themes, call-to-action, and other attributes.

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Simpliza logo

Cloud-based and on-premise food delivery solution

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Simpliza is a cloud-based and on-premise restaurant system created to automate and simplify the way of selling. It offers electronic command, PDV, digital menu, administrative, delivery with iFood integration, Omie + Simpliza integration, and integration with Goomer Go.

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WakeUpSales logo

Smart Cloud CRM Tool

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Wakeupsales CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management tool to streamline your sales activities like lead management, lead capture, reporting and analytics, task planning, project management, email tracking, goal management, invoice management, and more to improve productivity.

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Pega CRM logo

Innovative technology, proven results

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Pega is a customer relationship management and customer experience application designed by PegaSystems® Inc to help maximise your customer retention and customer acquisition levels. The Pega CRM software allows you to input live data into the web based application which in turn analyzes information and produces real-time reports. The entire CRM system is optimized for mobile devices, making it ideal for editing, creating and reporting on the go.

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SmartOffice logo

Enhancing sales via smart reports & marketing.

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SmartOffice is an agency practice management and enterprise CRM solution. It is trusted across the financial services industry to help improve marketing efforts, provide valuable reporting capabilities, and increase sales revenue.

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PersistIQ logo

Smart drip campaigns for outbound sales

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PersistIQ is a cloud-based outbound sales platform that helps sales teams to improve their email campaigns with automation tools & analytics.

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Stames logo

Cloud-based customer service & team communication S

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Stames connects teams to customers and helps businesses monitor, track, integrate & respond to the needs of their customers effectively & effortlessly.

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Accon logo

Enterprise Resource Planning solution

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Accon is a complete ERP that offers features such as accounting, CRM, warehouse management, sales, HHRR, purchases, manufacturing, project management and more.

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