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Crowdicity overview

Crowdicity is an idea management solution that integrates within existing organizational practice, leveraging familiar social tools for engaging people. Businesses can seamlessly gather the ideas, thoughts and feedback of anyone at any level, at any time with a view to improving services. Set certain questions to provoke a barrage of solutions or advice on key decisions, using Crowdicity’s unique challenge management feature. Sift, sort and evaluate responses in real time, while providing collaborative capabilities for a truly crowd sourced approach to connecting everybody. Run multiple challenges assigned to different business owners, set inducement competitions to capture top concepts and raise timed challenges targeting custom user groups.

The innovation stage manager serves challenges through a number of “stages” and “gates”, customizable and easily aligned to existing processes, to assist with capture, shortlisting and evaluation. Simple public or private voting rules including thumbs up/down and star ratings can be applied to grade feedback and push the best ideas to the top. Crowdicity also adds various anti-spamming and monitoring measures to maintain integrity, while certain filters and status flags ensure idea favorites are effectively shared back into the community.


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Crowdicity screenshot: Crowdicity has a range of customization optionsCrowdicityCrowdicity screenshot: Share ideas and gather feedback with CrowdicityCrowdicity screenshot: Increase engagement and participation across devices with CrowdicityCrowdicity screenshot: Build a knowledge base and view trend analysesCrowdicity screenshot: Raise custom idea challengesCrowdicity screenshot: Universal access across multiple devicesCrowdicity screenshot: Crowdicity customized user profile fieldsCrowdicity screenshot: Crowdicity user permissionsCrowdicity: Bringing together the best minds in education and indsutry

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Graham Foulds

Crowdicity helps a global holding company connect

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-13
Review Source: Capterra

At C Space, we used the platform to build a collaboration platform for Omnicom called SHAPE. It's a place where people who work in agencies all over the holding company can collaborate and contribute ideas to client challenges. Working with Crowdicity has been a pleasure and we chose it both because of its functional ability, and because of the team behind it. They're collaborative, open to feedback and implement changes quickly, and give our team support whenever we require it. The team: The people we've worked with, from leadership to support staff have all been massively helpful and responsive to our needs - it's our number on criteria when choosing a partner. The ability to brand, design, and customize: One of the reasons we picked the site is because we could make it feel totally our own. Our designers could brand it, we could strip the functionality right back and make it super simple for users to interact with. Feeding into the development of features: Crowdicity is always seeking feedback on their features and how the platform can improve and meet our needs in the future.

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Carol Read

Excellent crowdsourcing package with style and the human touch

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-08-16
Review Source: Capterra

I have used Crowdicity for two Horizons - NHS England projects and have seen the platform built for Dorset Healthcare. The platform was intuitive and easy to use. There was impressive support from the Crowdicity team especially Amy who responded to our needs and suggested alternative ways we could engage our international participants. Both projects were a major success and fun to do. Everything. I am sure there is much more that would be discovered if I was working with the platform and team for a longer period.

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Matt Erke

Running a challenge on Crowdicity was a great way to connect with and leverage ideas from a crowd.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-02-06
Review Source: Capterra

The elegant design, ease in building the platform, and the overall interface of the user experience was easy to navigate and accessible for new users. The Crowdicity team that helped me with setting up the challenge and the platform were really helpful, attentive, and patient, and provide the necessary insight that I needed, when I needed it. The platform provides every opportunity to bring in new ideas from a diverse crowd.

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Jodi Brown

Crowdsourcing + va va vroom = Crowdicity

Reviewed 2015-11-10
Review Source: Capterra

I have used Crowdicity for a number of initiatives / projects over the past four years, all within the NHS (both local NHS Foundation Trust and national NHS Improving Quality work) and have continually been impressed and inspired both by the software's functionality and the wider support and care package that comes with the Crowdicity team. The pros: - a vibrant and social interface that makes you want to get stuck in - fully customisable so you feel like it's your own platform, not something 'off the shelf' (something that is vital if you're to engage your crowd) - this software is bursting with functionality and I think I've only ever scraped the surface of what it can help me achieve - (ref: previous bullet point) it might be packed with features and capability, but it's so easy and intuitive to use (not often you get that balance right!) - the Crowdicity team are undoubtable guru's in this field of international crowdsourcing and getting people engaged to have their say - ongoing developments to the software mean that you get the latest features, thanks to the team who are constantly striving for improvement, quality and excellence The cons: - I really can't think of any other than I'd like to use it a whole lot more and wish all my work could be crowdsourced in this way! We're only just starting to realise the benefits of this kind of software in the NHS

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Andy Green

Underpinning pioneering new ways for blended community innovation

Reviewed 2014-06-22
Review Source: Capterra

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise researching and exploring pioneering new ways for communities to work better together, to tap into the genius of the people who live there to make their home town a better place to work, live and play. We have a vision that Community IdeasBanks will become a standard feature of every locality over the next 5-10 years. The Barry IdeasBank aims to be a successful international case study demonstrating how communities can improve their situations and make the most of their potential by sharing ideas while enabling local public services to adopt new partnership ways of working through collaborating with their communities by creating new facilities for community creativity, open source innovation and crowdsourcing. The project successfully uses 'blended' creativity, using both on and off-line activities. It is a partnership between Barry Town Council, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Pride in Barry and the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). The Crowdicity platform enables us to concentrate on community engagement confident that we have a very sound technical platform for subsequent idea management. The idea software enables us to devise new ways of community crowdsourcing. It provides a credible, easy-to-use, visually attractive site. It is easy to manage, and the customer service has been excellent.

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Additional information for Crowdicity

Key features of Crowdicity

  • Adimn dashboard providing visibility & insight on activity
  • View vital real time insights on the most trending ideas
  • Set specific challenges to brainstorm new exciting ideas
  • Gather ideas, comments and ratings for analysis
  • Idea management features for organisations
  • Control user access rights and priveleges
  • Change colors, logos, banners, buttons, links & backgrounds
  • Can be fully branded and customised to reflect own identity
  • Apply various voting schema for idea scoring and evaluation
  • Social media design and integrations for popular networks
  • Idea Management
  • Send customised emails, automated alerts and notifications
  • Embed custom HTML and snippets
  • Built-in CMS for building custom community pages
  • Fuzzy search on keywords and trending or meta data tags
  • Mobile Access
  • Reputation ranking feature and leader board
  • Includes an integrated Email Management System
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Crowdicity delivers crowd sourced idea management tools within a social innovation platform available across all devices at anytime.
Customizable social media-style design allows for full rebranding options, while the built-in CMS serves custom HTML-based community pages.
Set up user access rights and privileges for managing the idea crowd, assigning moderator status for overseeing and reporting on challenges.
Raise specific idea-based challenges to stimulate community engagement and encourage various voting methods to highlight the best suggestions.
Build up a knowledge base of valuable ideas and query that information with a fuzzy search system, admin dashboard, analytics and data export.