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Turnit Ride

Cloud-based bus reservation system

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Turnit Ride overview

Turnit Ride is an all-in-one sales and distribution ecosystem for passenger transport companies, covering all aspects of the passenger transport operating cycle, including inventory management, schedule and hub management, dynamic fare management, operations and dispatching, CRM and marketing and asset management. With the micro-services based booking engine and efficient caching technology, Turnit Ride is capable of sustaining extremely high loads of booking requests in peak periods. Modular architecture also ensures faster deployment of functionalities without compromising business performance and quality.

Since Turnit Ride offers a centralized online sales platform, it provides users with full control over how to describe and define their seat inventory. The inventory management module can also be extended and configured to include new features, based on the user's requirements. Operators can publish the exact position of vehicles on the map. The logistics module enables users to manage the route network, multi-leg interconnections and stops and zones, while the sales module helps users manage fares, cancellations, refunds and modifications. Marketing tools support discounts, vouchers and loyalty programs, while the operations module supports dispatch, asset and crew management.


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Turnit Ride screenshot: Edit fleet profiles, including arrival and departure offset timesTurnit Ride screenshot: Select travel origin, destination and date, then add the ticket to your cartTurnit Ride screenshot: Check the bus route and any stops or changes made Turnit Ride screenshot: Select ticket quantityTurnit Ride screenshot: Bus line templates allow users to manage route-specific data, including bus stops en route, time of arrival and departure, pre-assigned inventory, and more

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Turnit Ride features

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Key features of Turnit Ride

  • Concessions management
  • Print-at-Home
  • Reserved seating
  • Driver data
  • Driver logs
  • Fixed route management
  • Multiple route support
  • Driver time optimization
  • Box office management
  • Driver management
  • Fleet / equipment management
  • Pricing management
  • Marketing management
  • CRM management
  • Cancellations, refunding & modifications
  • Ancillary revenue services
  • Multi-leg interconnections
  • Stops & zones management
  • Fleet profiles
  • Capacity management
  • Crew management
  • Real time passenger information
  • SMS notifications
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The operations dashboard allows users to quickly open, modify or close trips, including route information, segments or stops.

Allows users to keep track of the load factor of departures and also create alerts with custom occupancy thresholds.

Turnit Ride keeps a registry of the crew, including a document of the crew, the unit where they belong, absence information and driver log-in and activity log.

Users can receive notifications about rebooking or delays, both manually and automatically.

Operators can publish the exact position of any vehicle on the map and show delays or advances of a certain vehicle.