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Modera Salesfront logo

Online CRM tool for the automotive sector

learn more
Modera Salesfront is an auto dealer software designed to help businesses manage car stocks, leads, sales funnels, and test drive planners. The platform enables managers to manage inventory, schedule test drives and appointments, generate reports and analytics, and access real-time sales data.

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Orax SDI logo

Cloud-based business management platform

learn more
OraxSDI Cloud is a business management platform that offers solutions for sales management, service management, process management, and more to help companies "grow, compete, and thrive." OraxSDI Cloud merges sales operations and financials into one system to bring efficiency to a company's systems.

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Results logo

Grow your business with Results

learn more
Results streamlines operations with CRM and Field Service Management solutions. Features include 360-degree customer views, workflow automation, scheduling, mobile accessibility, inventory management, and seamless integration with QuickBooks and other popular apps.

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Planner + logo

CRM, ERP, and business management software

learn more
Planner + is a business management software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses streamline sales tracking, resource planning, customer service management, and marketing operations. It enables professionals to resolve after-sales issues, generate custom reports, archive files, and synchronize data across systems.

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HaystackCRM logo

Cloud-based mobile CRM to manage sales pipeline

learn more
HaystackCRM is a mobile first CRM with a simple, clean interface to manage your sales pipeline, with customer management, lead management to track sales opportunities and quotes. Keep your CRM up to date quickly with access to all your customer information on a native mobile app.

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Lasso CRM logo

Real estate CRM

learn more
Lasso CRM is a customer relationship management software specifically designed for home builders. With Lasso, users can sync leads and contacts from other systems, create different types of documents, and manage projects all in one place.

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ActiveConversion logo

The leading industrial sales & marketing system

learn more
ActiveConversion integrates with Salesforce and Pipedrive, adding real-time lead activity into your CRM system.

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PipeCycle logo

CRM software for sales teams

learn more
PipeCycle is a customer relationship management (CRM) software available in Android, iOS, and Desktop versions. PipeCycle was built to make it easy for the end-users. The platform enables sales teams to manage communications and close more deals.

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AXLR8 FastTrack logo

Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software

learn more
AXLR8 FastTrack is a cloud-based customer relationship management system designed to cater to the needs of both private and public sector organizations. It is a comprehensive CRM solution that offers a wide range of features to enhance sales, marketing, customer service, and business operations.

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Sortd for Sales logo

Sales CRM for Gmail

learn more
Sortd transforms Gmail accounts into a powerful sales tool, enabling users to drag & drop emails into a pipeline, while keeping track of contacts, notes & more

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DealerPeak CRM Center logo

Automotive Dealership CRM with 100% dealer DNA

learn more
DealerPeak has been in the industry since 1999 and has seen firsthand how important it is to keep customers happy. The built-in CRM system allows users to focus on product knowledge and customer attention while the company takes care of the relationship. It’s a win-win!

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Beamery logo

Talent Lifecycle Management

learn more
Beamery Talent Operating System lets enterprises scale and deliver talent transformation, with the agility they need to build the future of work. Teams can plan and manage talent attraction, deliver DE&I initiatives, power internal mobility and supercharge recruiter performance.

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UXBI logo


learn more
Intuitive and easy to use mobile application. Control your quotes, orders and follow-up to your customers

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Assistive logo

Assisting sales teams achieve greatness

learn more
Assistive CRM is a lead management software designed to help businesses manage their leads, customer engagement and more through a unified tool. It is the perfect companion for any sales person on the move. While providing all standard functionality expected from an enterprise class CRM.

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Salesforce for Retail logo

Retail management system for eCommerce businesses

learn more
Salesforce Retail CRM is a cloud-based retail management system that helps eCommerce businesses analyze shoppers’ needs and facilitate smart targeting to drive brand awareness. Marketers can utilize AI-powered bots to communicate with buyers in real-time and improve customer engagement levels.

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iDeal Construction CRM logo

Construction sales and pipeline management software

learn more
With customized pipelines and processes, iDeal Construction CRM helps construction companies of any size and type bid and manage opportunities with multiple scopes, clients, and bidders, track and prioritize bids and proposals.

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Pulse logo

Franchise management software

learn more
Pulse is a customer relationship management software designed to help businesses track sales, leads, and customer information. The platform enables managers to create customer profiles, track client interactions, build sales pipelines, and manage marketing campaigns.

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ELMA365 logo

Low-code business process management (BPM) software

learn more
ELMA365 is a low-code business process management (BPM) software that helps businesses model, monitor, execute, and manage projects and tasks.

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Ambivo logo

Cloud-based customer relationship management software

learn more
Designed for small businesses, Ambivo is a SaaS platform that streamlines processes such as lead capture, pipeline management, and workflow automation on a unified dashboard.

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Standard ERP logo

Standard ERP is a powerful system

learn more
Standard ERP is an intuitive business platform helping you reach your productivity goals and can be tailored to your business needs.

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