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RSA eBusiness

Financial management and supply chain software

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RSA eBusiness overview

What is RSA eBusiness?

RSA ON-SITE is a turnkey Enterprise Accounting solution where we take care
of the hardware and software configuration. A pre-configured Dell server is shipped
to the customer. Simply find a power outlet, connect a network cable, point to
a web browser and you are up and running with minimal IT resources. There are
also no expensive computers to upgrade since RSA only needs a compatible Internet
Browser. RSA ON-SITE uses a proprietary design to provide you with all the advantages
of the Internet yet gives the added control over data and its security, since
it never leaves the building and its ownership is never in question! Your data
is always is good hands, YOURS.

Pricing starts at $ 7,995 for a 5 user system and $ 9,995 for a 10 user

Both systems include pre-configured server with LAMP (Linux,
Apache, MySQL, PHP) and come with a 3 year hardware contract (next business
day) supplied by Dell

Connect remotely to your server using readily available VPN routers

NO limit on the number of companies

Updates, Email and telephone support contracts available

RSA ON-DEMAND provides Anywhere, Anytime Accounting. It is a web-hosted
SaaS (Software as a Service) application that has been designed as an affordable
yet powerful accounting and business management software.You have NO software
to purchase, NO upgrades to install, NO support contracts to pay and NO special
hardware to buy.. It contains all the same features of our Enterprises Class
software, only module availability and number of users is limited. A perfect
starting point for your growing business and you can upgrade to RSA ON-SITE
at anytime.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia

Supported languages

English, Dutch, French, German

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RSA eBusiness pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
One time license
Free trial
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Monthly subscription starts at $ 99.
One-time licensing starts at $ 7995 for five-users.

RSA eBusiness features


API (277 other apps)
Accounting Integration (162 other apps)
Accounting Management (181 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (228 other apps)
Audit Trail (137 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (167 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (186 other apps)
Compliance Management (188 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (170 other apps)
Data Import/Export (180 other apps)
Electronic Payments (171 other apps)
Expense Tracking (164 other apps)
Financial Analysis (130 other apps)
Invoice Management (234 other apps)
Invoice Processing (151 other apps)
Real Time Data (147 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (260 other apps)
Third Party Integration (209 other apps)
Workflow Management (151 other apps)

Additional information for RSA eBusiness

Key features of RSA eBusiness

  • Multiple companies, currencies, locations and warehouses
  • Lot control, kit,product expiration and serialized inventory
  • EDI processing and fulfillments
  • Documents based on customer’s and vendor’s language
  • Customize reports by exporting data directly to Excel®
  • Complete business process from quotes to orders to invoices
  • Real-time financial and inventory updates
  • Track and record all collection efforts
  • Web-site integration
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General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Project Costing *

Fixed Assets
Sale Tax Reconciliation
Consolidated Financial statements
Location/Division Reporting
Currency conversion on Financial statements


Order Entry
Inventory Control
ecommerce Integration*
Warehouse Management*
Lead Management*

Multi Warehouse Locations
Allow for Drop Shipments
Back Order Tracking
Automatic Inventory Replenishment
Quote to Order to Invoice
Customizable Dashboards
Credit Card Integration
Service, Lot, Kit, Serial and Expiration Product Control
Complete EDI Fulfillments