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Rolebase logo

Streamlining team management strategically.

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WRolebase is a platform that simplifies the life of your teams. It offers a clear visualization for efficient coordination with a dynamic organizational chart and role cards. Rolebase facilitates the organization of effective meetings and the implementation of next steps, giving each team member the keys to be autonomous and engaged.

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Twist  logo

Team Communication

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Twist is work messaging for teams burned out by real-time, all-the-time communication and ready for a new way of working together.

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Noodle logo

All-In-One, Intranet Platform

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Single sign-on team Intranet software with document, data, and content management available as Cloud or On Premise product.

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QuickStaff logo

Cloud-based event staff scheduling software

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Designed for vendors, wedding businesses, and staffing agencies, QuickStaff is a cloud-based event-scheduling solution that helps send work invitations, track event details, check staff availability, and more on a unified platform.

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VidyoConnect logo

Web conferencing platform for chat and video communication

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VidyoConnect is a web conferencing platform that helps corporate businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations conduct virtual meetings and facilitate team communication through audio or video calls. Customers can record video conferences or meetings for future reference.

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Netpresenter  logo

Emergency notification and internal communication platform

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Netpresenter is a collaboration application that facilitates firms to keep employees informed and engaged, improving productivity and workplace safety. Key features include geotargeting, scenario planning, survey & contact management, multi-channel communication, and real-time chat messaging.

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Lark logo

Collaboration tool for SMEs and education institutes

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Lark is a collaboration software that helps businesses establish communication through instant messaging and audio or video calling. It lets users create chat threads and view interaction history to streamline communication and provide context on specific topics.

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Team on the Run logo

The All-in-one Business Process Communication solution

learn more
Secure private smartphone/desktop communication and other process automation tools for leading business teams: group chats, PTT, NFC, VoIP..

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Ninety logo

Upgrade Your Business Operating System with Ninety

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Every organization has an operating system, but how effective is yours? Ninety, the leading cloud-based Business Operating System platform, is trusted by thousands of companies to focus, align, and thrive. Transform your disconnected tools and spreadsheets into one powerful application with Ninety,

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Ommnio logo

Messaging software

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Ommnio is a cloud-based messaging software that can connect with a company's system and transform its HR intranets into automated instant messaging communications.

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Rock logo

Bring order to chaos, messaging + tasks combined at last.

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Messaging + tasks combined at last. Rock allows you to work together with anyone with messages, tasks, notes, file storage, and meetings in one place. All-in-one communication built for remote and hybrid teams. Rock allows you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

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Hypercontext logo

Meeting management solution for managers and team leaders

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Hypercontext is bridging the gap between managers and employees with an agenda tool for one-on-ones and team meetings.

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Pazo logo

Task management platform for retail & hospitality sectors

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A mobile-first platform streamlining retail and facility management, enhancing collaboration, and automating checklists and issues.

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LumApps  logo

LumApps is an Employee Experience SaaS Platform

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LumApps is a SaaS platform dedicated to Employee Experience. LumApps helps companies in all industries improve their communications and employee engagement. Let's get in touch!

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PeerBoard logo

Plug & play community and forum software

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PeerBoard offers a powerful community platform that is extremely easy to set up and has all the tools you need to gather, manage, and engage your community. It is an extendable and completely Whitelabel solution that could be adjusted to your business requirements.

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Users also considered logo

Employee app for internal communication & process automation

learn more is an all-in-one employee app that connects and digitizes the entire workforce, from HQ to the frontline, with rich internal communications, team collaboration tools, business process automation, role-specific productivity apps, fun engagement tools, and powerful analytics dashboards.

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Zelos Team Management logo

A very simple app for managing teams

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A free app for quick self-signup. Shifts, tasks and chats on desktop and mobile - with unlimited members!

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Teamogy logo

Easy to use cloud system for professional services companies

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Easy to use cloud system for professional services companies from startups to large international companies. Helps to manage company finances, people and documents. Share, access and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

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Hibox logo

Collaboration via chat, tasks, file sharing & video calls

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Hibox is a single collaboration app that brings team members together with integrated internal chat, task management, file sharing and videoconferencing.

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SportNinja logo

A seamlessly integrated League platform on web and mobile.

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SportNinja’s unique League and Team/Roster Mgmt system has been designed to make Leagues more efficient - saving time and money.

We offer participants a dramatic improvement in service with a free mobile app.

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AnswerHub logo

Developers Enabling Developers

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AnswerHub's platform drives team knowledge sharing, expert identification, faster problem-solving, and decreased onboarding time.

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Nrby logo

On-Demand Location Intelligence

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Nrby's location intelligence software allows you and your team to digitize existing manual processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data.

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Prospr At Work logo

Prospr connects frontline to HQ for teams to do their best.

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Built by operators, for frontline teams, Prospr is the all-in-one employee app offering team communication, scheduling, sub-management, geo-fenced T&A, learning tools, task management, work-ticketing and more. Prospr is easy to implement and easier to use. Frontline to HQ succeeds on Prospr.

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OurPeople logo

The best employee communications App available!

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Hourly employees or teams that don't sit behind one desk all day commonly are missed on important communications sent in an organization. Managers spend countless hours each month with seemingly endless follow up. OurPeople is your solution for quick, targeted, engaging team communications!

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Calipio logo

Cloud-based screen recording solution

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A pure web-based, installation-free service which allows you to record your screen, camera and microphone directly from your browser.

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