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Salesforce Sales Cloud logo

Salesforce Sales Cloud


Cloud-based CRM & Sales Automation

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What users say about Salesforce Sales Cloud

Helping to bring the business up to date with a system that is modern and innovative. It is user friendly and easy to add new functionalities to it according to the business needs.
Terrible experience I wouldn't recommend to even our biggest competitor, Salesforce is totally unintuitive and with very bad UX. Expensive, hard to use and hard to manage.
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Bigin by Zoho CRM logo

Bigin by Zoho CRM


Pipeline-centric CRM system for small businesses

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What users say about Bigin by Zoho CRM

What I like most about this software is its ease of use. Which is very straight forward and Deal focused.
Hyperlink for the phone number is missing, call task remainder for the company is missing some time we have a company details without contact person.
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Quickbase logo



No-code application development platform & online database

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What users say about Quickbase

It’s feels like 1990 MySpace you have to build it out like we kids with nothing to do but hook up our myspace page. So if you like that then its cool.
It is very bad to send an email with the name of an unconfigured company just because it has a simple caret.
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NetSuite CRM logo

NetSuite CRM


Redefine Your Customer Relationships in the Cloud

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What users say about NetSuite CRM

The tracking capability is fantastic and is a great to for creating transparency in terms of lead management.
NetSuite Outlook Integration has been frustrating so far, working for a while then just stopping for no apparent reason.
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monday sales CRM logo

monday sales CRM


Close deals. Automate the rest.

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What users say about monday sales CRM

Second, I liked the ease of use and especially the useful app. Third, this feature is simple but powerful - the ability to easily set project milestones and both name and pick colors for all of these.
Previously we had workflows where multiple processes were being lost between our management team and one of our main clients due to emails being missed and not loaded.
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Skynamo logo



The Field Sales software for managers and their teams.

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What users say about Skynamo

I love the ease with which I can upload different specials and products and how simple the app is to use now that I am used to it.
Lack of forms dashboard to pull information together. Have to review each store individually.
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Pipedrive logo



CRM built by salespeople, for salespeople

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What users say about Pipedrive

Overall, Pipedrive has been an awesome tool. It helps stay focused on the most important stuff.
My biggest issue was during the implementation process. We quickly found their programming to be inferior to SalesForce and decided to cut our losses to spend a little more on them.
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TigerLRM logo



All-In-One Sales Enablement Software for Sales Teams

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TigerLRM comes fully equipped with built-in features and tools that cut down on sales guesswork and presumptions. Designed to increase adoption and instill best practices throughout the sales cycle, TigerLRM keeps the sales team focused on driving closes.

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Zoho CRM logo

Zoho CRM


CRM software that helps you sell smarter, better, faster.

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What users say about Zoho CRM

You can build incredibly amazing customer relationship with the most popular and favorite Zoho CRM Software. You can convert extra leads and you can easily increase your revenue.
The workflow piece is awful and not intuitive at all. Where all other platforms use actual workflows, Zoho is stuck in the 18th century in its interface.
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VipeCloud logo



Sales CRM With Marketing Suite That Builds Rapport With You

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What users say about VipeCloud

The overall experience with VipeCloud has been amazing. The customer service with [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has been far superior to other companies I have worked with.
Strange but that's what customer service told me to do.
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Maximizer CRM logo

Maximizer CRM


Find the right plan to help you get growing.

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What users say about Maximizer CRM

Maximizer has been a wonderful experience. Maximizer keeps all of our activities with business organized and the ease of access is wonderful, along with great Tech help when we need it.
The worst aspect of this company is that they aren’t risk free. If you purchase a year software and decide after a few weeks it simply isn’t for your company, there are no refunds.
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HubSpot CRM logo

HubSpot CRM


Everything you need to sell in one integrated suite

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What users say about HubSpot CRM

The comprehensive database, the intuitive tools, the ease of deployment - all of these are appreciated about this product.
Also, there is a hard limit of 1,000 custom fields, which is not something you can even buy more of, which in my opinion is a severe limitation.
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HoneyBook logo



Client management for freelancers & SMBs

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What users say about HoneyBook

Honeybook is an amazing software because it allows me to organize and keep track of all my bookings and projects in a nice, clean manner.
I hate myself for not trusting Honeybook sooner. So much grief and agonizing over my "DIY contract & invoicing system" so many wasted hours and sleepless nights.
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Creatio CRM logo

Creatio CRM


Boost marketing, sales and service performance!

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What users say about Creatio CRM

I can honestly say its been excellent - anything we ask for has been done in good time, reliable system, great staff.
Before we were using 3 different programs to track the orders, to check products availability and manage cases and it was a real disaster.
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Copper logo



The CRM designed for Google Workspace

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What users say about Copper

Best thing about it is the seamless integration with Gmail and the plugin that it provides within the email. Really like their training / help centre.
Worse, the feature is getting worse over time, which points to an out-of-control development process. For a more complete exploration, check this thread.
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Really Simple Systems CRM logo

Really Simple Systems CRM


The Powerful CRM for Growing Teams

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What users say about Really Simple Systems CRM

The service from RSS has been outstanding and they help to provide solutions and alternatives quickly and as best as they can.
It's annoying whem the system times out without warning and you can lose your work. The interface feels a little "old" but really that's just nit picking.
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Freshsales logo



Sales management solution

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What users say about Freshsales

It is pretty easy to use. The ability to set up sales sequencing was nice and pretty easy to do.
Error logs were nearly impossible to find and though the log is supposed to be included on the email showing the errors it wasn't. Support couldn't figure it out either.
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Claritysoft CRM logo

Claritysoft CRM


User-friendly customer relationship management software

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What users say about Claritysoft CRM

The customer service is OUTSTANDING and they are eager to assist with improvements and enhancements of the CRM. I am happy with this product and recommend it.
The only thing missing that I can think of is that there was no built in social media as a standard part of the platform.
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Lawmatics logo



The #1 automation platform for growing law firms

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Lawmatics is a legal client intake, CRM, marketing automation, and billing platform built for law firms looking to grow. With Lawmatics, law firms win more business, impress clients, and are more efficient.

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SalesRabbit logo



Door to door and field sales tracking & lead management

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What users say about SalesRabbit

Sales rabbit software is great when it comes to selling of products and services. I love how it's organized and reliable.
For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you.
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Scoro logo



All-in-one work management software.

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What users say about Scoro

The best, easiest business software. I recommend for everyone who wants quick and effective solution.
For me, filtering is difficult. If you mark Make Task done, you will have to create a new reminder for yourself - it disturbs that there will be additional movement for me in this regard.
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Salesmate logo



CRM, sales management, automation & acceleration software

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What users say about Salesmate

It’s very mobile friendly on the app and easy to make calls, texts, emails and manage your CRM on your mobile device which is great for mobile and remote work. I love that flexibility aspect.
The only thing missing is a voicemail drop option.
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GreenRope logo



Complete CRM for sales, marketing, and operations

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What users say about GreenRope

A great communication tool for small business. The opportunity to be able to reach prospects in an quickly and timely manner is beyond impressive.
HATE HATE HATE that spell check is not on as a default in the email settings. HATE that when you use autofill for one category it changes all the categories.
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kintone logo



Agile, No-code Business Application Platform

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What users say about kintone

I have accurate reports, solid information and feel confident in my presentations because of the ability to have reports at my fingertips.
But if we had to go this alone, we'd never have endured.
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Doxim CRM+ logo

Doxim CRM+


Financial services CRM software

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Doxim CRM is a financial services customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help banks & credit unions establish and maintain relationships with new and existing clients using contact, campaign, and pipeline management tools, plus sales tracking technology, and more

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide


Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps sales and marketing professionals manage routine administrative tasks, identify trends, convert leads, and increase sales. Professionals use CRM solutions to tailor email marketing strategies based on customer preferences, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize consumer retention.

CRM platforms allow businesses to organize customer data, predict future sales using sales pipeline and potential leads, and scale up the entire sales process. 

We’ve prepared this guide to help you select the right customer relationship management software for your business.

Here's what we'll cover:

What is CRM software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows businesses to store and manage contact information, identify sales opportunities, manage marketing campaigns, track service issues, and maximize customer interaction. The software helps consolidate all your data, including customer history and communication records, and lets you analyze data by breaking it down into understandable metrics. 

A CRM tool also helps you streamline your sales process, automate key tasks, improve customer retention, and nurture long-term relationships with prospects and customers. 

Why is CRM important?

At its core, CRM is all about the strategies used by businesses to manage customer interactions. It enables them to learn more about customers, including their purchase history and preferences. The system is used not only to manage existing customers but also to acquire new customers and improve customer relations. 

Since customer loyalty is a major factor that drives a company’s revenue, a CRM tool can also help increase customer retention.

What are the three types of CRM tools?

There are three types of CRM tools: analytical, operational, and collaborative. 

An analytical CRM collects and analyzes consumer data, including payment history, credit score, response rate, brand preferences, and other information that enables businesses to improve customer satisfaction and develop targeted customer marketing strategies. 

An operational CRM helps automate business processes that are meant to enhance customer support, such as sales, marketing, and organization services. This type of CRM stores all customer information and allows you to track processes along the entire customer journey.

While both analytical and operational CRM help improve the customer experience, the two address different issues. While operational CRM helps automate customer-related processes, analytical CRM is more about developing business strategies with the help of customer insights. 

Collaborative CRM is a bit different—the tool is geared toward driving communication among stakeholders, including teams within an organization, suppliers, and distributors. 

Who uses CRM tools?

CRM is used across a variety of industries, including retail, banking, financial, consulting, and hospitality. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a CRM system. Even if you are a freelancer, you can use CRM to manage customer interactions and meet your client’s needs. 

CRM can be used in sales, marketing, and operations departments within an organization. 

What are CRM tactics?

CRM tactics are what businesses use to increase efficiency, productivity, and revenues by focusing on customer feedback and retention. 

Creating personalized customer communications such as email templates, developing an omnichannel presence, and targeting customers based on their demographic and behavioral characteristics are all examples of commonly used CRM tactics.

Here are some of the ways in which CRM software can help you deploy CRM tactics to improve customer relationship management in your business:

  • Lead management: CRM software has lead management, which enables businesses to acquire and manage leads up until the point when they make a purchase. With solid lead management in place, you can enhance the buying experience for customers, increase marketing and sales productivity, and make the best out of your advertising and marketing spends.

  • Interaction tracking: CRM solutions allow users to track interactions with prospects and customers, which helps them improve sales/marketing strategies and enhance customer and tech support.  It also allows businesses to provide real-time guidance to customers in order to increase cross-selling and up-selling.

  • Social media integration: CRM’s social media integration allows users to fetch data directly from social media channels into the CRM tool. It allows them to track every stage of the customer journey, ensure consistent customer engagement, respond faster to customer complaints, and create buzz about products and services.

Why do you need a CRM strategy?

With a robust CRM strategy in place, businesses can collect in-depth customer data and use the information to streamline communications and improve the customer experience. Having a CRM strategy ensures that all your business processes, from sales to marketing, work in an organized manner.

Your CRM strategy will help you:

  • Identify leads and opportunities

  • Enhance collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer service departments 

  • Track the progress of team members with respect to achieving sale targets

  • Gain data insights to devise business strategies

  • Strengthen long-term relationships with customers 

Key features of CRM software include marketing automation, lead qualification, email management, and customer segmentation. All these enable businesses to understand their customers, identify leads, and develop a customer-centric strategy.  The software also allows you to grow your sales processes and improve your strategies to meet the changing customer requirements.  

A CRM system allows you to implement the CRM strategy by taking into account how prospects interact with your business online. It provides you access to consumer data and increases the effectiveness of your marketing strategies through data-driven insights. 

Why does a business need CRM software?

A business needs CRM software primarily to: 

  • Improve productivity: A CRM system helps users collaborate on important documents, share insights, and automate manual repetitive tasks such as data entry and task assignment. The result is streamlined processes and higher productivity.

  • Increase sales: A well-implemented CRM system allows sales and marketing teams to segregate customers based on specific criteria, including their preferences or recent spending, and schedule targeted email marketing campaigns. It also helps them streamline sales activities and monitor sales cycles. This, in turn, leads to higher lead conversion rates.

  • Enhance lead management: Customer relationship management software is used to store potential and current customer information. The tool automatically extracts prospect information from multiple sources and allows users to track lead status, including the number of customers contacted in recent times and their queries. It also tracks communication between sales personnel and prospects. 

How do you choose the right CRM software?

To choose the best CRM software for your business, you need to: 

  • Identify your business needs: Before selecting CRM software, identify specific business needs that you need to address. These could be growing yearly sales, expanding your product portfolio, increasing productivity, or tracking opportunities. Select a CRM solution that will help you address these needs. For instance, if your goal is to improve the efficiency of your sales team, select a product that has workflow automation.

  • Check for core CRM features: A CRM tool should give you core features such as marketing automation, contact management, and lead tracking. Other than these, you can also look at additional features that meet your specific needs such as reporting capabilities and third-party integrations. 

  • Look for product mobility: Your sales team may want to use different devices (mobile phones, laptops, and tablets) to access the new CRM system. CRM mobility is therefore an important criteria to consider before investing in a CRM product. Mobile-friendly CRM tools help improve convenience and adoption across teams.

  • Consider the software price: The price of CRM software usually depends on three main factors: features, contract duration, and user access. The majority of CRM software available in the market offer both monthly and annual pricing. While the monthly plan is good for businesses that want to try out new products from time to time, annual pricing is popular among businesses that are sure about the product and want to go for a yearly subscription. Advanced features such as approval workflows, custom fields, and advanced lead management can also add to the price of a product. Similarly, the number of users on a team also impacts the price.

How does CRM software help SMBs?

There are several advantages of using a CRM tool for a small business. The most common ones are:

  • Increased sales: CRM software allows sales representatives to track and store prospect information and target people based on their preferences. It also helps them renew dead opportunities, identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and close more deals by focusing on the right leads.

  • Trend analysis: CRM tools help businesses identify key trends through reporting and visualization features. It also helps in sales forecasting, identifying changing customer needs, and highlighting areas in need of improvement.

  • Streamlined communication: CRM systems help small businesses manage and organize their relationships with customers. The software is used to store and share messages and videos across teams so that everyone working on a project can view sales/job updates in real-time. This way, the tool helps foster cross-team collaboration. CRM systems also allow businesses to trace conversations between representatives and potential customers, which helps them maintain a unified brand voice.