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Agora logo

Built for better investment management

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Agora is a comprehensive, intuitive, and easy-to-use real estate investment management platform, enabling firms to raise capital faster, streamline operations, foster investor relationships and ultimately drive profits for themselves and their investors.

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Capboard logo

Equity management tool to digitize cap tables & equity plans

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Capboard is the equity management software that is used to have a clear visibility over your company's equity, stakeholders and investors. It allows to easily manage equity plans, speed up fundraising and due diligence, and make simulations about future equity transactions, all in a few clicks.

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U-Rite logo

Underwriting & valuation management tool for the real estate

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U-Rite is an Excel-based valuation management software that helps commercial real estate businesses manage property cash flow and tenant underwriting operations within a proprietary model. Professionals can screen profiles, bid on deals, and perform sensitivity analysis to finalize investments.

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AI-based investment insights and financial analysis tool

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TOGGLE is an AI-powered financial analytics software designed to help businesses monitor market data in real-time and gain insight into investments and opportunities. Features include data visualization, natural language processing, portfolio creation, email alerts, and asset due diligence.

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Cash Flow Portal logo

Real-estate syndication software to raise money faster

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Cash Flow Portal helps syndicators present new deals, share documents, administer property information, and manage fundraising.

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Rundit logo

A single source of truth to stay on top of investments.

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One single tool to stay on top of your investments and portfolio performance. With Rundit, investors can get holistic insights, make decisions from a unified data source, thus focus on investment returns and portfolio performance analysis.

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Bloqhouse Technologies logo

Cloud-based investment management solution

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Bloqhouse Technologies offers a suite of solutions catering to the investment industry. The cloud-based solution is designed to support fund managers, funding platforms, and companies raising capital.

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HedgeGuard logo

Investment portfolio management system

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HedgeGuard is an investment portfolio management software with order, risk & compliance management tools, and position keeping & reporting capabilities

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Optio logo

Equity management for private & public companies

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Optio's platform simplifies equity management throughout the entire process, from start to finish. It includes a user-friendly administrator portal, compliance tools, a portal for shareholders, and share custody capabilities. With Optio, managing equity is made easy and understandable

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OptionTrax logo

Capitalization table and equity management software

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OptionTrax is an equity management software designed to help businesses manage capitalization tables, equity shares, valuations, and employee stock plans.

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Users also considered logo

Automated Multifamily Market Analysis

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AI data extraction platform that extracts structured data from documents including PDFs and Excel workbooks and delivers it via API.

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Nitrogen logo

The world's first purpose-built growth platform

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Financial technology that helps small to large advisory businesses through risk assessments, portfolio analysis, retirement maps, remote meetings, lead generation questionnaires, and more.

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Lendstream logo

Loan origination & servicing software for lenders & brokers.

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Lendstream is a cloud-based loan origination and servicing platform which helps small to medium lending and brokerage companies with customer relationship management and debt collection. Key features include lead generation, interest rate matching, document management, loan servicing, and analysis.

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Quoroom logo

Cloud-based equity and investment management platform

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Designed for accounting, automotive, construction, hospitality, human resources, and other industries, Quoroom is a cloud-based equity management platform that helps streamline liquidity and funding processes related to statutory registers and filings, security transfers, account reconciliation, and legal document storage.

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Diligent Equity logo

Cloud-based equity management solution

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Diligent Equity is a cloud-based equity management solution for financial institutions, investors, law firms, and private businesses of all sizes. The platform enables users to monitor, manage, and structure shares with up-to-date and accurate cap tables, what-if analysis and digital documents.

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Flowlie logo

Close your fundraise faster.

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Flowlie is the PandaDoc of fundraising, enabling founders to forecast and plan the details of their fundraise, create investment-ready materials, share more than just their deck, and track rich investor analytics.

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Kushim logo

An all-in-one investment tracking suite built for VCs

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From deal screening to exit, Kushim's suite of products helps you streamline your workflow, collaborate with stakeholders, and manage your funds.

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Invelo logo

Real estate CRM and transaction management solution

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Invelo offers real estate investors a range of features to manage, find, and close off-market properties.

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ARGUS Enterprise logo

Commercial property valuation and asset management software

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ARGUS Enterprise is a cloud-based commercial property valuation and management tool for realtors and portfolio managers. It produces cash flow forecasts, stress tests, valuations, debt overviews, market-rate comparisons, and metric reports that users can export to Excel, including NOI and IRR.

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Pinnakl logo

Trading and portfolio management solution for hedge funds

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Pinnakl is a cloud-based trading and portfolio management solution, which assists hedge funds with managing front and back office operations. Key features include process automation, order management, reporting, risk management, data filtering, and analytics.

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qashqade logo


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qashqade is an enterprise product suite designed to streamline the calculation, allocation, tracking and reporting processes for private markets.

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Tier1 logo

CRM software for capital markets & investment banking.

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Global relationship management software for capital markets, corporate & investment banking, and investment management.

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Unity logo

Next-generation multi-asset trading platform

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Unity allows you to:
• trade with 100,000+ instruments in all asset classes
• create multiple white-labels
• integrate any provider
• work with both retail and institutional customers
• trade all exchange traded and OTC instruments
• fulfil all necessary back-office operations

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Docupace logo

Wealth management software solution

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The Docupace Platform is a comprehensive and customizable wealth management software solution that simplifies the way firms process information. It increases efficiency, productivity, and profit by digitizing operations through powerful paperless workflows, automated compliance, and seamless integrations.

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Human Interest logo

Investment strategy and management software for businesses

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Human Interest is a 401(k) management solution that handles mutliple aspects of corporate finances such as payroll integrations, investment management, human resources, IRS compliance, and real-time financial reporting. The system automates employee portfolios that can be viewed and altered by employees at any time. Additionally, Human interest provides an employee database to track and manage finances with reporting features customized per employee.

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