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Cloud-based construction management system

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FACS overview

FACS (field automation communication systems) is a cloud-based construction management software which provides field employees, owners, construction managers and contractors with three project management solutions, including project recorder, project inspector and project controller. FACS’ features enable users to record daily work, track items and activity, as well as manage RFIs, submittals, change orders, and more, all from one platform. As a cloud-based solution, FACS gives users the flexibility to access and manage project information anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device.

The Project Recorder solution enables field personnel to record and manage project data efficiently with drop down lists, built-in notifications, summary reports, full audit tracking and date logging capabilities. Other Project Recorder features allow users to track labor and equipment, manage issues/punch lists/non conformance and store files and photos. Users can also manage forms, plans and markups, as well as archive projects digitally for convenient access and retrieval. A dedicated drawing module allows users to track all versions of their plan sheets and attach accompanying photos, videos or reference forms.

With the Project Inspector solution, users can access and store all of their important data, including material acceptance records and contingency payments. The cost control module links automatically to the work report module, ensuring all field information is instantly available for financial reports. Users can generate reports in actual or forecast mode, to see how much work has been completed and how much work is forecasted to be done. Project Inspector also supports change order management, incentive tracking, index-based pricing, project closeout management, and more. The Project Controller Solution incorporates all of the features included in Project Recorder and Inspector, plus submittal tracking, meeting minutes, messages, requests for information and API access.


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FACS screenshot: Track and monitor issues from a central locationFACSWAREFACS screenshot: Access and manage all project documents such as RFIs and referencesFACS screenshot: Log-in to FACS securely with a user name and password FACS screenshot: Use work reports to record work data in the field, including time and mileage, weather, item and labor informationFACS screenshot: Setup a project by entering important details including project name, contract award date, scheduled completion date, and moreFACS screenshot: Access and manage project information from any internet-enabled device

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Owen Steel

Easy to Learn and Use

Reviewed 2016-01-13
Review Source: Capterra

Software was very easy to set-up and use. Their sales team answered my questions and provided me with the software I needed - no overselling for something I didn't ask for. Set-up and training were quick. They have lots of great training videos. It was easy to configure when you followed the guidelines provided. Their app is pretty easy to use and most my field guys like it after a few days of using it. Overall a solid product that we're looking to help us eliminate the time consuming spreadsheets we used to use.

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FACS features

Activity Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Change Order Management
Progress Tracking
Reporting & Statistics

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Additional information for FACS

Key features of FACS

  • Permit management
  • Selection sheets
  • Warranty / service management
  • Daily logs
  • RFI & submittals
  • CRM
  • Labor & equipment lists
  • Field reports
  • Drop down lists
  • Roll up reports
  • Pay requests
  • Daily/weekly summary notifications
  • Punch lists/non conformance
  • Plan & markup management
  • Daily engineering recording
  • Material acceptance/stockpile
  • Contingency management
  • Custom payment thresholds
  • Incentive tracking
  • Progress payment
  • Index-based pricing
  • Project closeout management
  • Submittal tracking
  • Meeting minutes
  • Messages
  • Transmittals
  • Document scanning
  • Accounting management
  • Item/activity tracking
  • Automatic notifications
  • Change orders
  • Client communication
  • Customizable workflow
  • Email integration
  • Email notifications
  • Team tracking
  • Photos/file storage
  • Financial reports
  • Forecasting
  • Form management
  • Incident reporting
  • Job costing
  • Progress tracking
  • Real time dashboards
  • Daily work recording
  • Quick search
  • Summary reports
  • Timesheet management
  • Audit tracking
  • Automated scheduling
  • Cost tracking & payment
  • Project data storage
  • API access
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Approval process control
  • Digital project archive
  • Reporting
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Field employees can access schedules, pay item information, labor and equipment lists, and more, all from a single location.
Access project data anytime, anywhere by logging into FACS from any internet-enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.
Gain accurate and actionable project insight with FACS’ roll up reports and personalized dashboards.
Tracking features enable users to find and track what they need easily, including information on teams, subs and documentation, as well as incentives, submittals and more.
Custom payment thresholds enable users to control how much of each item is paid and helps users avoid manual calculations of index-based pricing, retainage, and more.