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ContactOffice overview

A virtual office is a set of interconnected tools that centralize communication and collaboration data, accessible through different channels at any time. These tools include a calendar, an address book, email, documents storage and exchange, discussion forums, to-do list, etc.

A truly online application, the virtual office can always be accessed by the end user via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The application can be used through a simple Web browser, without any other specific software installed (plug-ins, etc.). Until today, most companies managed their own communication and collaboration system internally (messaging, workflow management, contacts, clients lists, etc.). This system was generally closed and physically linked to the company.

Using Internet technologies, the virtual office proposes a radical approach -- shared infrastructures centralized data allow both inter-company data exchange and a secured access from remote anywhere, anytime. In doing so, this approach generates important cost reductions.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 5 other markets, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German and 4 other languages, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

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Pierre Herrie

This is what I was looking for!

Reviewed 2010-04-13
Review Source: GetApp

My company installs photovoltaic panels in benelux. We were looking for a cheap collaborative tool where I could manage my prospects & customers, but also my technical and sales team members who are "on the road". We use almost all features of ContactOffice with a "white label version": - Email: company mail domain is used - Groups: I created 3 groups (sales team, technical team, management team) in order to collaborate and keep an eye on my employee's work - Contacts: everybody has its private contacts and we have group contacts (sales contacts, technical contacts and manager's contacts) - Calendar: everybody has his own calendar, but for every technical team, I can see their weekly program (the same for the sales team) - Wiki: we use one wiki for every team. The technical team gathers all technical information for every customer. It's a kind of light-CRM. - Documents: when sales employees visit customers, they take pictures of roofs and upload themin their document storage space...- You can access it from any computer or smartphone - It is compatible with iPhone & BlackBerry - Offers all the tools we need in one interface

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J. Dracou

Must have: contactoffice virtual office

Reviewed 2010-01-18
Review Source: Capterra

Personnaly, CO meets my expectations for a really small price: 5EUR per month (for 2GB email, 1GB documents storage etc.). I think that it can match everyone's needs: email, documents, calendar, notes, etc.Contactoffice (CO) offers all functionnalities I need for my daily work: email, calendar, contacts, notes, document storage space and many more! It's a really rapid system because of SaaS model. I just need to have 1 browser and 1 internet connection and I'm on my virtual desktop. Thanks to CO's group module, I can create a work-group with my customers for temporary projects where I can share information etc.

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Pay per use: we provide different subscription type with a certain number of tools with their own capacities. Each user can upgrade or downgrade his subscription every month depending on his needs. Prices vary depending on capacity.

ContactOffice features

API (201 other apps)
Access Control (150 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (105 other apps)
Activity Tracking (98 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (132 other apps)
Chat (122 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (209 other apps)
Collaborative Workspace (150 other apps)
Commenting (143 other apps)
Communication Management (92 other apps)
Customizable Branding (105 other apps)
Document Management (91 other apps)
Document Storage (135 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (123 other apps)
File Management (100 other apps)
Permission Management (139 other apps)
Projections (112 other apps)
SSL Security (110 other apps)
Search Functionality (179 other apps)
Third Party Integration (129 other apps)

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Key features of ContactOffice

  • Messages, Documents, Contacts,
  • Calendar, Wiki,
  • Polls,
  • Forum, tasks, notes, chat,
  • Synchronisation, mobile access...
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* Accessibility: all your data are online and can be accessed from any computer, Web browser or PDA at the office, at a customer's, at home, etc.
* Security: your data are safe in case of computer loss, theft or failure
* No investment: no hardware, no software to buy
* No technical hassles: no installation, no configuration, no updates
* Easy to use: intuitive interface (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch) and online help
* Technical support: email and phone
* Affordable professional solution: Pricing