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Construction field planning & management for project teams

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Touchplan overview

Touchplan is a construction planning and management tool that helps organizations reduce overall project duration, improve team communication, streamline project execution, and simplify implementation of the ‘last planner system’. The platform serves various roles in the industry including trade foremen, superintendents, and project managers, as well as project executives, designers, and owners, helping to facilitate complex construction.

Touchplan aids in improving team collaboration with the milestone scheduling feature, which allows users to develop and and define a list of key activities to drive the overall schedule. To plan the work sequence, team members can each simultaneously detail their tasks on tickets, specifying the duration and crew size required. Users work backwards, collectively organizing their tickets by pulling their tasks to the beginning of a work sequence. Tickets placed in the same column will be completed on the same day.

To refine work plans, team members can specify a milestone date to create start and end dates on tickets. ‘Last planners’ are able to identify any critical outside constraints or key task dependencies through collaboration, and warnings are sent to project members if any of those could put the plan at risk. Touchplan's Gantt charts allow project members to sharpen and revise work plans for the upcoming week, and coordinate workday and staffing details. Any changes will automatically be updated across the entire plan.

Users can generate planning materials such as weekly work and look ahead plans at the push of a button, and are automatically based on the configuration of the plan. As tasks are finished, team members can check off completed tickets in order to update work progress, and the effects of any late (or early) completions are immediately carried across the entire plan. Additional features include percent plan complete (PPC) reports for assessing reliability, as well as variance reports to improve planning.


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Touchplan screenshot: Team members collectively organize tickets, pulling to the beginning of the work sequence. Tickets placed together in a column finish on the same day.What is Touchplan?Touchplan screenshot: Collaborate to identify critical outside constraints and key task dependencies that need to be satisfied to achieve the planTouchplan screenshot: As work advances, project members sharpen their plan for the upcoming week, coordinating precise workday and staffing details with Gantt barsTouchplan screenshot: Promise periods allow teams to execute weekly planning by transforming tickets into promises for the upcoming weekTouchplan screenshot: Generate traditional planning materials such as weekly work plans, look ahead plans, and Gantt charts at the push of a buttonTouchplan screenshot: Team members check off completed tickets as tasks are finished to update progressTouchplan screenshot: Last planners collectively revise the look ahead plan to accommodate actual progress and newly anticipated eventsTouchplan screenshot: Project teams can get percent plan complete (PPC) reports to assess their reliability

Touchplan reviews

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Rick VanDyne

Touchplan has allowed our Trade Partners access to view the schedule and print reports at any time.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-02
Review Source: Capterra

This forced the trade partners to plan ahead. I used the software during my weekly sub meeting. I created schedules for all phases and buildings. If a sub was unable to provide info I entered it for him. The reports were sent out every Friday to all. Instant feedback on where you are with the schedule. When you have to adjust something you are able to show the multiple impacts that it creates. If you need to create a recovery schedule you can instantly see the impacts to your workload. Being able to zoom in and back out to capture the big picture. Reports for multiple buildings with multiple floors showing how many men are required. The report will include location and duration and will be updated daily electronically. Touchplan's flexibility to report on one trade, combination or all. Same goes for locations that can be broke down in the report.

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Brett Morgan

Touchplan is a good tool, but I think that the "report" creating function could improve.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-05
Review Source: Capterra

Benefits that I get are knowing where the Trade Partners are working on a daily basis and what activities they plan on doing, This allows the Subs to be able to plan and coordinate with each other.It is easy to teach the Subcontractors how to use the stickies correctly. The ease of use is important to getting the Subs to use Touchplan on a daily basis. I also like that you can see who is inside the plan and is actively working.

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Dallas Crone

It has streamlined our planning and execution of those plans

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-05
Review Source: Capterra

Read my prior review. This is a great, industry changing product!Having the ability to breakdown a project as minute and detailed as you want with the designated manpower, duration's, and cost codes, or the ability to do a high level plan when a project is first being designed and engineered.

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Josh Hascall

We use touchplan

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-12-11
Review Source: Capterra

Much better communication between all parties involved with the process. Clearer understanding of schedule expectations and capabilities. Better manpower projections. Improved planning at early stages of project. Better communication with client on schedule.The buy in from the field is what adds the most value. The simplicity of the layout and functionality helps to get the people actually doing the work engaged (and sometimes even excited) about planning work. With full involvement of everyone on the team (with TouchPlan as the interface) coordinating work becomes much more effective.

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Scott DeFord

This planning program has made a world of difference to the planning process with our field crews!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

Our ability to plan for tasks has increased at an exponential rate by using this program.Right now, since its new to me, I'm really enjoying the swim lanes feature. It's allowing for very quick and easy organizing of tasks for the different field crews that work out of the same plan. Before swim lanes we had to try and organize ourselves but once a plan had to be modified and moved around it became very unorganized very quick. With the swim lanes it has helped maintain an organized plan.

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Rates are based on the value and duration of a specific project with unlimited seats to get everyone involved.

Projects valued between $50M - $100M and lasting 12 - 18 months range from $15K - $30K.

Touchplan features

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Additional information for Touchplan

Key features of Touchplan

  • Real time communication
  • SSL encryption
  • Data backup
  • Milestone schedule
  • Task management
  • Tickets
  • Milestone schedule
  • Identify constraints & dependencies
  • Sequence planning
  • Project duration planning
  • Risk warnings
  • Gantt charts
  • Project tracking
  • Promise periods
  • Generate planning materials
  • Weekly work plans
  • Look ahead plans
  • Progress updates & tracking
  • Percent plan complete (PPC) reports
  • Variance reports
  • Authentication & security
  • User access control
  • Weekly progress reports
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Touchplan is a real-time web app that helps maximize collaboration, and allows the team to work together from anywhere, anytime.

Coordinate precise workday and staffing details using Gantt charts, and translate them immediately to the entire plan.

Touchplan offers a simple way to implement the 'last planner' system across the organizations, as well as the 'look ahead' process for projects.

Warnings are issued to project members if any constraints and dependencies are identified, which may put any plans at risk.

Touchplan creates weekly progress reports and calculates metrics automatically to improve accuracy in planning.