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Regroup Mass Notification


Cloud-based mass notification software

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A push notification solution for organizations with features for multiple department communication, multi device integration, and more.

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Integrated Risk Management Software

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With BIC GRC companies realize the wholesome management, control and monitoring of their integrated risk management.

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Compliance management and fraud prevention software

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Alessa is an AML compliance, continuous controls monitoring and fraud prevention solution that provides early risk detection and the ability to investigate, track and resolve unusual or suspicious activities - all to maintain compliance and reduce revenue losses.

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SaaS-based enterprise risk management and GRC solution

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EnterpriseInsight, formerly Procipient, is an enterprise risk management & GRC solution that helps manage audit operations through pre-built compliance frameworks, insights & GRC integrations. It offers a range of modules enabling full management of documents, audits, issues, remediation, and more.

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ETQ Reliance


QMS integrates data to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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ETQ Reliance Risk Management enables a proactive approach to risk with the agility to meet quality challenges before they occur. Reliance is the world’s most comprehensive, flexible and proven QMS software for quality-centric customers in dozens of industries.

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection


Cybersecurity software for endpoint threat detection

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Malwarebytes is a network security software that enables businesses to identify and detect potential cyberthreats across networks or enterprise servers. The cloud-based Malwarebytes Nebula platform lets administrators gain visibility into threat patterns from the centralized dashboard.

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PICC Software


Integrated platform with knowledge and innovation management

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Capture, connect and share knowledge
from experience feedbacks, documents and IoT devices to enhance your business intelligence and innovation capability.

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Salute Safety


Manage Risk, Improve Efficiency, Keep People Safe.

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Salute's cloud-based EHS software is an all-in-one solution to manage risk and compliance more efficiently, providing safety leaders the easiest, most flexible platform for tracking, managing, and communicating key environmental health and safety data.

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Fraud prevention & risk management system for banking sector

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ThreatMark is a fraud detection and prevention software designed to help banks manage transaction risk analysis, user behavior profiling, and threat detection. The centralized dashboard allows fraud analysts to gain visibility into security or risk events and view real-time alerts for credit risks.

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Contractor Compliance


Compliance Management for Third Party Contractors.

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Identify and manage third parties (contractors/suppliers/vendors) based on risk scores.

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Smart IP&O


Inventory planning and optimization suite

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Smart IP&O is a web-based, integrated suite with modules designed to help businesses to track business metrics and forecast accurately to optimize service levels. The platform integrates three modules; Smart Inventory Optimization, Smart Demand Planner, and Smart Operational Analytics.

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Cloud-based financial risk assessment and management tool

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Feedzai is a cloud-based risk management software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning capabilities to detect cyber threats or risks across financial transactions or accounts. Supervisors can conduct risk assessments, monitor the status of transactions as ‘fraud’ or ‘not fraud’, and analyze behavioral biometrics, network, and device data.

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Parapet® Integrated Risk Management

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Parapet Integrated risk management (IRM) helps you manage your enterprise's risks, compliance, audit, health and safety in one place.

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On-premise and cloud-based data analysis platform

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NEMESIS is an on-premise and cloud-based data analysis platform designed to help businesses in healthcare, financial services, and other industries leverage artificial intelligence (AI)-technology to ingest, prepare, clean and visualize data insights. Supervisors can assign suspicious transactions to team members for immediate action and facilitate quick resolution of bottlenecks within a case.

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Artificial intelligence-enabled fraud prevention suite

visit website is a cloud-based enterprise risk management suite designed to help businesses across retail banking, eCommerce, FinTech, eCommerce, government, hospitality, and other sectors detect and prevent identity frauds using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

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Scalable & Easy-To-Use Quality Management Software

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Risk management software made easy. Manage risks by assigning actions, risk scores, tasks, priorities and employees to minimize potential issues. Track any ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, AS9100, HACCP, SQF, cGMP & FDA Part 820/211 risks. Connect your locations, departments & employees.

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Highly intuitive QMS software with extreme configurability.

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Robust QMS software suite and platform offering extreme configurability. Meet FDA compliance and ISO standards, drive operational excellence, and enhance business productivity.

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Splunk Enterprise


Machine data management and analytics

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Splunk Enterprise is a cloud-based platform designed to assist businesses with big data management and analysis of machine data. Key features include data visualization, performance metrics, data collection, real-time search, indexing, KPI tracking, reporting, and monitoring.

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Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) management software

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KPA EHS (formerly iScout) is a cloud-based Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) management software platform designed the help organizations establish and implement a comprehensive safety program, make data-driven decisions, and take real-time action to keep employees safe and compliant.

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eCommerce fraud detection & prevention

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Kount's online platform provides a simple and comprehensive tool to reduce fraud and manual reviews for online and CNP merchants

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Booking solution to manage business trips

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BizAway’s partnership with Riskline helps to constantly track where all your travelers are and if they are at risk. We send an alert message about your itineraries currently in place.

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Contract Management Simplified

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Supplier and Contract Management in the Cloud. Simple to use, powerful and customised to your business.

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Vendor risk management solution

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VendorInsight is a vendor risk management solution which helps financial institutions, banks, and credit unions manage contract & vendor relationships securely

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Automate expert processes and services using no-code

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Automate expert processes of document generation, workflow and decision making using a simple no-code, drag & drop builder.

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Quality, compliance, safety, and risk management

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Q-Pulse is a quality, safety, and risk management system offering tools for audit management, document control incident management, corrective actions, and more

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