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AI tool to match startups with corporations

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What is is a startup discovery platform designed for corporations, investors and accelerators to help them find high-potential startups for collaborative projects and investment in new ventures. The cloud-based software uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to create a real-time list of partnerships, potential corporations and investments, and locates the most suitable startups in a particular location and sector for early stage progress. For investors, Valuer helps in increasing visibility and makes the vetting process for potential investments easier, with automated pre-screening of potential collaborators. Each startup is evaluated through internal and external sources and key stats are presented to users such as location, funding, number of employees, and more.

Valuer has a global network of more than 2900 human sensors across more than 100 technological hubs. A team of qualified journalists is assigned to interview each startup to extract meaning and relevant insights on technology, value propositions, company performance and team structures. All data collected through qualitative research is presented on the Valuer platform via The Content Deck.


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• Based on the attributes and capabilities required by a corporation or an investor, Valuer utilizes a repository of data and AI methods to stimulate the process of screening a startup and presents users with potential matches.

• After screening startups, Valuer automatically finds the most suitable ones that meet specific needs of the corporation or investors.

• provides regular real-time updates along with crawled statistics, investment information and news.

• Valuer constructs its business analysis using quantitative and qualitative data to compose a much more vivid summary of a company in a meaningful format.

• Content Decks provide users with an overview of key startup business stats such as location, founding date, funding, number of employees, and more.