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EduReg overview

What is EduReg?

EduReg by Synel offers a suite of modular solutions for intelligent school and student administration, while providing enhanced security for students, staff, and assets. The platform enables organizations to monitor student attendance using a web-based registration system with biometric identification, along with additional features for security access control, visitor management, dashboard views, and mobile registration.

Student registration features include lesson and AM/PM registration, a dashboard view, absence alerts (with optional attendance alerts for parents), fixed or mobile registration, a student/parents mobile app, as well as MIS and third party system integrations. EduReg helps staff know which students are present or absent at-a-glance via the classroom attendance view, complete with photos and information on each student.

The EduReg school visitor management module comes with key features including self-service sign in/out, photo capture for photo ID badge printing, the ability to pre-register visitors, and track late pupils according to specific parameters. Staff and students can sign in and out using a card, fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN, and administrators are able to search for visitors by name and date.

EduReg offers a variety of school attendance reports for registration, strangers (individuals who have not yet been officially enrolled), changed rooms, room utilization survey, room usage, unexpected / mismatched presence, visitor management, and fire management for the safety and security of students, staff and visitors. EduReg’s tablet app enables student or staff registration via smart cards, QR reading or manual entry, with optional meal pre-ordering, attendance view, and more.


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EduReg screenshot: Login to the EdReg portal with a username, password, and school codeSynel UK Intelligent Management Software for Schools, Colleges & UniversitiesEduReg screenshot: Student registration capabilities with views per lesson, AM/PM, timetable, and manual entriesEduReg screenshot: View comprehensive attendance reports with visual graphs EduReg screenshot: The EduReg app can help engage both parents and students in improving student’s attendance and retentionEduReg screenshot: Classroom attendance view with student picturesEduReg screenshot: Visual pattern reports help protect the safety and security of students, staff and visitors alikeEduReg screenshot: Visitor management with self-service sign in/outEduReg screenshot: Comprehensive school attendance reports EduReg screenshot: A diversity of reports at the click of a button

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Security access control for a school building

Seems work well with new biolites and newer sensors. Interface can be navigate on any computer within the network and is relatively stable with no lockups of the software.

Doesn't work very well with legacy hardware causing many lock up issues with unreliable fingerprint synching. Taken many weeks to try and resolve. Not sure we are there yet. The physical software takes a good 10 minutes to pick up new users from the database when adding new finger print users via usb. Doesn't make clear access failures like the older falcon did in the daily guard screen. Doesn't let you know when their is faulty biometric sensors - a feature required if it is truly security software.

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EduReg features

Attendance Management
Attendance Tracking
Reporting & Statistics
Student Management
Third Party Integration

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Key features of EduReg

  • Attendance tracking & reports
  • Scheduling
  • Faculty / staff management
  • Student information / records
  • Higher education
  • Academic reporting
  • Cafeteria management
  • Classroom management
  • Facility management
  • Housing management
  • Cashless meals and payment solutions
  • MIS integration
  • Dashboard view
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited registration points
  • Lesson registration
  • AM/PM registration
  • Fixed or mobile registration points
  • Teacher tablet application
  • Absence alerts and optional attendance alerts for parents
  • Student/parent smartphone app
  • Third party integrations
  • Time and attendance reports
  • Access control security
  • Biometric identification (fingerprint or facial recognition)
  • Access control
  • School visitor management with self-service sign in/out
  • Photo capture for photo ID badge printing
  • Pre-book expected visitors including CRB verification
  • Track late pupils
  • Staff sign in/out with card, fingerprint or PIN
  • Back-office suite for administration & reporting
  • Search for visitors by name or date
  • School management reports
  • Audit tool
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The EduReg platform helps improve truancy records while increasing student and staff security, and creating a cash-free environment.

Know exactly which staff, students and visitors are present or absent in a single view with EduReg's classroom attendance view module.

EduReg's school visitor management module provides users and administrators with a clear and accurate view of all visitors on site at all times.

Student self-registration features help encourage students to take responsibility and help give an accurate account of students and provide accurate information for EMA payments.

EduReg provides both hardware and software solutions, including advanced biometric data capture devices with fingerprint scanning and facial recognition technology.