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GetRank Q1 Research for CRM

Along with the ranking, GetApp has released a research report on trends in the CRM, Customer Service, and Call Center industries. The report provides valuable information to business owners and decision makers to make the initial task of finding a cloud-based business application easier.

In the report, you’ll find:

  • Industry trends in the CRM, Customer Service & Support, and Call Center industries, with expert analysis and industry commentary.
  • Unique insights from data collected through GetApp’s research program, GetData.
  • The Q1 2015 ranking for CRM, Customer Service & Support, and Call Center software.
  • An explanation of GetRank and the five data points used to calculate an app’s GetRank score.

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How is the GetRank score calculated?

User Reviews

The GetRank score for user reviews is calculated using a Bayesian estimate, which is a weighted average that includes the number of reviews and the rating of an app, benchmarked against other apps in the category. This raw number is then scaled to represent a value between 1 and 20.


Integration scores are calculated by scaling and adding two different averages for the number of listed integrations on GetApp: the first 15 points are awarded for the total number of integrations scaled against the average for the top 25 percent of apps in the category, while the final 5 points are awarded for the total number of integrations scaled against the leader in the category.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platform scores are calculated using data pulled from Google Play and the Apple App Store. In this case, a maximum of 5 points is attributed for having an Android App, and another 5 for an iOS app. The additional 10 points are calculated based on the ratings of the app in each store, rated out of 5, for a total of 20 points.

Media Presence

Using Brandwatch as a source of data, GetApp analyzed the number of social media mentions of each application and vendor over the course of the quarter. In order to scale the volume of mentions and filter for irrelevant content, the Twitter handle of the vendor was used as the query search in Brandwatch. Similar to the scoring for integrations, the first 15 points are awarded for the total mentions scaled against the average of the top 25 apps in the category, while the final 5 points are awarded for total mentions scaled against the category leader.


Security is calculated with data collected from the GetRank security survey. The survey and scoring were developed in collaboration with Microsoft. The questions in the survey are based on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form as part of the Security, Trust & Assurance Registry. With roughly 70 questions, each question is weighted for importance, and each answer is given a score. Security certifications are also scored and weighted based on importance. The raw score is calculated by totaling the app’s certification score and the questionnaire score, then benchmarking it against other apps in the category with a security score.

1-25 of 216 results
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud    7 reviews

    Cloud-based CRM & sales automation
    Salesforce Sales Cloud offers complete contact, lead and opportunity management, along with marketing automation, social collaboration, reporting, and more.
  • RelateIQ    63 reviews

    The Smarter, Simpler CRM
    RelateIQ automatically fills contact and prospect data, filtering and sorting this data, creating tasks, tracking interactions and letting you contact clients.
  • Insightly    33 reviews

    Online CRM and Project for Small & Medium Businesses
    Insightly is a tool to help small businesses deal with the vital task of managing their contacts, organizations, partners, vendors, and suppliers.
  • NetSuite CRM+    2 reviews

    Grow Your Company with Customer-centric CRM Software in the Cloud
    NetSuite CRM+ software is the only cloud CRM system to provide complete customer lifecycle management, supporting lead generation through to opportunity creation, order processing, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, and cross-sell. It is used by over 16,000 organizations worldwide. According to Nucleus Research, customers deploying NetSuite increase sales productivity by 12.5% due to the system’s more complete approach to CRM that provides a true 360 degree view of the customer. Improve customer satisfaction, revenue, and marketing ROI with NetSuite CRM+. NetSuite CRM+ delivers powerful customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, including sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service, and flexible customization, all in a web-based CRM application. NetSuite CRM+ also includes order management, sales forecasting, partner management, and marketing effectiveness capabilities.
  • Infusionsoft    9 reviews

    Don't Compromise. Get Sales & marketing Software That Works.
    Infusionsoft is a CRM for small businesses that helps to organize contacts with tagging & segmentation, score leads, track engagement, send messages & more.
  • Pipedrive    35 reviews

    CRM built by salespeople, for salespeople
    Pipedrive provides customer management to small businesses with a visual, drag-n-drop sales pipeline, sales reporting, email & Google Maps integration, & more.
  • WORK[etc] CRM    42 reviews

    All-in-one business management system. CRM + Social + Projects + Billing
    WORK[etc] helps to manage the customer lifecycle from lead capturing, assigning & nurturing, to sales pipeline and contact management, to interaction tracking.
  • PipelineDeals    5 reviews

    CRM for the Rest of Us.
    The Simple, Productive CRM
  • Zoho CRM    12 reviews

    Flexible CRM for Small Business
    Zoho CRM helps to record and manage all contact, lead and account data, as well as automate tasks, workflows and marketing; track sales and send communications.
  • Kickserv    10 reviews

    Field Service Management online CRM
    Kickserv is a web-based CRM application for the field service industry which is easy-to-use. Our solution offers customer relationship management (CRM), scheduling, estimates, shared calendar management, mobile access, invoicing, dispatching, and more. Kickserv also synchronizes to QuickBooks Desktop and Online so you don't have to do double entry which is saving you time and MONEY. Ideal for Plumbers, HVAC, Computer Repair, Electricians, Handyman, Carpet Cleaning, Landscaping & Lawn Care, Maid Service, Pest Control, and many more industries!
  • Zendesk    47 reviews

    Cloud customer service software
    Zendesk is the Customer Management Service software solution trusted by over 40,000 organizations worldwide.
  • Nutshell CRM    2 reviews

    Grow Great Things
    Nutshell give your teams the tools you need to close more sales. We’re building beautiful software that builds happy companies. We believe that smart and collaborative design makes it possible to create a CRM that people enjoy. We also believe that CRMs need to be open, so we’ve built Nutshell to integrate with services like Google Apps, Zendesk, Olark, Wufoo and MailChimp.
  • Lumiary  

    CRM for E-commerce Retailers
    Lumiary is a Simple CRM and Customer Segmenting Tool for E-commerce. Also Connects to your Point of Sale.
  • ForceManager  

    Mobile CRM and Sales Management Software
    ForceManager provides a mobile CRM for managing contacts, leads an opportunities. All the information you need in a reliable and fast native mobile app.
  •    28 reviews

    Close More Deals. Make More Sales was born in Elastic's Sales lab after our sales people became frustrated with the inefficiencies of existing CRMs. We designed with the goal of making sales people as efficient as possible.. Make and receive calls with just 1-click. All calls are logged automatically (no manual data entry!). Lead activity information pops up as soon as the phone rings so the data you need is always at your finger tips!
  • Apptivo CRM    34 reviews

    Software that grows with your business.
    The CRM App allows you to create and manage customer accounts for your organization. Each account can be associated with other records such as Contacts or Opportunities. Creating an Account allows you to enter and store any client’s or organization’s account information such as contact info, website, annual revenue‚ address‚ number of employees‚ market etc. for easy retrieval. You can also communicate directly with your customers from within the app. We understand it is difficult to properly manage customer accounts when you are a business dealing with customers all over the country, or even the world. This is why Apptivo allows you to define your company territories, markets, and their market segments; each of these properties can then be used to search and sort your customer accounts by. Not only are you able to define who is buying your product, and where; but you can also define the industry that this Account belongs to, all in one place!
  • vCita    31 reviews

    The Online Gateway to Your Business
    LiveSite is where clients communicate, share documents, schedule appointments and pay for services anytime, on any device. vCita LiveSite optimizes websites, mobile, social and email, driving more opportunities and providing clients of small businesses a personalized, self-service experience. vCita LiveSite includes messaging and contact forms, online scheduling, client billing and online payments, document sharing, and a CRM—all seamlessly integrated with your website, social and email. • Offer convenient online "pay now" buttons to webpages. • Provide 24/7 online appointment booking through your website. • Maximize email campaign response rates by adding online scheduling links/buttons. • Eliminate no-shows with automated reminders and notifications. • Share and track files with clients. Plus, all interactions are automatically recorded in the vCita Contact Management/CRM.
  • Contactually    19 reviews

    Turn Relationships Into Results
    Contactually is a powerful, easy-to-use system for building better relationships, and getting the most from your network. Combining the best features of contact managers, email clients, and CRMs, Contactually gives you everything you need to quickly organize, follow-up, and engage with everyone who matters to you and your business. Contactually relies on a simple premise — better, more productive relationships are often simply a matter of staying in touch over time. That simple, proven logic is behind everything Contactually does, from its automatic follow-up reminders to its advanced automation and pipeline management features that allow you to scale your efforts to thousands of potential contacts. You don’t have to radically change the way you work or the tools you’re comfortable with to get more from your daily work. Try Contactually, and see what better relationships can do for your business.
  • Pipeliner CRM    15 reviews

    Pipeliner - The World's Most Visual CRM
    ★ Pipeliner is a fresh new way to look at CRM. Built purposefully to focus on the visual, Pipeliner better engages salespeople with their prospects, prioritizes activities, promotes pipeline management and helps execute true sales process within the organizations that use it. ★ We created an eye-catching, customizable representation of your pipeline -- because, A picture of your sales target is worth 1,000 spreadsheets. ★ Your sales team works together -- no one person on the team is an island. So why buy into a CRM that forces everyone into data-entry hell? We bring the insight of your entire team to the forefront for collaborative success. ★ Many CRM's fail at the most crucial aspect of the job: Providing a better sales process. With Pipeliner CRM, your team gets more organized, wins more deals and you reduce risk (while improving forecasts) -- All critical factors in your CRM investment!
  • Commence Online CRM    16 reviews

    Online CRM for Small to Mid-Size Businesses
    An affordable robust On Line CRM Software solution for businesses of 5 to 200 users that includes Contact Management, Activity Management, Sales Management, Lead Management, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management and Reporting. Cloud based use with Mac, PC or Tablet. Fully integrated with E-Mail clients MS Outlook, GMail, Yahoo, Mac mail and others. Offline access via any mobile device. Even has internal chat feature. * Top Rated Award Winning Software * #1 Alternative to Higher Price Programs - Microsoft CRM & SF.COM. * More than Two Decades of Industry Relationships * Several Thousand Customers around the World "The Most Trusted Name in CRM"
  • Teamgate    13 reviews

    Intelligent Sales CRM
    Teamgate is cloud based sales CRM with easy-to-use interface. Track your sales process, manage contacts or analyze sales results without efforts.
  • InTouch    13 reviews

    Sales & Marketing Automation & CRM
    Much more than just a CRM, InTouch is designed to help small businesses grow through using simple sales and marketing automation. From collecting customer data on your website or offline, through to automated follow-up campaigns, audience segmentation, email marketing and team tasks. InTouch has a suite of tools to get you started with simple but effective sales and marketing campaigns. We know that small businesses have limited time and money, so the InTouch approach ensures that our system helps you get the best results, for the minimum investment in time and money.
  • SalesNexus    8 reviews

    CRM and Email Marketing
    SalesNexus is a CRM tool for small businesses that helps your sales and marketing teams know which customers and leads to target and helps you effectively close on them. By using an online CRM solution you can stay up to date from anywhere without IT challenges to distract you with other online contact managers. SalesNexus is a fully featured online CRM with sales automation, email marketing, team collaboration and database customization. With SalesNexus you also get 25,000 emails/month/user with no additional charges! Complete, fully featured email marketing includes tracking of opens and clicks, automated auto-responder campaigns, insightful analytics and the ability to easily manage lists and create emails. Along with the CRM and email marketing that you get with SalesNexus, you also get free support with the SalesNexus Success Team. This support comes in the forms of webinars that are taught weekly as well as live chat email support.
  • Workbooks CRM    9 reviews

    CRM For Small and Medium Businesses
    Workbooks is one of the fastest growing provider of CRM apps designed specifically for small and mid-size organisations. With headquarters in the UK, our suite of software enables our clients to accelerate sales growth, improve marketing execution, streamline business processes and improve the quality of customer support they deliver. The Workbooks CRM Edition delivers easy to use sales force automation, marketing management and customer support tools. The Workbooks Business Edition extends CRM to include the generation of transaction documents, such as customer orders, supplier purchase orders and customer invoices.
  • Nimble    10 reviews

    Building business relationships has never been easier.
    Nimble combines CRM with social media monitoring and insights to help you smartly engage with your contacts.

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