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AuditBoard overview

AuditBoard is a SaaS-based compliance and audit management software designed for auditors to analyze, manage and report on business operations. The solution can be used by internal and external auditors, accountants, treasurers and compliance managers in an enterprise level organization.

AuditBoard's dashboard and reporting features allow auditors to monitor the internal controls environment in real-time. Users can keep track of tax reporting as well as sales, legal, revenue, payroll and inventory reporting, all using a single interface. The role-based dashboards can be personalized by users to monitor the set of KPIs essential to their role. Users can pull data from multiple sources, present data using interactive charts and graphs, export information in PowerPoint presentations and PDF files. Users can also choose from over 20 reporting templates to build and share custom reports. AuditBoard offers a robust document management feature, which enables businesses to centrally manage documents in organized categories, sync information in all related documents simultaneously and eliminate version control issues.

AuditBoard also offers workflow and task management tools, which help to track and collect certification requirements, and monitor PBC requests at one place. The solution also comes with a built-in enterprise risk management feature, which helps to manage the risk assessment process - from capturing and assessing risk data to prioritizing actions and tracking measures against key risk indicators. The audit planning tool helps to build risk-based audit plans and procedures.

AuditBoard is a modular application, wherein users pay only for required modules and can purchase additional modules as the requirements grow.


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AuditBoard screenshot: Define custom fields and automate workflowsJoin the Audit Revolution. SOXHUB is now AuditBoard.AuditBoard screenshot: Track various compliance status and monitor real-time progressAuditBoard screenshot: View essential KPIs on a dashboardAuditBoard screenshot: View real-time PBC statusAuditBoard screenshot: Real-time visibility of each audit session AuditBoard screenshot: Generate and export summary reports after auditsAuditBoard screenshot: Automate administrative tasks and streamline certification requestsAuditBoard screenshot: Sync updates across risks, controls, and testing documentation

AuditBoard reviews

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Kingsley Kwan

Great way to manage the Internal Audit process

Reviewed 2016-10-19
Review Source: Capterra

I'm an internal auditor and have been using SOXHub for 4 months now. You don't need to be a tech master to navigate through the software, since everything is web-based and support is just a phone call away. The initial process of setting up controls and linking things around can be a bit tricky, but after awhile, everything will come together and make sense. The Dashboard provides a quick and easy way to show what controls are effective and what controls are ineffective. Navigating through everything is a breeze as you can sort my controls, types, control owners, who tested the controls, who reviewed the controls, etc. There's so much functionality involved such as creating specific rules for control owners, external auditors, and system admin. Additionally, you can run reports with specific parameters, to get a quick listing of whatever you are looking for. I really enjoy the WorkStream, which allows you to create tasks for control owners and have them upload their PBCs. It's a good way to keep track of who needs to complete what and also provides a deadline for such individuals to complete their assigned tasks.There's also a neat feature where you can "@username" someone and communicate any questions or concerns you may have. I've done this with my HR Manager, and she thought SOXHub was pretty cool for doing this since emails tend to get lost in the clutter. We also provided this access to our external auditors, and they were able to make their PBC requests and get in touch directly with the control owners, without sending emails. The feedback I received from an individual from Treasury had been positive, as she was happy that the external auditors weren't constantly parading around her desk for requests. Some minor suggestions I have would probably be in regards to the Narratives. The current functionality of editing your narratives is limited to a few general editing tools, but that's understandable since this is not Microsoft WORD. If you are nit-picky on how you like to format things, this can become a nuisance, but updates are along the way. I've talked to the SOXHub support, including James Im, who by far is very helpful, on things that can improve upon. The folks here are constantly listening and taking feedback on what they can do to make SOXHub better. I've offered a few suggestions on features I'd like to see, and within a month or so, the feature was implemented. All-in-all this is a great software. Thank you!

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Norbert Nebusz

Soxhub User Review

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-10-18
Review Source: Capterra

So far, my experience with Soxhub has been great. The ability to customize filters and hyperlink to other parts of Soxhub has helped make it customizable and easy to use. Any bugs that I have noticed were quickly addressed when reported. The customer support is fast and responsive. I've found that new users that I have trained find the program to be fairly intuitive and usually don't run into any issues. There are a few things that I think could help give Soxhub users a better experience. 1)Submitting text could be simplified. I've noticed new users struggle sometimes because the check box to submit their comment in workstream is not clearly visible. 2) Distinguishing between submitted and certified. This is not always clear to new users. Submitted tasks require review but the first impression is that if it is submitted, then it must already be complete. 3) A link between workstream tasks and controls. Since the two are related, I think it would be helpful to be able to build a task out of a current control. 4) Hyperlink for comments in the inbox. I receive comments but it's not clear where they belong to without the email. It is easy intuitive and easy to use. I don't need a user manual to figure out how to do something. I can usually find what I need by spending some time figuring it out in the program.

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Lulu Zhang

My SOXHUB Experience

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-04-18
Review Source: Capterra

SOXHUB has saved a lot of time for the tester and reviewer with the Workstream function. We don't need to send extra emails to remind control owners to submit their PBCs, the system will remind them whenever the due date is set. Also, by sharing the PBC functions, it saves a lot of time for external auditors to send other similar kinds of requests to control owners. Also, it saved a lot of time for us when communicating with control owners about issues. Controls owners can log into SOXHUB and find any issues we've found, and update their remediation plans. Everything is transparent on the platform. External auditors can see our communication between internal audit and control owners, they don't need to get extra confirmation for how the communication is going.SOX focused; Smart design; User friendly; Great supporting team.

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David Peng

An excellent SOX management tool overall!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-10-18
Review Source: Capterra

Decision to use any type of application in the Internal Audit is absolutely critical because it can either positively or negatively impact the quality and efficiency of your work. A careless move can easily lead you down the wrong path and overrun your budget. It is never a difficult decision for me when it comes to SOXHUB. I've already experienced its cost saving benefit and unique capability into the first year. Like any proper use of software, quality organization and diligent work has to precede it. What's great about SOXHUB is that it has the framework and features to help you maintain that hard work you put in afterwards, and roll it over effortlessly. Work is not wasted with SOXHUB, it's simplified, and the benefits multiply over time. Easy to use.

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Brian Wueste

We have realized testing efficiencies while increasing visibility and accountability to the business

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-01-12
Review Source: Capterra

The user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The integrated test sheets make it easy to collaborate and work efficiently in a single space. The Workstream module has revolutionized the way we administer and monitor control certifications. Customer service is extremely attentive and listens to the customer when it comes to software enhancements.

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Additional information for AuditBoard

Key features of AuditBoard

  • High-grade data encryption
  • Role-based access controls
  • Ready to use reports
  • Issue assignment & remediation
  • Audit process automation
  • SOX management
  • Central document library
  • Standard & custom reports
  • Custom reporting templates
  • Live synchronization
  • Time tracking
  • Detect and mitigate organizational risks
  • Compliance status tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Presentation-ready charts & graphs
  • Custom security configuration
  • Schedule audits
  • Custom role-based dashboards
  • Report on internal controls
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Tick marks & annotations
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• AuditBoard offers a real-time compliance and audit dashboard that helps auditors gain instant visibility into key audit status and compliance progress.

• With role-based access control, administrators can configure security policies for different sets of users and manage their permission settings to restrict unauthorized data access.

• A centralized repository allows all users to keep testing, PBC requests, work papers, test evidence and audit reports together at one place.

• AuditBoard helps to identify and create audit issues during testing, delegate them to the concerned person and track the progress of issue remediation.

• Time tracking functionality enables users to track time spent by SOX/internal controls resources, assisting in accurate workforce planning and management.