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PraxiSchool logo



Do It Live! Do It Once! Do It Praxi!

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PraxiSchool is a cloud-based school management software that allows schools to manage all aspects of school administration, teaching, accounting, parent portal and more in a practical environment designed by school administrators.

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Magnus Health logo

Magnus Health


Student health record solution for schools

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Enabling schools to collect and manage various health-related information digitally, such as immunization records, physical exams, emergency action plans, and more.

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Gradelink logo



Internet-based school administration software

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Gradelink is an easy-to-use student information system to help your school save time, improve enrollment, and fulfill its mission.

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PowerVista RollCall logo

PowerVista RollCall


On premise campus management and administration solution

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RollCall is a school administration software for non k-12 and primary schools which provides tools to manage staff, students, alumni and finance operations

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EDlumina Admissions logo

EDlumina Admissions


Cloud-based Admissions CRM

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Manage your entire admissions process in one online-CRM with EDlumina Admissions. The platform is easy to use and will free up your staff so they can focus on what’s most important – providing a quality education to your students.

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Administrator's Plus logo

Administrator's Plus


Cloud based student information management software

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Integrated, cloud-based SIS for PK-12 schools around the world

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Alma SIS logo

Alma SIS


Empower progress. Spark potential.

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Alma builds critical SIS tooling that significantly improves school operations and empowers educators to foster better student outcomes, so we can help you create the greatest generation of educators, so that they can create the greatest generation of students.

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USA Scheduler logo

USA Scheduler


Cloud-based scheduling software for schools

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USA Scheduler is a cloud-based software designed to help educational institutions manage and schedule courses for teachers or students according to requirements. Supervisors can merge multiple courses and utilize the drag-and-drop interface to assign teachers’ names to specific courses.

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Campus Cafe logo

Campus Cafe


Leading student management for higher education

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Campus Cafe is a web based campus management solution that manages admissions, registration, student services and finance management features in a single platform.

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brightwheel logo



Childcare Center, Daycare, and Preschool Management Software

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Room ratios, student monitoring, incident reports, messages + reminders + alerts, learning assessments, observation documentation, phone support, free trainings

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HiMama logo



Child care app for documentation and parent engagement

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The perfect app for easy parent communication, digital daily reports and paperless educational documentation in daycare, child care and preschool classrooms

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#1 Learning Management System for Educational Institutions

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The Canvas Learning Management Platform, built by Instructure, is the open, extensible learning management system that educators use and learners love.

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Procare Solutions logo

Procare Solutions


The #1 name in child care management software

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Procare Solutions is the #1 name in child care management software. Procare enables contactless check-in/out, integrated tuition collection, business management tools and more, and is trusted by over 30,000+ daycare businesses.

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iClassPro logo



Class management platform for sports or recreation centers

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iClassPro is a cloud-based class management software designed to help activity centers manage administrative operations such as attendance tracking, class scheduling, billing, and more. Key features include key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, self-service portal, and skill assessment.

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iGradePlus logo



Online gradebook & school management system

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iGradePlus is an online gradebook, school & student management solution for teachers, college professors, administrators, & other educational professionals

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Schoology logo



LMS for teachers and school administrators

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Schoology connects all the people, content, and systems to advance what’s possible in education.

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Sawyer logo



Class management software for kids activity providers

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Sawyer is powerful after school management software built by and for providers of children's after school programs. Our elegant, all-in-one interface includes online registration and payment processing, instant communication with parents, and powerful scheduling tools for students and staff!

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Tuition Express logo

Tuition Express


Most used integrated payment processing system in child care

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Procare’s Tuition Express automates child care tuition collection, enabling contactless payments—EFT, online or completely automated. With low fees, numerous payment options and live customer support, Tuition Express is the child care industry's most recommended integrated payment processing system.

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Classe365 logo



Student management software for education institutions

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Classe365 is a student management system for education institutions, combining student information system (SIS), CRM & learning management system (LMS) features

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Sandbox ChildCare Management logo

Sandbox ChildCare Management


All-in-One Child Care Management Software

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Preschool management software with an elegant, easy-to-use interface to help you to manage your center and engage with parents.

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ParentLocker logo



Integrated SIS, LMS for PK-12 Schools & Districts

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Cloud-based and fully integrated, ParentLocker's PK-12 school management and communications software streamlines all aspects of school administration.

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Users also considered logo


All-in-one school administration for K-12 private schools

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MSP is a K-12 private school management solution providing

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TUIO logo



#1 Tuition Management System: Enroll, Waitlist, & Billing

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#1 Tuition Management System that centralizes all enrollment, waitlisting, reporting, billing and payments in one online portal to help you save more time and streamline your processes. Trusted by over 30,000 users from schools and daycares across North America. Start automating today!

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Pikmykid logo



School safety and dismissal platform

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Many schools struggle with stressful safety and dismissal processes that cause confusion and leave students vulnerable. With Pikmykid, schools can trade in their outdated methods for a combination of safety and emergency management, dismissal management, communication tools, and real time reporting

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BrainCert logo



Enterprise LMS and Training Software Solution

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Scalable & easy to use LMS for schools & educational institutions with built-in Student Information System (SIS), virtual classroom platform, interactive whiteboards, and more to promote a better learning environment and online collaboration.

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Buyers Guide

School Management Software

What is school management software?

School management software, also known as student information systems, helps educational institutions automate daily administrative tasks such as student enrollment, attendance, grades, schedules, and communication between teachers, students, and parents. The tool provides a single repository for student, staff, and faculty data that can be accessed by school administrators, office managers, accountants, and registrars to automate and streamline various processes. Some common features of a school management system include student data tracking, class scheduling, grade management, and the ability to communicate with students and parents via email or messaging. It can also provide tools to create and share lesson plans, assignments, and other educational materials.

What is the difference between school management software and school administration software?

School management software and school administration software are terms often used interchangeably to refer to software systems that help schools manage their operations and activities. However, there are some differences between the two types of software:

  • School management software is designed to help schools manage and coordinate various administrative and academic activities, such as student enrollment, class schedules, grading, and report card generation. It may also include features for student record management, communication with parents, and financial management.

  • School administration software is broader in scope and may include features to manage all aspects of a school's operations, including academic, financial, and administrative tasks. It may also include features to manage facilities, resources, and personnel.

Some key differences between school management systems and school administration software include:

  • Functionality: School management software is typically more focused on academic and administrative tasks, while school administration software may have a wider range of functionality.

  • Target audience: School management software is often designed for teachers and administrators, while school administration software can be used by a wider range of stakeholders, including board members, district administrators, and other school officials.

How much does school management software cost?

The cost of a school management system falls in the following price ranges*:

  • $47 - $50

  • $51 - $114

  • $115+

Most school management software solutions in the market are priced on a per-user, per-month basis and can be divided into the three above-mentioned pricing tiers based on their starting price.

Why use school management software?

  • Streamlines administrative tasks: School management software helps streamline and automate various administrative tasks, such as scheduling, record keeping, and grading. This allows teachers and administrators to save time on time-consuming manual processes and focus on more crucial tasks. The software also provides a centralized location for important information and resources (such as school attendance, inventory and assets, accounting information, and more), making it easy for teachers and administrators to access and share them as needed. In addition, the software offers tools and resources that help students learn more efficiently, such as online resources and interactive learning tools.

  • Improves scheduling: The software solution automates creating and managing class schedules, reducing the time and effort required to do so manually. It also allows teachers and administrators to easily view and adjust schedules as needed, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively. In addition, the software provides tools to schedule meetings and events, such as parent-teacher conferences and extracurricular activities, making it easier for schools to coordinate and plan for these events.

  • Enhances communication: School management software provides a unified platform for communication between teachers, students, and parents. This includes messaging, announcements, and updates, as well as tools for collaboration and communication, such as forums and online classrooms. By improving communication, the software helps create a more connected and cohesive learning environment.

What is the best school management software?

Considering the wide variety of student management software tools available on the market, it can be difficult to select the right software solution for your institution. To help narrow your search and find the best solution based on user reviews, you can look at GetApp’s Category Leaders report for school management software. This report features top-ranking school management software having the highest ratings for ease of use, functionality, customer support, value for money, and the likelihood of a recommendation.

How does school management software help small schools?

School management software can be a valuable tool for small and midsize educational institutions, as it can help them streamline and automate many administrative and academic tasks. Some specific ways school management software can help schools include:

  • Automates routine tasks: School software helps automate routine tasks, such as student enrollment, class schedules, and grading, freeing up time for teachers and administrators to focus on more important tasks.

  • Streamlines record keeping: The school information management system helps managers in small schools streamline record keeping by providing tools to store and organize student information records, transcripts, and other documents.

  • Improves financial management: The school software solution assists small schools in enhancing financial management by providing tools to track and manage expenses, generate invoices and receipts, and monitor payments, including exam fees, tuition costs, and building funds for individual students. Considering that many students pay tuition and fees using various sources, such as scholarships, personal funds, and grants, a central database that acts as a general ledger and automates student tuition payments saves time and eliminates the need to outsource accounting operations, thus saving money.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp’s school management software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in the GetApp’s directory that offer them.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of December 16, 2022. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles of pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products.

The above list includes pricing for the base plans of most student information software. An enterprise or premium product that is priced higher may include additional features such as an online learning management system, multiple integrations, real-time dashboards, advanced scheduling, fee-collection module, membership management, and student performance trackers.