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What is Wellspring for Tech Scouting?

Wellspring Scout is a cloud-based innovation search engine that utilizes artificial intelligence and full text search to gather and present data from thousands of data sources across the web, in order to provide insight into the global Knowledge Supply Chain and competitors within the market. Designed specifically for tech scouting and open innovation teams, Wellspring Scout allows users to search and access a global interface to discover data including early-stage research, start-up investment opportunities, and market trends, which allows users to develop a competitive landscape.

The comprehensive search functionality within WellSpring Scout allows businesses to search the in-built database of innovation in order to gather information from research programs, articles, patents, blogs, and more. The results can be filtered by parameters such as category, year of publication, country, organization type, company, and more in order to find more specific results. WellSpring Scout also facilitates data visualization which allows users to gain insight, in a visual way, into which organizations are collaborating with others and which organizations are most active in the industry. The platform also provides visual analytics to illustrate trends within industries, popular innovation types, and more.


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- Scan the largest and most comprehensive database of innovation with over 150M+ records from a single interface
- Gather landscape insights with industry and research network visualizations and discover which researchers, companies, and institutions are most active
- View the complete technology and innovation portfolios of companies, research institutions, universities, and startups to find the right partners for collaboration
- Use Maturity Trend Graphs to see which technology areas are trending toward maturity, and compare the differential contributions of industry and academia over time.
- Analyze the impact and activity of other organizations in your industry and identify emerging threats in any technology space