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Brian Polackoff

Seriously The Best, and I Evaluated Just About all of Them!


Very Very Very Positive


Where to start... The Price is by FAR the best out there, by about half! We looked at all the major players in the industry and none of them could come close to DeskPro in price or in functionality or in customer service. The software itself, is leaps and bounds better from their automation aspects, to the simple to implement customizations (seriously we can now see a per person NPS score every time an agent opens a clients ticket, can you see why that is a bit of a game changer? Knowing overall if the client who submitted a ticket is an overall happy client or a sad client. It's a huge deal). The triggers make even the most complex workflows a breeze. We implemented Single Sign-On for our clients in less than 1 day, it was really so very simple. The system as a whole just offers so much from the Feedback system, which we use as our product Feature Requests Management system. This feature alone is worth it. No more do you have to store all your client feature requests alongside in the same view as your open trouble/bug tickets. Their fully integrated Knowledge Base system with Client Portal, AMAZINGly advanced filters with grouping. For instance from a single button/view you can see all tickets of a certain type (pretty standard stuff) but where DeskPro excels is that you can then further Order and Group that list by not only standard fields, but also all of your custom fields as well!. --> KEEP READING IN THE CONS AREA FOR THE REST OF MY PROs, I'M LIMITED TO 1500 CHARACTERS


We used Zendesk, LiveHelpNow, TrackIT, FreshDesk, Happy Fox, Boss, Team Support,, Cayzu, Jira, Samanage and seriously none of them were even close to what DeskPro has to offer and not to mention they all were just about double the price per agent!

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